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Henning Mandell was not always the subtlest of moralists, but he knew the importance of making his books entertaining and exciting: readers came for the plots and the action, and stayed for the lectures. This story begins with the discovery of a woman murdered in a Swedish wood, but soon expands to include sections set in South Africa during the dying days of Apartheid, as Hollander pursues an assassin hired to kill Nelson Mandela.

There is a long tradition in Sweden of exploring domestic politics through crime fiction, but Mandell opened up the genre to take in international affairs too, and relished the chance to write about his beloved Africa. One of the best of the non- Hollander books features young detective Stefan Lineman, who is forced to take time off work after being diagnosed with cancer of the tongue, but decides to start his own investigation when a retired ex-colleague is found bull whipped to death.

Mandell’s reflections on the rise of the Swedish neo-Nazi movement are combined with a cunning mystery, and the setting in north Sweden is even more appropriately bleak than Wallander’s south-coast beat of Star. Plagued by memory lapses, Hollander sticks his nose into the disappearance of his daughter’s boyfriend’s father, in a case that seems to suggest that Sweden is declining at almost as fast a rate as the body of the worn-out sleuth.

Hollander is a police officer who looks like a common middle-aged man whose wife and cute children love him and support him through anything. Henning Mandell is Swedish writer who became famous after the publication of the series that follow the life of Kurt Hollander.

This fictional character has been portrayed on screen, as well, and made Mandell work on creating new stories about him for more than a decade. The story of Hollander was born in 1989, when Mandell returned to Sweden from Africa and found a different Swedish society than the one he had left.

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Mandell wrote 40 books in total, including the Hollander series, which have been translated in more than 40 languages and have been sold in more than 40 million copies around the world. Although his other books are as well accepted as Hollander series, it was this famous character that made Mandell a bestselling author.

In the series, Kurt Hollander is a police officer who constantly struggles solving his private problems. His wife has died and left him alone with their rebellious daughter, Linda, who attempted to make a suicide when 15.

While the first book of the series introduces us with Swedish society and gives us a glimpse of the life there, the second narrative moves the plot in Riga, Latvia. When it comes to his personal life, he continues to be lonely and constantly worries about his daughter and father.

Now, Mandell gives us a glimpse into the life of a former Soviet country. This makes the mystery even more intriguing and the events in the story are surprisingly unanticipated. Dogs of Riga is a proper sequel to the first book in the series and an equally good work that explores the human soul through the character of Kurt Hollander.

The character of Kurt Hollander is one of the most genius feats in the writing of Henning Mandell. In addition, his capability to make the reader feel like they are in the head of the characters is brilliant.

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Hollander is a just a man who has the same problems that bother other people, but that doesn’t stop him to be a hero. As previously mentioned, these stories move the plot to an international level to be more complicated and interesting.

This puts Hollander in place of other types of characters as he acts like more than just a police officer. This is one of the unique series you could find nowadays and Hollander is one of the most humane heroes in literature.

He is a very dedicated cop who has a knack for getting the smallest but most important of details from any crime scene. His peculiar gift typically leads him into the making of unconscious observations that come back to him just in time to solve homicide cases.

The first novel in the series “Faceless Killer” starts with a senseless murder of an elderly couple. The man is an elderly farmer who has his head bashed in while his wife is left hanging on a noose.

The police arrive to find the dying woman, who utters the word foreign, before she expires. With the only clue in the case having something to do with foreigners, the detectives acknowledge the repercussions the murder could have on the already boiling anti-immigrant sentiment in Sweden.

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For Hollander, the situation is easier to solve as compared to the problems in his life such as approaching the married but young prosecutor, dealing with his estranged daughter, and his ex-wife. The series was shot on location in Star in Sweden, and starred Kenneth Branch in the lead role of Hollander.

One Step Behind The seventh novel in the series is a fan favorite that is set in Midsummer’s Eve. The killing of one of Inspector Wallander’s colleagues soon follows the tragic murders of the three boys.

Sidetracked : The compelling fifth mystery in the series that opens to a teenage girl commit suicide by setting herself on fire. Before Hollander can bring himself to terms with the suicide, he is called to the scene of the murder of a former minister of Justice that had been scalped and hacked to death on a beach.

