Best Walker Toys For Babies

Maria Johnson
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 13 min read

So, you might consider a push walker when your baby can balance on their own and pull to a standing position. Whatever the case, your baby may benefit from some supported walking practice using a push walker.

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Some walkers fold flat for easy transportation to a sitter’s house or on vacations. Some walkers are pretty simple, while others offer additional safety options, like rubber and locking wheels.

Some walkers have lots of bright lights and music, while others are more muted and made from wood. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to purchase your push walker new, as older models may be recalled or have other safety issues, like broken parts.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reports that thousands of babies are injured each year using sit-in walkers. The walkers on this list are highly rated by caregivers for their function, safety, and quality.

The Little Times 3-in-1 folds flat for easy storage and transportation, making it a great choice for traveling or taking to Grandma’s house. This cute walker has a jungle theme with a sliding monkey, peek-a-boo lion, a toucan ball spinner, animal sounds, and colorful light projection on the floor.

The Sit-to-Stand walker features a lightweight plastic body and wheels, allowing it to glide easily over carpeted floors. It comes complete with a light-up keyboard, play phone, colorful gears, and shape sorter for entertainment (batteries are included).

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The Chomp & Clack earns high marks with reviewers for its stability and simple but playful design. Worth noting: Several reviewers say that this walker is best for older babies and not those who are just learning how to walk.

This is because, despite the rubber rings, it tends to move quickly and doesn’t have any built-in locking or slowing mechanisms. Another wooden option, the Have Wonder Walker also features rubber rings on its wheels to protect floors and control speed.

It’s finished with all nontoxic paints and offers a variety of fun activities to develop coordination and fine motor skills. Reviewers share that this award-winning walker is sturdy and suitable for taller babies and toddlers.

One person specifically wrote that her son is over 35 inches tall and still regularly uses this walker beyond age 2. Worth noting: Some reviewers mention that the back wheels tend to scrape the body of the walker, but that Have will send replacement parts if necessary.

And many others warn this walker is bulky and heavy, making it too difficult for some babies to turn on their own. Several reviewers mention that their Balance Box doubles as a small table, meaning it performs double-duty in the playroom.

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Not only that, but if your small space includes various types of floor surfaces, this walker easily transitions from wood to carpet to tile. The feet of the box also move up and down to give your baby more sensory input.

Reviewers say this is more than just a walker and that it helps babies develop their sense of balance. Worth noting: Several reviewers say they purchased this box specifically because it seemed it would not flip over as easily as other push walkers, but that it isn’t free from tips and flops.

This sit-and-play or stand-and-push walker can play 75 songs, and it introduces the alphabet, numbers, and even Spanish phrases! Reviewers say it’s super easy to assemble and that all the bonus educational activities are a good value for the money.

Worth noting: Several people say that the plastic wheels fly too quickly on wood and tile flooring. This child walker is designed with a seat that gives your baby support while also allowing them to push themselves across the floor with their feet thereby encouraging a walking movement in their legs and strengthening their muscles in preparation for those first few steps.

The walker includes a large tray in the front that is the perfect size for snacks and hippy cups or toys to keep your child entertained. The walker’s seat can be adjusted to three different heights to fit your growing baby and give them legroom.

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This Jewry’s Spoon walker also has a rail that protects your child’s feet from stepping on toys on the ground or rolling over items on the floor. Jewry’s Spoon walker has a simple, intelligent design that will encourage your baby to walk while also keeping them safe.

The seat pad is machine washable, while the top tray is dishwasher safe. It features protective railings and to prevent your child from stubbing or injuring their toes.

Why We Love It Includes wheels for easy movement and protective railings, so your child doesn’t injure their feet Super large tray that is dishwasher safe Collapses flat allowing you to store it easily, without taking up too much space Supportive seat that is machine washable Adjustable height settings The Sounds ‘n Lights Walker by Safety 1st is our editor’s pick of top activity walker which includes a convertible tray that can turn into a play center with five fun dinosaur-themed toys or a food and snack tray.

This walker folds completely flat, so it can fit into the trunk or back seat of a car, so you can bring it with you to your friends or family’s house. The base has been designed to give your baby the freedom to use their legs to move around, while added grip strips on the bottom slow the walker or stop it on uneven surfaces.

