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• Friday, 25 December, 2020
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It's a tasty whiskey cocktail that mixes Crown Royal, apple schnapps, and cranberry juice to create a deliciously fruity, sweet, and sour drink. Over the years, the taste of the Washington apple has gained notoriety in the bar alongside other appletini-like recipes.

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It's so popular that it's served as a classy martini, a party shooter, or on the rocks in either a tall or short glass. Crown Royal is the original brand of choice, but other Canadian and blended whiskeys are excellent as well.

Once cut and exposed to oxygen, the flesh of an apple will turn brown rather quickly. To slow down oxidation and keep your apple garnishes looking fresh, squeeze lemon juice over the slices.

It can be added to any style of drink ; pour just a splash in martinis and shots and add a bit more to tall glasses. Crown Royal has a vast lineup of Canadian whiskey to choose from and many are all great in the Washington apple.

Deluxe is the standard bottle that's often simply referred to as Crown Royal, and the most commonly poured in this drink. Crown Royal Black is a good upgrade (particularly for the martini version) with a bolder flavor that will punch through the fruits.

The Rye and Blenders' Mash may be a little too spicy, while the other unflavored whiskeys cost a bit more and might be best enjoyed straight or in a Manhattan. The most popular brand is probably Deeper Sour Apple Pucker, and some of its fame is likely attributed to the fact that it's incredibly easy to find.

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Sour apple schnapps do vary in taste and quality, so it's worth checking out other options. When mixed with ice using 80-proof whiskey and 30-proof schnapps, the Washington apple weighs in around 16 percent ABV (32 proof).

The Washington Apple is a crisp, tart cocktail that is a breeze to make and even easier to drink. As the story goes, the drink was created in the late-1980s, after a nasty bug decimated much of Washington state’s apple orchards.

An enterprising man named Christoph Glycogen fermented and distilled those ruined apples to make apple liqueur, which complemented his favorite drink : Canadian whiskey mixed with a splash of cranberry juice. The combination of Canadian whiskey, apple liqueur and cranberry juice proved popular throughout the ensuing decade, and it’s still a common call today at bars across the country.

You can make a smaller version of the original by simply reducing each ingredient and keeping the ratios the same. Add the Canadian whiskey, sour apple schnapps and cranberry juice into a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled.

The Washington apple is a cocktail with a delicious sweet apple taste and a sour tangy twist of cranberry. The Washington Apple is a fun drink all year round. This cocktail HAD to happen on the homemade Food junkie blog.

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We make fantastic apple cider with our neighbors every fall. We love this apple drink and feel a special bond to it as we do all things' apple.

I’m not ready to set the ‘accidental fermented (rotten) apple story’ down as fact quite yet. Let’s just say once it was launched the apple found more and more devotees until it is now a fairly popular bar drink and party shooter.

Also, Try these Crown Royal Whiskey and Sour Apple Pucker recipes This tasty drink has beautiful crisp Gala apple color.

We suggest you drink a glass of water to satisfy your sugar and alcohol induced thirstiness. However, If all you have on hand is unflavored crown royal that will work fine in this drink.

It blends beautifully with the cranberry juice and Canadian whiskey. Please also watch our video demonstration and red the printable recipe card for further information on how to make this delicious crown apple drink.

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Add ice to your cocktail shaker pour in the crown royal apple. Pour your Washington apple cocktail into a chilled glass.

To dilute the alcohol in this punch and have a delicious party drink add ice and Top the punch off with your favorite clear soda or cranberry juice. We are showcasing our delicious Washington Gala apple in this cocktail recipe.

We are showcasing our delicious Washington Gala apple in this cocktail recipe. Top your shot with the cranberry juice or a clear soda if desired.

The Washington apple is a cocktail with a delicious sweet apple taste and a sour tangy twist of cranberry. The two marry together in this delicious drink to create a can- apple cocktail.

Cocktail Instructions: Set your glass in the fridge to chill ahead Pour in the measured apple pucker, whiskey and cranberry juice.

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Garnish: Set one slice of juicy crisp apple in the side of your glass. Cut the recipe amount in half for each shot Make as directed.

Fill the shot glass to the top with the cranberry juice or a clear soda as desired. The Washington apple is a cocktail with a delicious sweet apple taste and a sour tangy twist of cranberry.

Its equal-parts recipe of Canadian whiskey, sour apple schnapps and cranberry juice can be scaled up or down, depending on the occasion. If you’re serving a crowd, multiply each ingredient by however many drinkers are in your midst, and fill a few shaker tins.

Add the whiskey, schnapps and cranberry juice to a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled. For the WashingtonApplerecipe fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the whiskey, the apple liqueur and the cranberry juice.

Want to get a blissful and euphoric feeling that lasts for a long time from your cocktail? Get hooked to Washingtonappledrink made with Canadian whiskey, apple and cranberry juice and experience the true bliss.

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Pour Canadian whiskey and sour apple pucker schnapps over ice. Garnish with a slice of lime by sliding it halfway on the rim of glass and serve.

Like many multi-ingredient shots, this one can end up drastically sweet if you aren’t careful with your choice of ingredients and ratios. And the velvet-bagged booze is a safe choice, but you should feel free to swap in your preferred Canadian whiskey, as long as you stick to the bold ryes the country is known for (the spice helps cut the sweetness of the other ingredients and gives the shot its intended kick).

You might some recipes list apple schnapps,” spelled with two “p’s.” These schnapps are actually more of a sweet liqueur, rather than the dry German version spelled with one “p.” Stick to apple liqueur (both countries make both products, so just confirm you’re buying a sweetened version regardless of country of origin) but choose a high quality bottling if you can find one. We used Schopenhauer April Schnapps, which brings the wonderful, natural sweetness of red apples to the shot, but you could also use a liqueur based on green apples, like the one made by Gifford, for a slightly tarter shot.

Plus, tips on how to customize your drinks (including a non-alcoholic version) and make pitcher mimosas for a crowd. Alright, I couldn’t send you off into the biggest brunch weekend of the year without one more recipe to add to your spread.

I prefer sparkling wines from Spain (Cave), Italy (Prosecco) or the United States, since they are usually much more affordable than their French (Champagne) counterparts. I’m a big fan of pulp with orange juice in general, so I usually just use that to make our mimosas.

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But a heads up that the bubbles will float some pulp to the top of your glass. So if you would prefer a smooth, clean top to your mimosas, use a pulp-free orange juice.

St. German: I love adding in a little splash of elder flower liqueur to my mimosas. It adds a very subtle depth of flavor (and extra kick) that friends always comment on and love.

Grenadine: A little splash will give your mimosas a lovely gradient “sunrise” effect. Orange Liqueur: If you want to kick your drinks up a notch without straying from the orange flavor, feel free to add in some Cointreau or Grand Mariner.

Simply pour your desired amount of sparkling wine into your champagne flutes, careful not to let the sparkling wine fizz and foam too much on top. Granted, anytime you stir or transfer sparkling wine between glasses, you will lose a significant portion of the bubbles.

But if you’re looking to save a step while entertaining, the pitcher method is a great option. This will help preserve some bubbles (especially if you pour the wine slowly with minimal foam).

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For A Single Serving: Slowly pour the sparkling wine into a champagne flute until it is about 2/3 full. Top with your desired amount of orange juice (I recommend 1 ½ cups).

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