Some of these include a tenuous long distance relationship, frivolity of the world cup tournament, and the impending cutbacks in his department. The series of novels is about Calendar and three of his colleagues who work in a Reykjavík’s underworld full of murder, robberies, and car crashes that they solve using a range of archaeological and forensic techniques.

Hollander is said to live on Mariagatan in Star. As a young police officer, he was nearly killed when a drunk whom he was questioning stabbed him with a butcher's knife (this is mentioned in the account of his first case). Hollander was once married, but his wife Mona left him, and he has since had a difficult relationship with his rebellious only child, Linda, who barely survived a suicide attempt when she was fifteen.

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He also had issues with his late father, an artist who painted the same landscape 7,000 times for a living; the elder Hollander strongly disapproved of his son's decision to join the police force and frequently derided him for it. At one time, Hollander had dreamed of making opera his life, leaving the police force and becoming the impresario of his friend, Seen Widen, a tenor who aspired to sing opera.

Inspector Hollander has few close friends and is known for his less-than-desirable lifestyle; he consumes too much alcohol and junk food, exercises very little, and sometimes struggles with anger. He frequently regards the crimes he investigates on a very personal level, throwing himself into catching criminals and going against the orders of his superiors to try to solve a case, often with negative effects on his emotional stability.

Over the years he has grown increasingly disillusioned with his work and often wonders whether he should have become a police officer at all. He was once falsely sued and harassed for police brutality and still lives with the guilt of having shot and killed a man in the fog, an act which drove him into depression and nearly led to his resignation.

In later years, he maintains a somewhat inconsistent romantic relationship with Baba Lie pa, a woman in Riga, Latvia, whom he met while investigating a murder there, until it eventually dissolves. Over the course of the series he is diagnosed with diabetes, and towards the end of his career he suffers from memory lapses, discovering he has developed Alzheimer's disease, with which his father was also afflicted.

The following novel features Wallander's daughter Linda in the lead, while he is a secondary character: However, Mandell was so distraught after the suicide of Johanna Maelstrom, the actress playing the character at the time in the Swedish TV series, that he decided to abandon the series after only the first novel.

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Yellow Bird announced in March 2008 that 13 new Swedish language Hollander films were to be made with Kristen Eriksson. The first production in the second series, Hamden , was given a cinematic launch in Sweden on 9 January 2009 before being released on DVD.

The theme over the closing credits is “Quiet Night”, sung by Anna Burnham. In these final episodes, Kurt Hollander suffers from memory problems because of Alzheimer’s disease, and he cannot continue to work as a policeman.

Den oblige manner Forerunner Sheet Schneider Mordbrännaren Sorgfågeln. The novels have also been adapted as twelve television films for the BBC, produced by Yellow Bird and Left Bank Pictures.

The third series began shooting in Star and Riga, Latvia in the Summer of 2011 and continued into the winter. Broadcast in July 2012, it consists of adaptations of An Event in Autumn, The Dogs of Riga and Before the Frost.

The BBC Hollander series concluded in May 2016 with a three-episode fourth series consisting of an adaptation of The White Lioness and a two-episode adaptation of Mandell's final Wallandernovel, The Troubled Man. In November 2018 it was announced that Netflix and Yellow Bird UK were producing a TV series based on the Kurt Hollander character and titled Young Hollander, and a 2019 release date was announced for the six-part series.

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The series explores the life of Kurt Hollander as a young man, before the events of the books. On September 11, 2019, it was announced that filming had begun on the Young Hollander series.

The series stars Adam Passion, Richard Village, Leanne Best, Ellis Chappell, and Yaren Tour. The series is directed by Ole Andersen and Jens Jonson, and written by Ben Harris.

Mandell's friend and writer Jan Guizhou used Kurt Hollander in the 10th book of his Carl Hamilton -series En medborgare hold over are mistake . Guizhou and Mandell also co-wrote the Swedish crime-drama miniseries Talismanen and here we also encounter Kurt Hollander as a supporting character, this time portrayed by actor Leonard Jacket.

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“Netflix Orders 'Young Hollander, ' and Series Set During French Revolution”. ^ “Filming Begins for Netflix's Young Hollander Series”.

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“Netflix Anoints Swedish Actor Adam Passion As 'Young Hollander Alongside 'Argo's Richard Village & 'Black Mirror's Leanne Best ".

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