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Prince Nikolai AndreiTCH Bolkonsky Scion of an ancient and honorable family, now an old man, who clings more and more to the values of an outdated feudal society. Princess Mary Bolkonsky A plain, graceless young woman who sustains her lonely life by a strong Christian piety.

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Princess Liza Bolkonsky Andrey's wife, a silly, chattering society girl who never grows up and who dies in childbirth. Count Krill Vladmirovitch Bellhop An old man, once a grandee in Catherine's court, who dies early in the novel after legitimizing his oldest son, to whom he leaves vast wealth.

Countess Natalia Rostov His wife, a typical Russian noblewoman, whose main interests center within the family. Vera Rostov The eldest child, who marries Alphonse Berg, an opportunistic youth of German descent.

Petra Rostov The youngest child, whose vivacity is closest to that of Natasha and who dies prematurely near the end of the war. Prince Vasily A well-practiced courtier whose life is a series of political and social maneuvers to maintain prestige.

Anatole Keratin An avowed hedonist whose handsomeness attracts both Princess Mary, whom he would like to marry for her fortune, and Natasha, whom he all but seduces. Wintzengerode, Full, Weather, and others Prussian generals whom Tolstoy makes fun of for their mechanistic and”scientific” interest in war.

Tolstoy shows that in reality he was a passive leader in the midst of numerous, separate events which compose the battle of Austerlitz. Platoon Karate More symbolic than real, this peasant is Pierre's fellow prisoner and the inspiration of Bellhop's conversion.

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“Massive, fat,” wears glasses, educated abroad but socially inept. A freethinking, sometimes reckless, man capable of decisive action and great displays of willpower when circumstances demand it.

Inherits his father's enormous fortune, wounds Molotov in a duel, later becomes a Freemason, and plans to assassinate Napoleon. A diplomat, he is “stupid-looking,” has no social graces and is dull and boring, the butt of Bilirubin's humor.

A brave (at times arrogant) soldier who becomes cynical in the Napoleonic Wars; counterpart to Pierre. Valued adjutant to Kutuzov in 1805; wounded and captured at Austerlitz, he is greeted by Napoleon.

Married to Lisa (the “little princess”), father of young prince Nikolai Bolkonsky, and afterwards engaged to Natasha Rostov. Wife of Andrey Bolkonsky who feels resentment at her having made his life into a round of social trivialities.

Relentlessly ambitious for her son Boris, she begs Prince Vasily to get Boris transferred to the Guards, then schemes against Vasily to get the dying Count Bezukhov to leave his vast fortune to his illegitimate son Pierre. Handsome, irresponsible and somewhat hedonistic military officer, he is the center of a circle of rowdy young men.

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A cold man, he is a noted duelist and drinker, but is caring for his disadvantaged family. Rumored to be having an affair with Helene Bezukhov, he accepts a demand for satisfaction from her husband Pierre and is nearly killed in the ensuing duel.

Le terrible dragon, large and tall, she has no money or social standing but is invited everywhere because she will say anything. A relentlessly domineering man, he subjects his daughter to exacting standards in her academic work and constant bullying in her personal life.

Modest and polite but possesses a very strong character, an accurate image of Bag ration in real life. Commander of a battery of four cannon that valiantly holds the center of the Russian line at Schöngrabern.

A cold man, he is a noted duelist and drinker, but is caring for his disadvantaged family. His possible prototypes were Count Floor Ivanovich Tolstoy, (also known as the “American”), Ruin Dorothy (friend of Edmonton, killed during the Caucasian War), and renowned partisan leader Colonel Alexandre Finger.

Prince Vasiliy is self-serving and manipulative throughout the novel, and consistently attempts to swindle Pierre Bezukhov. His diligence and modesty eventually save Russia from French invasion.

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Orphaned cousin of Vera, Nikolai, Natasha, and Petra Rostov. Engaged to Nikolai throughout most of the book, toward the end she releases him to marry Princess Mary.

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