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• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
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Infinity Ward released Call of Duty: War zone on the eve of the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s since exploded in popularity. Heading into the start of season seven of War zone, which will bring over 30 new weapons from Call of Duty: Cold War to the battle royale, these are the best players of 2020 who have awed fans with strategy, movement, and aim, mowing down half of the lobby without breaking a sweat.

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Jordan “Huskers” Thomas started streaming Modern Warfare 3 in 2012 and has since become one of the top streamers for War zone both in skill and viewership. Huskers made news for being the first War zone player to bring in over $100,000 in prize money and sponsoring a $300,000 tournament in which he placed third.

Symphony was on the team that broke the quads kill record and finished second in the Twitch Rivals War zone Streamer Showdown 4 in October. In a short period of time, Symphony, who once signed with NRG and is now a free agent, has gained 2.75 million followers on Twitch.

Tyler “TeePee” Pol chow has brought his professional experience to War zone and was instrumental in the first 121-kill record in the game. Turner “TFUE” Tenney streamed Call of Duty when he started uploading videos in 2016 and now the 22-year-old is back again in War zone after having a successful stint playing Fortnite.

Aldan Conrad gained fame on the Fortnite tournament circuit in 2018 as a controller phenom, even giving NICKERS a run for his money until they teamed up. Now, he’s showing his unparalleled skill in War zone, recently setting a world record of 60 kills in solo quads and having to eliminate a juggernaut for the win.

While Alex “Destroy” Became doesn’t have a following like some other big streamers, he consistently puts up high-kill games (see his 38-kill Huskers Zombie Royale tournament finish). In a trios quad game with Aldan and NICKERS, he dropped 38 kills of 104 in total, which was a world record at the time.

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Evan “Super Evan” Moore made a name for himself in the War zone competitive scene when he won the Huskers Howl tournament grand prize of $75,000 along with his teammate Baffle. Rays “Rated” Price is a well-known Call of Duty esports player and streamer signed with 100 Thieves.

The 25-year-old has been competing in the franchise since 2014, helping him see success in the widely popular Modern Warfare battle royale. The 28-year-old played with Rated in the Huskers Howl tournament and placed second to earn a total of $45,000 in prize money.

Dennis “Cloak” Lenore also made a name for himself in Fortnite, placing first in week six of Fall Skirmishes and second in two Chapter Two, Season One Champion Series. Of the players highlighted here, Nick “NICKERS” Kalkhoff has been around the esports scene the longest, competing in Gears of War back in 2008.

NICKERS joined Twitch early on and gained fandom for his Tilted Towers landing spot and use of controller in Fortnite. Viral “Vikkstar123” Barn has the biggest digital footprint of this group, in part from being on YouTube since 2013 and playing a variety of games, from Minecraft to Grand Theft Auto and War zone, in addition to vlogging.

Players of different ages, backgrounds, and preferences can all find some enjoyment in the title, which largely explains its meteoric rise to the top of the gaming world. Other battle royales like Fortnite and Apex Legends developed strong scenes early on in their life cycles.

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His unique blend of rage, entertainment, and outstanding gameplay is unmatched on Twitch, making him a popular destination for many viewers. Since the game's release, Nick has focused solely on the BR and his many clips prove that he's one of the best in the world.

(Image Credit: Twitch)One of the biggest veterans of the battle royale community, Jordan “Huskers” Thomas is right up there with the best players in COD: War zone. Seemingly amazing at whatever game he picks up, Huskers is an outstanding player who never fails to disappoint in any tournament or regular public matches.

He was first noticed in various Fortnite wagers against Nickers, but was quickly recognized as a top player. Number one on our list of the top five COD: War zone players is none other than the “hacker” himself, Mason “Symphony” Lanier.

Call of Duty War zone is the greatest Battle Royale around at the moment. For his triumphs in the Fortnite scene and his use of a controller, Aldan is popular in the group.

Like several others, however, he jumped off the Fortnite ship and has recently focused on COD: War zone. While not the best of the best, Aldan wins tournaments regularly and performs an exceptionally high standard.

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Nickers play other games, so his talents are a little more complex than those unique to Call of Duty. It’s not so often seen in War zone, but it’s normal to see Fortnite controller players as some of their game’s top.

Nickers is certainly one of the bestWarzone players in the world, considering the distinct control system. Zeta, and his Lyman unit, and Mickey are very up to date when it comes to the Call of Duty Warzone’s best players.

These are tremendous numbers, and they certainly prove them to be some of the best players out there in the Call of Duty War zone. In Call of Duty, Swag really does well, and the new Battle Royale is a perfect place for him to show it off.

Should we just use cod stats official best player metric, which averages all standings across various leaderboards or the tracker network who pick top players via kills, wins, or score per minute? Continue scrolling to keep readingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.

Here is hoping to never run into them on BR Trios as a joint team, they clearly know how to win. The below players have demonstrated an innate ability to crush the competition, rake in the cash, and take the win in plunder mode.

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Perhaps we should focus on best player as determined by their success with viewer hours in the last 30 days. The below have amassed thousands of hours of active viewers, demonstrating they must be doing something worth watching instead of playing themselves.

Take your pick, no matter how you cut it, these players have demonstrated an elite level ability to stand out among the best of the best. About The Author Aaron Peter (89 Articles Published) Coffee lover.

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