Best Wallflower Sale Bath And Body Works

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
• 14 min read

The retailer is lowering prices on fragrances that’ll make your house smell amazing. We usually inform you about epic candle sales but this time, it’s something a bit different.

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For just one day, Bath & Bodywork is having a Wallflower sale, both on the fragrance plugs and on refills. Wallflower Air Fresheners pop in any outlet and continuously release its fragrance.

Here’s what’s discounted at Bath & Bodywork the latest sale. Generic Core plugs (around 11 of them, below) will be priced at $4.50 (normally $4.50-$18.50) and any Wallflower Fragrance Refill is just $2.95 (usually $6.50).

I have even started using that same scent in the Bath and Bodywork wallflower plug-ins to fragrance my home. I find that the scent in the travel size bottle to last longer.

I spray more on my clothing and the scent will last ALL day into night. I have received numerous compliments in regard to how good I smell.

It is great to stick on or in your backpack and purse around Christmastime! I absolutely love it is smells warm and is very relaxing.

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When my older sister moved out of the house I raided what was left of her stuff in the bathroom. Had to buy two entire sets it reminds me so much of high school and that time in my life.

Vanilla Bean Noel My all-time favorite! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and whenever I smell this I think of cold mornings, being bundled up in cute winter clothes, and snow falling all everywhere.

My co-worker had this lotion on her desk and the first time I used it, I was so in love I immediately ordered a bottle for myself. It smells like real vanilla and sugar cookies.

I'm addicted to this scent and that's saying a lot as I am usually very picky when it comes to fragrances! My mum randomly picked a bunch of lotions from Bath & Body to give people for Christmas, I went through all for them and immediately fell in love with this one.

So I got the lip gloss, the lotion, the travel size perfume and the big one Twilight Woods So I was at the bath and bodywork store, and I was smelling all the different fragrance mists because I feel that they are not as strong as perfume, they're more faint, and I just had an urge to try it.

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I smelt Twilight Woods for the first time and from that moment, I was just so in love. Although I have don't have the shower gel or lotion, I bet they smell just as amazing as the fragrance mist :) What's so great about this scent is that I can wear it with different scented lotion, shampoo and deodorant, and it never gives me a headache.

My brother really got hooked, and I gave up one bottle (I bought 3) and now I'm running out and can't find it as I was told it's a seasonal scent, so I will be looking again around Xmas time. And I made the mistake of recommending it to all my friends, and they all started wearing it too.

We have the shower gel, lotions and spray mist. Winter Candy Apple I'm literally saving the last bit of this lotion because I thought they didn't make this no more.

And again, another fragrance I suggest buying and emptying the bottle, I had the mist and have the lotion. I have the fragrance mist, pocket, and sparkling snowflake scrub.

At school there would be some people who just smelled really amazing, and I wanted to ask them what they used for perfume, but I thought it would be too awkward. When you take a bath the scent stays with you and I always get compliments on how amazing I smell.

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Twisted Peppermint It smells as if Christmas is just around the corner. The sweet minty scent is great for the winter and can be used throughout the year.

It somehow reminds me of the sugarplum fairy; I just love how this scent smells so yummy, although not in an artificial way. At Christmastime it does have the “holiday in the air” scent, but I like it year round, I find it calming.

Had this before discontinued in stores and bought after reshelved, I still love it. I highly recommend it to those who love the smell of laundry detergent or duet sheets.

They no longer carry it in stores near me, however I order 6 when it's buy 4, get 2 time! You can wear this scent on any occasion and the packaging is super cute.

Sweet Pea I feel like this scent is underrated. It's just that one that everyone forgot about because it's been around forever, and everyone thinks smells plain.

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I was looking for a body cream in a nice natural soft scent, and I picked sweet pea, because it's just a classic. I used to always think it smelled plain, but then I fell in love with it.

A few years ago, my aunt brought me a whole bag full of Bath and Bodywork and Sweet Pea Body Lotion was in it. This is such a sweet and girly scent that doesn't give a chemically smell like most do.

Every time I go to bathe & Bodywork, I automatically look for this scent because it's so good! I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a SWEET and pleasant smell.

To me, it smells like soft fresh picked flowers mixed with a sweet fruity scent (maybe like a blend of raspberry and some sort of citrus fruit) that makes Sweet Pea so good. Moonlight Path This fragrance is so yummy, ugh I just love the beautiful feel to it.

It's perfectly in the middle of a flirty, girly feel, and a beautiful midnight atmosphere. It's not too overwhelming and powerful, yet some fragments are very pronounced and others are very simple and passionate.

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This has been my favorite fit and my most commented on scent (even more than my Michael Tors, Chanel, Victoria's Secret, and even some of my Gucci perfumes). If you're looking for a glamorous yet simple aroma, then moonlight path is a definite must-have for your perfume/ body spray closet.

