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• Saturday, 09 January, 2021
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Naturally a huge part of this call comes down to personal preference, but there’s no escaping the fact that some assault rifles in War zone boast far superior DPS stats or better magazine sizes than others. Join us as we rank all the best assault rifles in War zone, starting with the pinnacle of the weapon type and working down to the weakest choice.

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CR-56 MAX FAR 1 FALL AS VAL Group AK-47 CW AN-94 RAM-7 M4A1 Open FN Scar Gray 5.56 Kilo 141 FR 5.56 M13 The CR-56 MAX takes the higher damage to assault rifles like the Scar and AK-47 and rolls in more manageable recoil and a faster rate of fire.

Crucially, its magazine capacity can be extended far beyond that of the Open and Scar, making is viable for squad fights. Try our CR-56 MAX War zone setup for high damage, decent ranged performance, and recoil that won’t send half your shots skyward.

Assault rifles that specialize in short distances are hard to come by in War zone, but the Group seems to be designed as a close quarters weapon. The rapid fire rate of the Group, coupled with the low recoil make this weapon a force to be reckoned with.

When equipped with larger magazines and a Smetana Speed grip, this gun is capable of dealing high amounts of damage in an instant. Its potential is very tempting, especially if you can perfect the art of burst-firing while tracking a moving enemy, but most players won’t be able to achieve the incredible theoretical time-to-kill stats in a live match.

We have managed to put a War zone Scar loadout together that deals heaps of damage, although you’ll still need to be careful about the fights you take. However, the Gray is phenomenally easy to use with almost no recoil, high bullet velocity, and low damage drop-off over long distances.

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Roll those qualities together with the best Gray loadout for Warzone, and you’ve got an AR that can hold its own in all situations, and you can use without having Shroud-like aim. Recent nerfs have limited the Gray 5.56’s effectiveness over extremely long range, but it’s still very powerful in most situations.

As we’ve said many times over, mag size matters in War zone, and if you need to clutch then having 100 rounds to fire before taking a break is a huge help. Despite its similar stats, you’ll find this takes a little too long to down at range in War zone, so we still hand the edge to the Gray.

There was a War zone FR 5.56 loadout that exploited an under-barrel shotgun glitch, but that’s now been fixed, once again relegating this weapon to the bottom of the pile. Despite its poor damage and low bullet velocity, the M13 has some redeeming features including its potentially laser-precise recoil, so here’s our best M13 War zone setup.

You can read more about why the Gray is our pick for Warzone’s greatest AssaultRifle below, along with the rest of our Assault Rifles tier list. NameDamageShots To KillRPMMagReloadADSMove % Kilo 141 42 | 28 | 28 | 283-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-14750302.61s267ms93.5% FALL 100 | 58 | 49 | 491-3 | 2-5 | 2-6 | 3-8470203.57s228ms94% M4A1 42 | 28 | 28 | 283-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-14800302.36s250ms95% FR 5.56 64 | 40 | 40 | 402-4 | 3-5 | 4-7 | 4-8560×302.88s317ms93% Open 77 | 62 | 48 | 482-3 | 2-5 | 3-6 | 4-7410203.31s367ms93% M13 36 | 24 | 24 | 243-6 | 5-8 | 6-11 | 7-14900302.65s250ms94% FN Scar 56 | 35 | 35 | 352-4 | 3-5 | 4-7 | 5-8570202.60s266ms93% AK-47 56 | 42 | 35 | 352-4 | 3-5 | 4-7 | 5-8560302.61s267ms93% RAM-7 42 | 28 | 28 | 283-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-14860302.92s234ms95% Gray 5.56 42 | 28 | 28 | 283-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-14730302.71s234ms97% CR-56 56 | 42 | 35 | 352-4 | 3-6 | 4-8 | 5-9620302.82s260ms93.5% AN-94 46 | 34 | 34 | 293-6 | 4-9 | 5-12 | 6-14560×302.58s260ms94.5% AS VAL 47 | 37 | 30 | 303-5 | 4-7 | 5-9 | 6-11900202.40s225ms94% XM4 48 | 32 | 32 | 323-5 | 4-6 | 5-8 | 6-9709302.30s300ms95% AK-47 (Cold War) 58 | 43 | 36 | 362-5 | 4-7 | 5-9 | 6-11660302.50s300ms95% Rig 6 42 | 30 | 30 | 303-4 | 4-6 | 5-8 | 6-10655302.20s300ms94% QBZ-83 42 | 28 | 28 | 283-5 | 4-7 | 5-10 | 6-12720302.30s283ms98% FAR 1 45 | 33 | 30 | 303-4 | 4-6 | 5-8 | 6-10900252.49s265ms97% Group 45 | 36 | 28 | 283-5 | 4-7 | 5-9 | 6-11755302.12s209ms95%Interesting stuff for sure, but stats are only half the story.