The base has been designed for safety and is prevents any injury to your child’s legs while moving around the floor. The seat is machine washable and the entire walker can be folded down for easy storage or if you want to take it with you when visiting family or friends.

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The Tiny Steps walker has an adjustable seat that can accommodate your growing baby giving it enough legroom. The practical design includes a washable seat and the entire structure can be folded down and easily stored.

Aircraft’s walker also comes with three toys that are designed to engage your child’s curiosity and help them develop their sensory and motor skills. Aircraft also includes a one-year warranty which makes you eligible for a replacement walker if anything should go wrong with yours.

Why We Love It 2-in-1 design includes a sit and play, and walk and play mode Adjustable height settings Features fun toys and activities including a flower mirror with crinkle petals, spinning ball, and bead bar Folds down for compact storage The walker has a zebra shaped front that has a range of learning activities such as ABCs and 123s which help your child develop their cognitive skills.

The activity center includes lots of fun music and phrases that will encourage your child to walk. Offering an easy-grasp handle and a sturdy base this walker helps your baby feel more secure on their feet.

Sounds and lights will grab your child’s interest almost instantly while engaging their senses. The Learn with Me Zebra walker is excellent for boosting your toddler’s confidence while walking providing them with more stability to move as they please and encouraging them with fun music and phrases.

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Easy to grasp handle and large sturdy wheels make it stable Features a spinner, roller ball, a flip book, light-up buttons and music buttons that help your child learn their ABCs and 123s Lots of finger activities to help teach fine motor skills The Chomp & Clack Alligator Walker is a stand up wooden activity walker designed by Melissa & Doug which features three alligators that make a clacking noise when your baby pushes it around the room.

This walker will motivate your child to start and keep walking, while the fun moving alligators, and noise will entertain your baby and make them want to see what happens next. The walker is handmade out of hardwood, so it will withstand the wear and tear from your baby playing with it as they learn how to walk.

Non-slip wheels make it easier for them to push without falling and a non-marking material ensures your floors stay scuff free. The walker has non-slip wheels that can move forward and backward and won’t scuff your floors.

This walker is ideal for children aged 12 months to 2 years, and you can even engrave a personalized message or your baby’s name. Melissa & Doug’s Chomp & Clack child walker is a sturdy, classic and beautifully designed walker that will encourage your baby to walk and is durable enough that you can use it for your baby’s future siblings or hand it on to friends or family members with kids.

This Stroll Along walker is designed by Fisher-Price in the form of a stroller with a space for your child’s doll or toy, so they can push it around as they learn to walk. It has a selection of additional features including an interactive bear that makes sounds when pressed.

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The stroller walker also has spinners, a roller bar, and a flip book that will keep your child busy and entertained. This walker is short enough so that your baby can put their dolls and toys inside the seat and play with them while sitting on the floor.

Being able to push around a doll or toy will make them feel special and the movement-activated music will keep them going. The interactive toys, like the musical bear, spinners, flip book, others will also speed up their motor skills development.

Fisher-Price’s Brilliant Basics Stroll Along walker is sure to be a hit with your child as they gleefully push around their toy, practicing their walking skills in the process. This Batman walker comes with an activity center that features a steering wheel that your little one will enjoy turning as they move around the house.

The key and gear shifter make sounds when moved and feature lights that engage your child’s senses. The seat features a high backrest which provides added support for your child while increasing their comfort.

The padded seat is removable for easy washing allowing this Bat mobile to look new for even longer. The sounds, lights, and vibrations of this mini Bat mobile will keep your child engaged and entertained as they walk around, strengthening their muscles.

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When your baby moves the lever or the steering wheel, it will light up and make sounds. The toy center can be removed to reveal a tray underneath which is a perfect size to hold snacks and a hippy cup.

The walker has rails built into the base which stop your baby from rolling over anything including safety strips along the stairs. A toy tray features a steering wheel and gear shift that will keep your child entertained while it moves around in the walker.

The entire walker can be folded easily and placed in storage or taken with you when you visit family or friends. Why We Love It Includes a removable electronic tray that has a steering wheel, gear shift, and fun lights and sounds.

