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If you ask anyone from Toronto what they think of when they hear the name Mississauga, ” you’ll likely hear responses of “shopping malls, suburbs, highways” or perhaps one word: “driving.” It’s quite likely that people from other parts of the country think that Mississauga is part of Toronto (or haven’t even heard of it). While you might need a car to get around Mississauga due to its size and wide suburban structure, once you are there, you find yourself at the springboard to access many great provincial parks and conservation areas that are especially for great hiking.

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This is the scenic trail in Mississauga where you take your girlfriend or boyfriend to propose! On any given day, you can find elaborate “Marry Me” signage and romantic displays of blankets and champagne and happy couples on the bank of the Credit River.

Many of Mississauga’s green spaces connect through here, giving you options in terms of a point of entry or loops. The trailhead is accessed in Erin dale Park, 1695 Sundas St W, east of Mississauga Road.

Swans, geese, frogs and snakes have made homes here in this conservation area in the south end of Mississauga. This incredibly easy hike takes you over wooden boardwalks and well taken care of trails.

It is remarkably scenic and takes you right by Lake Ontario for an awesome view of downtown Toronto on a clear day. Why it’s awesome: A 10-metre spectacular waterfall is the pièce de résistance and reward for your easy hike.

It’s a great place to go on a hot day to cool off, to feel the mist from the water and get amazing Instagram shots. Families can enjoy a picnic at one of the tables by the top of the falls or roast marshmallows in the evening.

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Ice cream is sold at the parking lot entrance. Why it’s awesome: Just a six-kilometre bike ride or quick car ride from the Hilton Falls Conservation Area parking lot is Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area.

Please note, like Hilton Falls, there are entrance fees here, but they are for the day and with your receipt you can enter other conservation areas. Mountain view Road north turns into Confederation Street.

Distance from Mississauga : 43 kilometers, approximately a 45-minute drive Mount Nemo is gorgeous, has caves and there are vultures circling the air.

Here, you can go rock climbing or find a lookout where the CN Tower can be spotted on a clear day. Some trails in this park are classified as moderate hikes, some are easy.

Some trails are surrounded by forest while others are more of an open field setting. They range from well-worn, sandy paths to rocky trails to wooden boardwalks.

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Distance from Mississauga : 41 kilometers, approximately a 40-minute drive If you have paid for parking here, it’s worth it to keep walking and see Websters Falls.

There are over 2,000 members in our private Facebook community from across Canada and the United States. Every Monday, month, season and year we host massive adventure challenges designed to be completed in any province/state, with any level of fitness and at any age.

Read More > When you purchase something via the links in our articles, we may earn a small affiliate commission. May 15, 2019, May 15, 2019 / Managed Butt These six adventurous hiking spots are either in or near Mississauga to explore for a summer experience with friends or family.

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Are a located at 7200 Appleby Line in Milton has three trails for hiking. Although the falls tends to be the most popular attraction, it does not limit hikers to experience the animal life with the beaver ponds and streams alongside their travels.

Crawford Lake located at 3115 Conservation Road in Milton has five trails ranging from easy to moderate difficulty for hikers. This is a unique place as you can visit the Iroquoian Village alongside your hiking experience.

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Canada's major urban hubs of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver tend to overshadow Mississauga, but this Southern Ontario city is the country's sixth-largest municipality, with more than 650,000 residents. The Anchorage -- an early 1800s cottage that was a navy officer's retirement home -- houses the venue's visitor center and rotating exhibits.

People will learn about resident Mao de la Roche, who wrote 16 novels, including “Jana.” Other highlights include a beach, a marina that holds roughly 170 boats, wetlands and biking and walking trails.

The Rattrap Marsh Conservation Area (creditvalleyca.ca) pleases bird-watchers who can spot eastern king birds, gray catbirds, herons and wood warblers. The Mississauga Living Arts Center (livingartscentre.ca) has a range of events from piano recitals to bodybuilding championships.

Fans can watch the Mississauga St. Michael's Majors (stmichaelsmajors.com) junior team compete in the Ontario Hockey League. Typical activities include arts and crafts displays and dance, music, plays and storytelling sessions from the different countries.

The event, which takes place over three days in June, goes beyond music with a 5K walk and children's activities, such as a petting zoo and pony rides. The five-day Mississauga Independent Film Festival (miff.ca) in July gives audiences a chance to see Canada's best fledgling filmmakers.

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Write a short note about what you liked, what to order, or other helpful advice for visitors. Part of Pacific Rim National Park at the edge of Vancouver Island, this 75 km trail takes you through rainforest, coves, and beaches, offering spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and passing whales if you're lucky.

A quota system limits the number of people who can be on this trail at one time, not to mention the steep reservation cost. Good thing; today Hillary welcomes thousands of visitors every year to explore its trails, including the picturesque Granite Ridge Trail that gives stunning views of La Cloche Mountains, pristine Georgian Bay and windswept pines that defy the elements.

Florian Fuchs/CC BY 3.0/Wikimedia Commons There are so many crazy breathtaking ways to take in the Rocky Mountains that it's hard to recommend just one; however the “Plain of Six” truly delivers some scenic bang for a moderate hiking buck. Complementing the hike are tea houses at the Plain of Six Glaciers lookout point and at the end of the trek.

Tony Webster/CC BY-SA 2.0/Wikimedia Commons Cape Breton is a glorious part of the maritime province of Nova Scotia where stunning, dramatic scenery plays host to some of the country's most laid-back friendly people. Cape Breton Highlands National Park offers the chance to intimately explore the northern part of the region, whether on a comfortable stroll or more challenging hike.

Traversing two provinces (from Alberta to British Columbia), this trek has you dealing with three organizations for passes, etc. Despite the paperwork, associated fees, and pesky insects and bothersome bears (no joke), it's still one of the world's most popular treks.

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Jane McLean The Bruce Trail is cherished by the people who live around it as a protected respite in the most populous part of the country. Canada's oldest and longest marked footpath and a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the Bruce Trail traverses 885 km end to end and 400 km of side trails in Ontario, from Niagara to Tobermory.

Barrett & Mackay/Getty Images The Bay of Fundy extends from the northern coast of Maine into Canada between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The tidal action has created a dramatic landscape of steep cliffs and sea stacks in addition to drudging up a plethora of fossils and interesting aquatic signs of life.

Ukraine Begin/Getty Images With more than 3,000 km of coastline on the St. Lawrence River, it's not surprising that Gases National Park boasts some striking hiking trails. Anthony Lorenzo/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons We're finishing off our list of great Canadian hikes with one of the most challenging: the Canal Heritage Trail in the Northwest Territories.

A thoroughly remote trail, it has no developed campsites or facilities, but you will come across abandoned trucks, pumping stations and telephone poles left over from the route's original purpose supporting an oil pipeline during World War II. Visitors from around the world head to Canada to explore the trails, and with good reason.

More than just quantity though, the country's vast lakes, mountains, forests, and wildlife offer inescapable opportunity to witness sublime natural beauty. Camping, hiking, and boating in Canada are all easy to navigate and safe if you stick to the managed areas.

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