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The boardwalk will take you all along the water and in the warmer months you can grab a spot on the waterfront patio at the Sunnyside Pavilion Café. As you walk along Roncesvalles, you’ll be able to stop in any number of cozy cafés, specialty foods stores, bars and restaurants if you have time to linger.

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Henderson’s tap room is open seven days a week and has become a popular rest stop along the Rail path for anyone craving a craft beer. Bloor West Village is filled with independent boutiques, cafés, pubs, gourmet food stores and green grocers making for a pleasant walk.

Take your time exploring the many vintage stores, coffee shops and a mind-boggling array of food from around the world (from empanadas to fish tacos). The 2.9-mile (4.7-kilometer) section of multi-use trail runs along the Don River from Pottery Road to Yorktown Common and whether strolling or moving at a faster pace, is a serene and scenic way to spend time in the city.

Not every area is conducive to getting around on foot, but much of the city offers the chance to get outside and explore unique neighborhoods and scenic green spaces. No matter the season, there’s a good spot to walk in Toronto, encompassing anything from art and architecture, to parks, food and history.

Spring and summer are obviously ideal for spending time outdoors, but as long as you dress in layers there’s no reason to bypass a walk during the colder months. Here are seven of the best urban walks in Toronto that you can undertake at any pace you like, spending longer if you want to shop, browse or stop for a coffee or something to eat.

Toronto is blessed with many beautiful places to walk, from pretty streets to lakefront promenades. For all the choice we enjoy, there are a number of spots that are particularly stunning for those times when you're looking to dial up the romance or just want to soak up a bit of nature in the midst of the big city.

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Ontario Place Trillium Park Certainly the nicest new place to walk in Toronto, the William G. Davis Trail at Trillium Park meanders along the waterfront offering sweeping views of the lake and skyline. Edwards Gardens Wicket Creek winds through this lush natural landscape near Lawrence and Leslie.

You'll cross the creek over several scenic bridges as you take in the array of pretty flora that mark area. The revitalized Guild Inn has brought more people to the site, but has also improved the grounds.

The Sun Valley offers a pretty and easy walk through the Brothers Woods area. Enter off of Bayview Avenue, near Despite Drive, and you'll encounter a double-track trail that circles around the pretty valley that was once a garbage dump long ago.

David A. Balfour Park This ravine just east of Yong and St. Clair is beautiful at all times of the year, but reaches its peak in the fall when the leaves tend to hit a saturated yellow hue. The stairs can get a bit slippery after a rainfall, but otherwise it's smooth sailing at this beautiful green space.

Once you round the north end of the circle, you'll see the skyline hovering over the campus in a picturesque scene of old and new. Toronto is filled with hidden trails that wind through parks and wooded areas, past rivers and lakes, and that are home to many flora and fauna to keep you engaged and excited throughout your journey on one of many nature trails on this list.

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This trail gives access to exceptional views of Lake Ontario and the Scarborough Bluffs, an escarpment that runs along the eastern waterfront of Toronto. Doris McCarthy Trail is a pathway that leads from Ravine Drive, off Kingston Road to the Lake Ontario through Gates Galley.

The area has incredible biodiversity, which adds to your experience out in this blend of culture, agricultural, and natural landscapes. Toronto’s beloved High Park offers around 5 kilometers of a loop trail that features the wonderful wilderness feeling right in the midst of the city.

It is a park home too much wildlife, a pond, and plenty of rare plant species. As you make your way along the trail, you can marvel at the art, spend some time at the river, or simply enjoy this nature experience interwoven into the city.

Bluffer’s Park is located at the base of the famous Scarborough Bluffs, and is known for its beach, lookouts, and trails. Over 300 recorded species of birds reside here, and so do panoramic views of Toronto’s skyline.

The wooded trail is filled with wildlife and has views of the city skyline, and also features a farmers’ market on Saturdays. This hidden gem is a nature escape in Toronto that is open year-round, offering a transition from city to wilderness.

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It was designated an Environmentally Significant Area by conservation authorities and is frequented by nature lovers, while the winding 2.4-kilometer trail is popular with beginner hikers. You may have passed the famous rainbow tunnel entrance on the path, a public art piece that is complimented by another internal mural.

Named after the elected representative of the former North York Council, the Betty Sutherland Trail is a big part of Toronto’s improvements to access to recreation. Details This 6.1-kilometer loop trail is a lush and forested nature walk that travels through an impressive canopy of maple, beech, and oak trees.

Overall, the loop is peaceful and serene, offering a taste of Mother Nature’s finest. Rest awhile at the many benches provided along the trails overlooking Lake Ontario and delight in the spectacular scenery.

The footpaths take you from the Glen don Forest to Sunny brook Park, and can even take you north to the Edward Gardens, or southeast to the Toronto Waterfront. Taylor Creek Park boasts mature forests, scrub communities and marsh habitat that is home to wildlife and rare plants.

The many paths exhibit the stunning spring, summer, and fall colors and changes and is a multi-use 5.6-kilometer trail shrouded in forest. Located west of Ontario Place at the Lake Shore Boulevard waterfront, this stunning park features a boardwalk along the shore, green areas for picnics and relaxation, as well as biking and walking trails.

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The park is designed by a landscape architecture, explaining the uniform and well-constructed path for a comfortable stroll among the trees by the water. Enjoy the sounds of more than 170 birds as you amble along paths that meander through dense bushes and trees and along the Lake Ontario bluffs.

The Lamb ton Woods is a natural environment that contains deciduous forests on steep valley slopes around small wetlands. Sunny brook Park is your opportunity to hike through the world-famous ravines and enjoy the fall leaves, the crisp air, and the overall dominance of nature.

There is a magic with the Sunny brook Park paths, where you can truly enjoy the rivers and creeks in a hidden atmosphere. Details Head onto the Colonel Danforth Park’s paved trail system that runs through the park, and check out the white-tailed deer, the fall salon running up the highland creek, and lake and beach views.

With botanical gardens and conservation areas, this forested walk is a sublime way to enjoy a sunny day in the big city. Mast Traceroute National Urban Park Length: 3.2 mi • Est.

Paved, family-friendly, multi-use trail with nice scenery along the Humber River. Accessibility: The trail surface is paved, and it is typically at least six feet wide.

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Moore Park Ravine Length: 3.8 mi • Est. Hikers have reported that the route loop is blocked by construction just south of Moore on the west side (December 20, 2020) and it passes into some residential areas.

The trail is beautiful with some enormous trees and ravine views from Charley Park. Please note: As of July 31/2020 users have reported that the parking entrance off Don Valley Road is closed.

The trail is multi-usage and runs between Don Mills and Victoria Park. It is composed of a paved main route following a nice little river with two more hidden trails hugging both sides of the valley cliffs and under the tree canopies.

Accessibility: The trail surface is paved, and it is typically at least six feet wide. The steepest sections are in the first 0.6 miles when going east, so wheelchair or stroller users may want to start from the eastern end and go west instead, where the grade is gentle (estimated under 3%).

Tommy Thompson Park Length: 6.9 mi • Est. A nice easy, paved and gravel trail along the water with great views of the city.

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Accessibility: The trail surface is paved asphalt or gravel and varies between three and eight feet wide. Only the paved sections are considered wheelchair/mobility equipment and stroller friendly.

Most of the route has an estimated grade of less than 3% but there are a couple of steep sections where wheelchair or stroller users may need assistance. NOTE: Hikers report that the main trail is closed for construction Monday through Friday.

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