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Edit Existential detective Kurt Hollander must battle his own demons as he works to solve a series of bizarre crimes in southern Sweden. This series is made up of four distinct films, each one a mysterious journey into murder, deception, and baffling crimes.

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Branch also directed Tom Huddleston in Thor, which also contains mostly non-Scandinavian actors playing Scandinavian characters (in that case, Norse gods). Edit Trivia The first season of thirteen films was produced in 2005 and 2006, with one taken directly from a novel and the remainder with new story lines suggested by Henning Mandell.

Opening Weekend USA: $774, 17 June 2012 Nine books were made into feature-length films starring Rolf Asgard between 1995 and 2007, while 31 installments of the excellent Kristen Eriksson version aired between 2005 and 2013.

Hollander fans were then treated to a twelve-part British adaptation of the books a few years later, starring the legendary Thespian and Murder on the Orient Express film director Kenneth Branch as the grumpy detective. Sorbonne is quickly faced with a sadistic serial killer who has a shocking connection to the detective and his family.

A string of grisly murders are quickly established as an homage to the ‘work’ of an infamous female serial killer known as ‘The Mantis’. With shades of The Silence of the Lambs, the police attempt to enlist the help of The Mantis to track her copycat down.

Mind games, family issues, brutal slayings, high-speed chases and red herrings galore, this gruesome French thriller comprises just six parts, so you can easily consume it in a weekend. Sofia Kari (Phil Vital) is a Helsinki detective in this twelve-part Finnish crime thriller that returns to work just two months after the tragic death of her husband.

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Headwind doesn’t bring too many new ideas to the table, but what it does offer up is a well-acted, fast-paced and solidly-plotted smorgasbord that any fan of Hollander, The Bridge or The Killing will be only too keen to gorge themselves on. Taking its inspiration from the 1996 Coin Brothers film of the same name, Fargo features none of the movie’s characters or stories, but does set its tale in the same Minnesota ‘universe’.

Series 1 stars Billy Bob Thornton as a malicious hitman who passes through town, pulling the strings of the various oddball characters in it, including the downtrodden Martin Freeman. The second run sees Kirsten Dust and Jesse Lemons trying to cover up the accidental killing of a crime family’s youngest member.

You’ll no doubt recognize Lilyhammer’s lead actor Steve van And from his role as SIL in The Sopranos. Either way, he plays Frank ‘The Fixer’ Tagline here, a very Filmlike former mobster forced to hide out in Norway after breaking omertà and ‘ratting out’ his former mob pals.

Stylish and almost cinematic feeling, The Frozen Dead is part of a new wave of excellent French crime dramas that includes La Mate. Netflix’s new prequel series following Kurt Wallander’s early years as a young 20-something police officer was released last month.

At odds with his family, friends, and fellow police, Hollander is in his element with serial killers and psychopaths, tracking them across the seaside town of Star and the stark farm country of southern Sweden. Branch is reunited with Sarah Smart (Withering Heights) as detective Anne-Britt Holland and Jean Spark (Tess of the d’Turberville) as his long-suffering daughter Linda, and joined by guest star Ingeborga Dapknait (Prime Suspect 6).

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One final battle that is about Kurt's struggle against his illness and towards justice in a corrupt police force. At the same time, a young woman's body is found at an excavation site in Star.

The investigation leads to a Russian trafficker who calls himself a fashion photographer who seems to have been cruelly exploring young women. Hollander wants to know more about the girl, so goes to Moldova where he meets her desperate father and twin sister.

Back in Sweden, Kurt has a car accident, leading Matt son to sign him off sick, so he'll stay out of the investigation. But Kurt continues to secretly investigate the case, and to face whether it is always right to tell the truth.

A sniper is Star in horror and his victims are persons connected to a jewel heist. In a failed attempt to shoot the last two that are linked to each other's coup Wallander's colleague, Pontus into a race to the death.

The child's father has been reported as missing, while the mother is in a psychiatric institution, unresponsive and apathetic. Kurt Wallander's failing health sees Linda take the lead in the case.