The smell is so perfect and very subtle. I don't like too fruity and sweet fragrance that why I love moonlight path. I bought a dozen of this fragrance as a gift to my families and everyone loved it.

I even use it more often than my Bulgari, Gucci and Lacoste perfume. If you don't want a strong scent fragrance you will really like this one. For me Moonlight Path is by far the best fragrance of the entire brand, and it is even better than many expensive perfumes.

People would ask me what are you wearing, and I told them Pink Chiffon. Now you can't buy Pink Chiffon in store Not all people shop online more in stores in Ontario. This scent reminds me more of a much simpler time in my girlhood when everything I wanted to have been a shade of Pink.

Well, you bet your Pink Chiffon smelling body, that I bought at least 6 bottles of it. Absolutely a great buy and one of my favorite smells to put on my skin.

Overall I smell like an amazing, sweet, PINK scent. People comment on it every time I wear the lotion and spray and ask me where to get it.

I've been a Japanese Cherry Blossom addict for years now, this is the first scent I've tried in a long time, and I'm in love! If you like Japanese Cherry Blossom, you will absolutely love this.

It smells wonderful on its own, and it pairs so well with everything (especially Sweet on Paris- another DC'd scent that needs to come back! I used to get compliments from friends, colleagues, strangers -- even my dentist -- on how great it smelled.

The Best scent ever lite and refreshing when you live in a hot climate like Florida! One of my friends wears it all the time, and she always smells fantastic, so I went and bought some.

I love this scent so much, I have the spray and I wear it to school every day. Velvet Sugar I am a husband who has trouble differentiating between smells when I have to take my wife to bathe & Bodywork because, to be candid, olfactory overload.

It has a great mix of girlie and earthy tones that it radiates sensuality. I have since identified the scent and how it wears on my wife with the softness of character and strong sensuality of both her physicality and personality.

It smells really sweet, fruity, flirty and fun. To me, it isn't one of those too sweet smells that are like in your face and give you a headache, but it's just fine.

I only have the lotion, so I don't know if the Fine Fragrance Mist or the shower gel are different, but as far as I know it's an amazing scent. I absolutely recommend Velvet Sugar to people who are into sweet and fruity scents.

I discovered this on my first ever visit to bathe and bodywork last Thanksgiving in New York. Every time I smell it is reminds me of my trip to the Big Apple.

I was at a friends house for a sleepover, and she had a body spray in A Thousand Wishes. I honestly fall in love with this scent every time I smell it.

The flowery yet delicate scent makes my heart just stop! Beautiful Day I went to BBW for the first time a few weeks ago.

After walking around the store for 30 minutes with my BFF smelling everything, I settled on 12 minis (4 lotions, 2 fragrances and 6 pocket BAC's) that were on sale (the total was $17). Beautiful Day is definitely the best out of all of them, and I always rub some on my arms after a shower.

I love the scent the spring scent like sour apples, and it makes me feel like jumping into I pile of flowers. It almost feels like I'm in the most beautiful garden in the world.

One of the best top great smells I don't know what these other people are talking about...this one and cucumber from personal experience also eucalyptus spearmint Beautiful day smells very floral and has a green apple hint too.

I am a nurse, and sometimes you smell some things you want to erase from your memory. Having the scent sprayed somewhere inside or underneath my scrubs, such as my undershirt or bra, allows me to go quickly find a pleasant smell again.

It smells like a “fiery Food and spice blend that conjures an image of rubies sparkling in moonlight. “ Trust me on this one, I wear it to school and then all of my friends tell me to bring the lotion on the bus so that they can have some too.

I went to BBW today and I haven't been there in years, so I raided the whole store and midnight pomegranate was the best smell there! When I wear it after dinner, people always ask me if they can have some too because it smells soon good.

Coconut Lime Verbena This has been my favorite scent for hand soap. People always ask me what perfume I'm wearing when they walk by me.

I have the lotion and every time I wear it my skin just smells clean! It also smells like greasy water on a beach and makes me think summer.

I couldn't stop smelling my hands after using the antibacterial gel. This also has Aloe Vera in it, so it makes your hands super soft.

It's my friends and my favorite perfume and I use it all the time, can't imagine my life without it! Cucumber Melon I just bought it today and the smell's completely being my favorite thing ever.

This is my favorite, although the store doesn't carry the body spray, must get it online. I highly recommend the lotion and the spray and shower gel if you prefer to layer your scents.

Even though I didn't like it very much at the first use, one day my boyfriend used the shower gel and came out to the living room, I found them great scent(not too strong) and they are wonderful. Already ordered the shower gel and body lotion online.

I cried when I broke my perfume of this, this and sensual amber are my two favorites I can't pick between the two. Honestly though if you want to smell lovely, beautiful and feminine wear this perfume.

I think it's a great perfume that reflect my personality. It is so sexy and feminine, with scrumptious, but slightly musky amber tones that help it not to overpower.

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