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Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 10 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Before you jump into Call of Duty: War zone, you’ll want to make sure your settings are adjusted correctly to fit your play style. In War zone, there are a slew of settings you can tinker with and, at times, it can get overwhelming.

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In this guide, we’ll list all the recommended settings for console and PC platforms. Your tastes might differ, so use our guide as a starting point and adjust if need be.

A huge portion of the War zone player base can be found on console, so let’s go through our recommended settings for those platforms. Many of these settings come down to personal taste, so if something doesn’t work for you, by all means, change it to better suit your needs.

This swaps the melee button with crouch/prone and allows you to “drop shot” enemies, which basically means you go prone as you shoot to throw off the other player. This is a highly effective tactic, but if you find yourself needing to melee more often, you should consider sticking to the default settings.

The higher sensitivity you can adjust to, the quicker you can line up a shot and turn. Finally, we highly suggest using the square mini map instead of the circle.

There are settings to adjust your frame rate and resolution and even nuanced options that you might not have considered. Below you’ll find our settings for a keyboard and mouse control scheme.

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Winning a Call Of Duty War zone game not only depends on your skill and hitting that critical shot but also on your PC setup. Firefights are decided by quick reflexes, good judgement, skill, as well as reliable rig setup.

One of the things that you must get right before jumping into War zone is to ensure that your PC has the best settings to boost its in-game performance. To do that, you need to use the highest FPS your graphics card can make for a smoother image and experience.

Fast-paced games like War zone can end in a hurry so every second or split second matters when the action begins. One of the best ways to boost your chances of winning every battle is to ensure that you have smooth experience every time by having a high FPS and refresh rate.

In this article, we assume that you have a capable gaming monitor (with at least 120Hz although higher refresh rate is recommended). When playing with shooters like War zone or Battle Royale, you should strive to have performance first over graphics quality.

While it’s possible to set this value higher, we highly recommend that you leave it 100 to avoid graphical issues. V-Sync : If you don’t want the GPU to fire off higher FPS than your monitor can handle, leave it ENABLED.

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Frame Rate Limit : Unlimited Nvidia Highlights : Disabled Restart Shaders Installation : Leave the default setup. Optimizing the video settings should help you increase your FPS and improve your gameplay in COD Modern Warfare and War zone.

Call of Duty: War zone is the free-to-play, multi-platform Battle Royale game brought to you by Activision! It will be integrated with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War soon, which means the game will turn into a stand-alone download.

Before that happens, we will tell you the best PC Graphics Settings for Call of Duty: War zone to ensure maximum performance! Activision’s Call of Duty: War zone is a very fast-paced, fun to play, action-packed Battle Royale game that is filled to the brim with unique weapons and customization options.

Verdant, Warzone’s map is absolutely huge and cluttered with buildings and vehicles. To play War zone properly, you generally need a PC with a good Graphics Card.

Much like a Precision Airstrike, Infinity Ward dropped their take on the Battle Royale genre without much advance warning. In general, it’s best to make sure that nothing is impacting your ‘raw aim,’ so turning off things such as acceleration and smoothing is a good idea.

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As this game is still very, very new we obviously don’t have any statistics on what kind of gear the pro players and streamers are using, but if you’re interested in that you can always take a look at our general guides. While we don’t advocate blindly copying any pro player’s setup or settings (it’s important to use settings and gear that make you feel comfortable) it is a good idea to see how the pros approach this topic if your brand new to this whole thing.

Since the game is brand new we don’t have a ton of players to analyze, but from what we’re seeing the average DPI lies in the higher 3000’s. The players that we analyzed tend to go for ‘legacy’ but if you’re completely new to PC gaming we would recommend relative.

Acceleration, filtering, and smoothing are big ‘no-no’s’ for mouse sensors, so it doesn’t make sense to let the game you’re playing add these things. Mouse acceleration is something that can completely ruin the consistency of your aim, so we recommend setting this to 0.00.

In general, you want your mouse aim to be as ‘raw’ as possible, so it’s a good idea to leave any filtering out of the equation. Mouse smoothing is another form of prediction that can interfere with your aim, so you should absolutely disable this.

Even if you’re gaming on a standard 60 Hz monitor there are numerous advantages to having a high frame rate, by the way. Getting high frame rates usually isn’t an issue for people with the most powerful rigs and the newest graphics cards (see right, or check our GPU guide) but luckily developers Infinity Ward have released a well-optimized game with Cod: War zone.

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There’s a myriad of graphics options to tweak to get every last drop of performance out of your machine, no matter what the internals are. We’ve gone over all of these options and have come up with a good compromise between visual clarity and performance so that you can use these settings yourself or use our guide as a baseline for your own setup.

Quick tip: make sure that you’ve got the newest drivers for your GPU installed before playing the game. You can set this to low to save a couple of frames, but it has a rather small impact on performance so leaving it on high is also an option if you’ve got a decently powerful machine.

This is another ‘eye candy’ feature, so we recommend going for low to save a couple of frames. Disable this to get a sizable frame rate bonus at virtually no graphical fidelity cost.

Motion blur just serves to make games look more cinematic, and it causes visual noise. You want to avoid motion blur in competitive games whenever you can, so disabling this is a good idea.

Call of Duty: War zone is a nicely optimized game, and with a myriad of graphical options to tweak it should run on a wide variety of PC setups. That combined with the fact that it’s free to play might mean that this is one of the next big hits in the gaming world.

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With our settings guide you’ve got a nice baseline so that you and your setup are ready to become the most feared operators in War zone.

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