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Ellen Grant
• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
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The only thing that stood out was the deck’s art, which styled a bunch of cards after Arthurian lore. The deck worked off attributing existing monsters to special summon new ones, often drawing a card for their troubles.

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Of particular note were their boss monsters, often offering great effects or massive stats at the cost of the player’s next draw phase. ZEAL, this deck belonged to Gauche, one of the people responsible for the World Duel Carnival.

The archetype all tends to resemble wrestlers, and even have names that bring up wrestling terminology like Bear hug and Double Impact, Consult and Tag partner. Even their extra deck monsters are basically specific references to classic old school wrestlers, so New Japan and NSA fans would definitely find a lot to love here, especially since their bosses are all incredibly powerful and help out with the GUI’s aggressive strategies.

Coming out of 2015’s Clash of Rebellions set were the Knights, a collection of Fire-based Warrior monsters. The Con stellar deck refined and perfected, Satellarknights were a group of Light Warrior monsters that came out in 2014’s Duelist Alliance set.

The Phantom Knights were initially a group of Dark Attribute Warrior monsters used by Auto from Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. An anime deck, Phantom Knights wound up getting tons of support, but their best support wound up coming long after Arc-V had ended, with the introduction of their Link monster, The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardic he.

This one card gave them searchable access to a continuous trap which could negate any monster’s effects and make it unable to attack. Unfortunately, Rusty Bardic he wound up being one of those boss monsters nearly everyone could use, which led to the card getting banned.

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Originally a fairly low-key archetype when they were released around the GO era, when they were revived as the Legendary Six Samurai during the 2011 set Storm of Ragnarök, they returned with a vengeance. This deck belongs at the top if only because INAMI simply refuses to stop giving them support.

In addition to being one of the most consistent archetypes ever thanks to having no less than three archetype-specific search cards, they’ve also got some of the best boss monsters, making them one of the most versatile decks in the game. This deck comes with numerous warrior cards that have amazing effects and make a deadly combo causing direct hits to the opponent.

It works best when combined with Educator Chevalier monsters that have a special ability to destroy any card on the field. This deck works around in finding cards that counter any move that your opponent may make against you.

It’s given the name toolbox because of its functionality that searches for the perfect tool to deploy depending on the utility monsters loaded in the deck. Some popular utility monsters used are; Goblin Attack Force, Don Along, Bull Bladder, Twin-Sword Marauder amongst others.

Majority of the cards used in Warrior Toolbox Deck were used in very specific situations in the game. A player can survive in the meta game with this deck because it searches for the perfect monster to utilize in any situation.

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This deck helped players stay afloat during the game and prevented the opponents from wiping them out using mass destruction cards. Its main strength comes when you use 2 Marauding Captains in the field this will indeed make your opponent incapable of launching an attack against you.

For instance, using Command Knight will restrict the opponent from launching direct attacks on you. Equip cards to use their spell effects even when negated to attack the opponent’s monsters until it’s no longer a direct target or loses face up in the field.

This deck can form perfect combos when combined with cards such as Mega morph, Double Summon, and Tune Warrior, among others. The Giant rat card with a dark attribute can special summon an earth monster of 1500 ATK or less from the graveyard when it has been destroyed in battle.

By combining the power of the Giant rat card and warrior toolbox, it forms the perfect combo against attacks launched by your opponents. It works by the principle of summoning appropriate monsters depending on the type of move your opponent makes to counter an attack from them.

The deck is formed by a combination of 2 Stardust monster cards with a Wind attribute. These two level 6 cards form the perfect combo when to attack the opponent’s special summoned monsters.

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This deck works around the principle of summoning the Spiral super-agent then maneuvering around him with other support cards. This deck will you give a chance to enlist in the most popular Samurai tournament if you haven’t joined the wagon yet.

It immediately bagged the trophy from Luxury Gaming’s LCS IX, held last December 12 – 13, 2020. The strategy proved to be incredibly difficult to deal with for most decks.