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Detective Stefan Lineman is a member of the same shooting club as the victims father, and they are also friends. When the father finally understands what has happened he demands that Stefan personally gets the one responsible.

The police start a difficult case to try to find the people behind the crime. Kurt becomes emotionally involved in the case of Amanda, a young girl who comes to the police station to report her mother Julia missing.

Carina Olsson provides the Malmö police information on drug deals committed at her restaurant. The murder happens on the outskirts of Star, and is thus signed to Kurt Wander and his colleagues.

For PSI Stefan Lineman, who already displayed signs of mental instability, working with Frank Borg leads to a round trip to hell. Frank teaches Stefan what it means to stand up for your colleagues, no matter what.

Star is experiencing a rapid increase in high profile robberies against armored transports Where cars are set on fire, highways are blocked and large sums of money disappears. A guest playing chorus of young women are successful at the premiere of a rural church outside Star.

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The exciting quest for both victim and perpetrator leads Kurt Hollander, police aspirant Isabel, and their colleagues against several persons who have been standing near Miranda But the postmortem shows the opposite, the horse feeder had been hit to death and that is a case for Kurt Hollander.

An amazing thing on the farm shows a hole new side of the horse feeder and somewhere, in the beautiful state of Kane, there's a dark world that didn't want to see the daylight. A few days later the neighbor and his family are also found dead, and Hollander and his colleges have to be sharp to find out who the murderer is.

One of the clues in the investigation leads to Oskar Sung, an old love of Linda Hollander. Their previous relationship hinders Linda's work with the case, and Kurt demands that she leaves the investigation But that turns out to be easier said than done.

A parish priest is found shot outside a hostel in what appears to be a cold-blooded execution. Hollander and his colleagues are searching for clues while the priest, who is believed to be able to identify the perpetrator, is fighting for his life in hospital.

The national election is approaching, and the Star town square is plastered with election posters with local Labour Party candidate Kenneth Nielson, a politician fighting the fear of immigrants as his electoral focal point. For Kurt Hollander the case takes an unexpected turn as the murder weapon has ties to a childhood friend.

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82 votes Writers: Anna Fredrickson, Lars Angstrom, Stephan Allergen She has visited an internationally renowned photographer in Star, and her husband suspects her of infidelity.

The dead couple Olaf and Carolina Watchman are found murdered in their magnificent estate. Kurt is back at the police station after his suspension, and now working on the case of a missing 8-year-old girl.

Desperate to find the girl alive, Kurt must work fast. But the parents are involved in a child custody dispute, with the father planning to take the girl with him back to his native Chile.

A Russian concerto Cello player is the victim of a bomb attack after a performance in Star. The woman turns out to be a lead witness in a murder charge against a member of the Russian mafia, the son of one of their leaders, Leb Munching.

Hollander and his colleagues find themselves in the middle of a war against a powerful international opponent with ruthless methods. But Salamander suspects that Leb Munching’s motives aren’t about money and a quick profit, rather they relate to something much deeper.

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Arson is suspected when a house burns to the ground following a gas explosion and a man and a woman are found dead. Hollander and the Star police investigate and uncover an intricate web of lies, betrayal and secret love affairs.

A long and complicated investigation is started by Kurt Hollander and his colleagues. A group of neighbors in the affected area decide to take matters into their own hands and start a neighborhood watch.

During one of their night shifts they spot a suspicious man and give him a serious beating. The Star police get contacted by a desperate Polish woman reporting her husband missing.

Corrupt businessman Filip Masonic stands trial for bringing illegal workers into Sweden and using them as slave labor. Hollander is injured by a car bomb intended for Kristina, who is prosecuting Pasolic, and she is given police protection.

Grant results in two men being killed, one of whose little sister, Natalia,sees construction manager Zoran bury the corpses. Hollander can link Zoran to Pacific and needs to find him before he gets to Natalia in order to strong-arm him into testifying against Passaic.

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