While the Season 4 nerf to the Gray somewhat lessened its previously incredible range, when upgraded with the right attachments it’s still an absolute laser capable of out-gunning enemies even at sniper distances. Give it an extended mag, kit it out for range, don’t bother with optics thanks to the amazing Archangel barrel iron sights, and you’ll have a strong contender for the very best weapon in Verdant.

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Deck this thing out with a monolithic suppressor and long barrel, and it’ll zap enemies down with minimal recoil at huge ranges, much like it’s home the Gray. It’s our favorite of the Cold War assault rifles at the moment, as it’s nicely balanced and provides everything you need in a gun of its type.

Much of the War zone player base is still sleeping on the Open, preferring to take the Gray or M13 into battle. While I don’t quite see the MAX toppling the Big Four above it anytime soon, it tramples the very respectable AK-47 by offering the same powerful damage profile but at a faster fire rate and with easier recoil.

As usual in War zone, you should kit this gun out for maximum range with the Monolithic Suppressor and longest barrel; and once you do, you’ll see just how quickly it can drop enemies at startling distances. The first gun unlocked in Cold War is a really solid weapon to bring into Verdant, especially if you buff up its bullet velocity and damage range with the Agency Suppressor and heavy barrels.

Use an under barrel grip and pair it up with a decent SMG as your secondary, and the XM4 will serve you nicely if you enjoy using it in Cold War. Remember though, bullet velocity is an issue with a lot of Cold War guns, so you’ll need to focus on this when adding attachments.

It can certainly give any other rifle in the game a run for its money in standard multiplayer with 100-health-pool players, but in War zone the stats don’t seem to add up. It fires extremely fast and kills in half a second against an enemy with full armor, but isn’t particularly easy to aim.

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But in War zone, it’s just not as viable as a more controllable weapon capable of fighting at longer ranges. With a time-to-kill of 500ms in War zone against a fully-armoured enemy, this is pretty damn strong, but struggles big time with its accuracy.

It feels amazing in multiplayer, but thanks to a few tweaks for the War zone build of the gun, it doesn’t hold up quite as brilliantly. The AK-47 was my favorite AssaultRifle in Modern Warfare multiplayer, and it’s still a beastly powerful gun in War zone.

Taking a similar route to the Open, it packs a hell of a punch with every shot, but (like its Cold War counterpart) suffers from challenging recoil which must be accounted for when creating your loadout. The AK is a fun gun to use with great killing potential, but only if you’re able to control that ridiculous recoil.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the Scar is utterly outclassed by other high-damage Assault Rifles like the AK-47 and the Open. Hopefully now you’re a master of the WarzoneAssault Rifles arsenal, and you’re ready to put your newfound knowledge to the test.

We have tips on all sorts, from the best sniper rifles to all the war tracks in War zone to play in your truck. Our War zone assault rifle tier list for January 2021 is here to breakdown how the current meta has settled now that Black Ops Cold War integration is in full effect.

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While the DMR 14 and Type 63 will be in the hands of most players early in 2021, the Kilo 141 and CR-56 MAX remain the tried and true best As for War zone. The Group has been heralded as a faster TT Gray 5.56 early on, so players looking for a Black Ops Cold War weapon to rock in their loadouts should look no further.

While the AS VAL and FALL are more suited for close-range quarters thanks to their high TKS up close, the M13 and XM4 are options for those who do their damage strictly at more traditional AR ranges. After examining the vast arsenal of options for players to choose from in the weapon class, this tier of As easily sits at the bottom.

Despite Infinity Ward's best attempts to make the weapon more balanced back in Season 4, it remains an overpowered nightmare for those unfortunate enough to cross paths with it. Since its huge damage buff back in Season 4, the FALL went from being a weapon that people would pick up on occasion, to a feed machine that everyone would be scrambling to get once they dropped into Verdant.

It has just about all the perks that the Gray has with the addition of having huge magazine sizes in the form of the drum mag attachment, which makes it slightly more mobile LEG. The M13 and the Open are both very capable weapons to have in War zone, but they both suffer from slightly similar issues that prevent them from rising into S Tier: their individual range stats.

While the M4 was an unstoppable force at one time, it has long since passed its prime with all the nerfs that it has received over the last few months. But its highly customizable loadout options still give it the ability to make your opponent's life shear misery.

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The MAX and the VAL are two of the better DLC weapons to have graced Modern Warfare this year and are both capable of going the distance in the late game. However, the thing that holds the MAX back from being in A-Tier is its high recoil, but if you can get past that then it will certainly prove to be lethal in the right hands.

While an argument could be made for the AN-94 and the especially for the RAM-7 for being higher up on this list, they do have one too many drawbacks that prevent them from reaching the promised land. But when it is in the same category as the vastly superior M13, it is going to struggle to make ends meat, especially in the late game.

While the SCAR can deal some damage in the right hands, its high recoil and low magazine size makes it less than ideal for engaging enemy teams in Verdant. While its Cold War counterpart the FAR has been making headlines for all the right reasons, the FR has proven to be less than impactful in both the Modern Warfare multiplayer and in the War zone mode.

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