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• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
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DMI Universal Folding Walkerton with Two Cup Holders and Tool Free Setup Walker tray carries your food, drinks and personal items.

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the attractive and functional: double-sided walker attachments pouch bag with large water bottle/ cup holder fits 30oz. multi functional: the best alternatives to walker baskets with “padded organizer pouch” to protection some of your more delicate items.

No tool assembly, as the walker tray simply snaps in place.5 pounds weight capacity. Easily opens and locks in place and conveniently folds down when not in use and has 2 deep and stable cup holders to prevent spills.

Fits most two button folding walkers with 1” tube diameter and 18” width. No tool assembly as the walker tray simply slides over the handles of your walker and holds meals, crafts, books, personal items and more. Easy to clean, made of durable, lightweight plastic. Walker tray is compatible with most standard walkers, as well as folding walkers that are approximately 16 to 19 inches from handle to handle and with handles that are no longer than 11 1/2 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches wide.

Walker tray with 2 cup holders and raised edges to prevent spills. Weight capacity: 5 pounds. Our walker bag is an elegant choice for organizing and holding your daily essential items in a convenient dual-purpose carryall.

Four sturdy universal sticker strap not only make it easy to install and remove in seconds, but also help hold the bag in place and provide a secure and adjustable fit. Made of high-quality 600d oxford and nylon fabric, ensuring it durable and sturdy constructed. Opening for a standard sized mug, cup hole, a recessed area for holding utensils and matted surface for less slipping.

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Made in the usa--includes one single tray and two spacers. Tray includes grip mat, two recessed cup holders for secured beverages and raised edges to prevent spills.

For added functionality, manufacturers have developed walker trays. They are convenient in making life easier for persons with mobility issues.

There are two bottle or cup holders on the tray to place your favorite drinks. This is a lightweight design walker with sleek aluminum frame construction.

The handles offer a firm grip allowing one to walk in a stable manner. In addition, the walker’s legs feature a rubber cap at the bottom to prevent floor scratches.

Durable due to strong plastic construction Universal size that fits most 2-button walkers Two cup holders Easy to clean and maintain Overall, this is a versatile design walker tray that fits most 2 button folding walkers.

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It is a simple design tray that easily slides over the walker handles when not in use. The tray also features a non-slip removable pad to prevent items from sliding.

Durable because of the hard plastic base Safe to use due to a non-slip removable pad Easy to clean by removing the pad and rinsing the tray A versatile design that fits most walkers The walker features a thoughtful design with 2 recessed cup holders.

It is a neutral gray color tray that matches with most walkers. Overall, this is a simple tray that easily slides over the handles of the walker for stable and convenient use.

Features 2 recessed cup holders Prevents slide-offs due to raised edges Easy to fit by sliding over the handles Stable and convenient It is a quality tray that allows users to carry items from one room to the next.

Besides, the walker tray features two recessed cup holders to firmly hold your drinks. Overall, this is a versatile walker tray design to hold meals, books, and personal items.

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Easy to install by sliding it over the handles Raised edges by ½ an inch to prevent slide-offs Two recessed cup holders to secure your drinks Versatile and supports a wide range of items This is a lightweight and easy to clean tray with hard plastic construction.

Durable yet lightweight plastic Easy to clean by wiping or rinsing Versatile hence compatible with most walkers Easily opens and locks in place hence easy to use This is another convenient walker flip tray to enjoy hands-free item carrying.

Besides, the walker features raised edges to prevent items from slipping off. Moreover, the walker is foldable and easily locks in place for easy transportation and storage.

Prevents items sliding off due to raised edges Anti-slippery textured surface Easy and tool-free attachment Foldable and locks in place hence easy to store and transport It is a decent quality walker tray to fit most standard walkers.

This is a neutral light gray color tray to match with most walkers. The tray features two cup holders for the efficient carrying of drinks.

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The walkers are not just sturdy by uniquely designed for efficient carrying of items. The NOVA medical product-folding tray is smartly engineered to help you carry your food, drinks, and other stuff around.

Installs easily in just minutes with no tools required Foldable design makes it easy to carry and store Made of lightweight yet sturdy tubular metallic Large top tray to help you carry our food and water Young Tart Walkerton is a well-contoured tray that provides a spacious area to carry your items while using your walker.

This tray snaps on your walker creating a stable and spacious place to hold your meals, books or even your phone. Featuring a hard plastic base and non-slip removable pad, this multipurpose tray works great for everyday tasks.

The rubber mat grips to prevent sliding Have two recessed cup holders Durable and easy to clean materials Fits most standard walkers This walker tray from Young does not only boast of an excellent design but also offers a simpler way to carry your meals and other personal items.

It comes with a translucent cover that enables you to add a picture or commotion list at the same time keeping them safe from food spills. This sturdy plastic walker tray comes with two-cup holders and raised edges to hold your items securely.

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Some other interesting features that come with this unit included foldable design, easy installation, and removal as well as a large top surface to hold everything you need. Boasting of a heavy-duty construction this brightly colored walker tray securely attaches on standard walker sidebars without interfering with the handgrips.

Designed to make carrying meals, books and doing craft easy, Home walker tray is the perfect solution for everyday use. It also comes with two recessed cup holders for holding your beverages and raised edges to prevent falling of your items.

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