The activity center can be transformed into a tray that is perfect to hold your child’s snacks and drinks. The grip padding found on the wheels of the walker helps your child to move seamlessly between the different surfaces of your home.

They are gentle enough to be used on hardwood floors without fear of them scratching or leaving scuff marks. The entire walker folds flat and builds back up incredibly easily making it a great option even for those living in smaller spaces.

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The bright design will encourage your child’s curiosity, while the toy tray will help them fine tune their motor and sensory skills. Bright Starts’ walker has an adjustable seat that allows you to modify it to fit your growing child.

The seat is also machine washable making it easier to keep your child’s play area clean. Overall, the Roaming Safari is an engaging and pragmatic choice of activity walker for your little one that will encourage them to strengthen their leg muscles in preparation for their first steps.

Expand to see more Why We Love It Safari-themed unisex design Includes a removable station with several toys such as a light-up steering wheel, spinning rings and music Has three heights that allow you to adjust the seat to your child’s needs Folds down easily for compact storage The best part is that this entire entertainment system can be removed from the walker, so your child can play with it on the ground.

The walker’s four wheels have been designed to roll smoothly on any surface including carpet, tile or hardwood. The detachable play center encourages learning and is a great source of entertainment for your child.

It teaches shapes, colors, numbers, and animals, as well as including a whole range of songs and musical options. Includes a detachable entertainment center that teaches shapes, numbers, colors, and animals.

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Comes with over 70 songs, sound effects and music Includes a pretend telephone and handset The front of the walker features several colorful pieces and activities including a roller ball, beads to slide and spin, gears to turn, doors to flip, and more that will keep your children entertained.

The games have been designed to develop your toddler’s fine motor skills and make them curious on top of helping them to take their first steps. The base is wide, so they will not tip if they lose their balance and the four wheels are designed to roll over any material, even carpet.

It comes with a range of games that will help your baby develop their motor skills and learn. The handle is extra wide and very easy to grip and steer, making it easier for your baby to push the walker around.

Why We Love It Includes wheels that can go over carpet, wood and tiled floors The front of the walker features a roller ball, flipping doors, turnings gears and other colorful elements that are designed to entertain your child Features a simple folding mechanism that allows you to store or transport this walker easily Folds flat for easy storage easy to clean These include light up and music buttons, a mirror, crinkle toys, a squeaky frog and more.

It can function as a walker, allowing your child to push itself around as they strengthen their muscles and practice walking, or the walker can be locked into place and converted into a rocker with its springy design, or it can be turned into a stationary activity center that is sure to keep your child entertained for hours. Lights and sounds can easily be activated by spinning the toy at the front of the walker . A quick-release button transforms the play center into a tray for snack time.

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The walker can be transformed easily into one of the three modes and includes two sets of toys for your child to play with. The toys have been designed to be completely interactive which encourages your child’s curiosity, refines their motor skills and engages their senses with the music and lights buttons.

Delta Children’s Little’s PlayStation offers not only everything you might need from a walker but also a rocker and an activity center. With this 3-in-1 design, you will be getting your baby everything they need to start walking and develop their sensory and motor skills.

Why We Love It Can be converted into three modes: walker, rocker, and stationary activity center Features a range of interactive toys such as light up and music buttons, a squeaky frog, a mirror, and more Eligible for free replacement parts The toy tray can be quickly removed to reveal a snack tray The Musical Lion Baby Walker is a bright, fun baby walker made by Fisher-Price that is designed like a lion with a light-up nose, music features and extra elements designed to develop your child’s senses and motor skills, all while helping them develop balance and take those first steps.

The walker can also be folded flat so that your baby can play with the interactive activities while sitting on the ground. A bright green handlebar has lots of space for your baby’s hands to grip, so they can use the walker to steady themselves.

The entire walk can be folded down, so you can take it with you when visiting friends or when traveling, or to store it when it is not being used. The lion includes a fun light-up nose and music that will engage your baby’s senses and encourage them to move around.

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The sturdy grip and wheels allow your baby to push the walker around easily as they develop their balance and strengthen their muscles.

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