Having FD (True King of All Calamities) was, and still is its main win condition. In a world full of huge dragons, possessed spirits, bizarre fiends and super-machines, your average human wielding a sword and shield seems spectacular.

With perhaps the least fitting art of any Warrior monsters in Yugo, Flower Cardigans are completely unique in their play-style and appearance. Most of them can be special summoned easily, so long as you stick to Flower Cardiac monsters only, as well as providing some nice draw power.

Players have a soft spot for this archetype though, it’s a breath of fresh air in a game full of cut & paste strategies. With a unique set of effects come niche situations of competence, the Flower Cardiac series are 95% fun and 5% strong.

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The Yugo community rejoices when old archetypes get some touch-ups, Buster Blade is an even bigger Dragon slayer nowadays. While it doesn’t particularly mix well with the ritual series of Black Luster Soldiers, the raw power behind the featured card is well worth mentioning.

As their archetype name suggest, The Phantom Knights monsters don’t take death seriously, having effects in the graveyard. Masked HERO Dark Law can counter almost every non-meta deck in existence, so much banishing on your opponent’s end is crazy.

Several GUI supports cards have yet to be imported from the OCG, it’s fair to say they’re safe to purchase and will be viable for a long time! The deck usually starts of a bit slow and takes a turn to set up using cards like Ties of the Brethren.

It also does a lot of plays on your opponent's turn because of the electromagnet warrior's second effects. It immediately bagged the trophy from Luxury Gaming’s LCS IX, held last December 12 – 13, 2020.

Having FD (True King of All Calamities) was, and still is its main win condition. The last duelist I had to face wielded an actual meta deck, one that would perform well in a national tournament.

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If you’re just returning to the game and are interested in the competitive scene, this list will tell you 10 decks you can use to perform in tournaments. Like swapping Infinite Impermanence for Effect Paler can reduce the price by hundreds.

Just be aware, budget options aren’t as competitively viable as non-budget cards. Crusade’s use their link climbing capabilities to easily summon Equifax (pictured), there you can use World Crown to negate an extra deck monster’s effect, or tribute it's using Equifax’s effect.

The release of Savage Strike introduced Sub terror Guru, which is now carrying the entire archetype on its back. Fans love Burning Abyss for how long its stuck around, no matter how much the meta changes.

Milling is a huge focus of this deck, with all Burning Abyss monsters having strong destruction, recycle, disruptive or search effects. Sea’s Light adds exceptional draw power, but it prevents you from activating any other spells/traps for the rest of the duel.

This is fine though, fitting perfectly with Burning Abyss monsters that can special summon themselves if you control no spells/traps. Orbital Hydra lander is another perfect addition, milling more cards and destroying another to boot.

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Despite having their main boy Autograph Sorcerer being hit by the ban-hammer, Pendulum Magicians are still going strong. They’re arguably one of, if not the hardest deck on this list to use. Tons of versatility are highlighted with Pendulum Magicians, there’s so many strategies you can take with your starting hand.

Due to this, they’re an exceptionally fun archetype to play and will be meta relevant for many more years! Overall, this particular Trust variant utilizes those 2 archetypes to swarm the field with Link monsters, as well as keep your hand topped up with beat-down cards and hand-traps.

Such a mixture of swarming and beat-down is great, although a high degree of skill is required to destroy/negate the right cards. Adding more hand-traps will prevent your opponent from being able to play Yugo, especially when you combine them with the likes of Evenly Matched.

When the Salamangreat archetype was first released back in the Soul Fusion set, they had no impact on the game whatsoever. The release of the Soul burner structure deck changed everything, introducing a variety of new cards.

Combined with the already released Cybersex support, Salamangreats are now the best competitive archetype in the game. Other support such as Salamangreat Roar are crazy good, being able to negate almost anything with a spell speed of 3 as it’s a counter trap card.

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