Best Walker To Use After Knee Replacement

Earl Hamilton
• Friday, 01 January, 2021
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Currently, in the United States, over 600,000 people are undergoing total knee replacement a year. Knee pain is a fairly common symptom in America, especially with the aging Baby Boomer population.

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The first total knee replacement occurred in 1968 and since then improvement in materials and surgical techniques have greatly progressed, making a total knee replacement a viable option for those with severe knee pain. There main reason why a person may choose to undergo a total knee replacement is Osteoarthritis.

As the condition worsens and pain increases, the simple act of climbing stairs or even walking may become difficult or even impossible without some form of aid. A total knee replacement can be thought of as “resurfacing” of the working bones of the knee.

As arthritis causes degradation and pain, the ends of the Femur and Tibia bones begin to rub on one another. During a total knee replacement, metal components are placed on the ends of the femur and tibia bones.

In between these metal implants, a strong Polyethylene plastic spacer is placed to help with shock absorption. A plastic “button” is also placed on the backside of the knee cap to help with any arthritis and on the patella.

Currently, most surgeries will stay one to two nights to help monitor pain and complications. However, simply because the patient is able to leave the hospital doesn’t mean the body has recovered.

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Time and proper relief must be given in order for the knee to heal and adjust to the new implants. During the first couple of weeks, the surgical knee will be swollen and painful, and the patient will most likely not be able to stand or walk on their own without aid.

Yes, Medicare does cover the cost of a walker as long as it is deemed medically necessary by an ordering physician. You may still have to meet your deductible and if you don’t have a secondary insurance then you would be responsible for 20% of the cost of the walker.

Medicare may only cover the cost of a single durable medical equipment ever 5 years. Aligning the feet between the back posts of the walker will ensure proper weight distribution with the device and prevent over or under exertion.

When gripping the bars with the hands, it is important to have the arms in a relaxed position without putting too much of the patient’s weight on the walker or on the shoulders. Pros: The Healthline Walker has 5” front wheels that can easily roll over most terrain that a patient most comes across, indoor or outdoor.

It is very lightweight at 6.5 lbs and folds into a package small enough to fit into a large Duffel bag. Pros: This folder is easily transported due to its lightweight design and fold ability.

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The rear posts come equipped with skis allowing for smoother use indoors and terrain with a flat surface. Cons: The skis on the back posts may cause difficulties when attempting to use the folder in an outdoor setting.

Pros: The aluminum construction allows for a very lightweight folder that is easy to transport by a single individual. It has vinyl sliders on the back posts to allow for reduced friction when sliding the folder across floor surfaces.

Cons: Due to its lightweight construction heavier patients may cause equipment failure and may need to look for a folder with more durability if looking to use it for a long period of time. It is designed with heavier duty aluminum and wider stance to allow those patients ease-of- use.

The rear post caps has felt bottoms to prevent scraping and scratching on hard floor surfaces. Cons: Due to the width of this walker a patient may find difficulty when trying to move through doorways.

Your physical therapist or another member of your healthcare team will help you select the best walker for you. As you become better at using the walker and your knee strengthens, you’ll be taught more advanced skills.

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Keeping your back straight, lean on the walker, so it supports your weight. Put your weight on both your legs, then lift the walker onto the curb.

Move your feet and the walker as close to the edge of the curb as you safely can. Lower the walker onto the ground, keeping its back legs against the curb.

You may need to use some special equipment to ensure a safe recovery after your surgery. You must use a front-wheel walker or crutches (assistive walking device) after your surgery.

A front wheel walker or crutches will help you feel more stable as you walk. Installing grab bars around your toilet, bathtub or shower will increase your safety during transfers.

Elastic laces let you slip in and out of your shoes easily while keeping them tied. Save 20-40% Off Select Braces & Supports For Limited Time.

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The 3×10=0 extension knee brace allows patients to regain full extension through consistent use of the product three times daily for 10-minute sessions. Patients cinch up two straps, one above and one below the knee joint to create a straightening force that stretches out the soft tissues to help regain the ability to straighten out their knee again.

Patient easily adjusts the tension of the straps to tighten the leg positioning each day while the leg gains more and more extension capabilities. A complimentary adjunct to physical therapy programs for patients with knee flexion contractures (extension loss).

Manufacturer warrants the knee extension device for one year against any defects in materials and workmanship. While seated upright on the floor or on an examination table, with the thin rigid end of the device under the buttock, the heel is supported by the white capped dome riser at the opposite end of the foam board.

The domed riser is made out of a soft material for patient comfort The passive pressure straps are drawn around the leg and the foam cushion. One strap is above the knee in the lower thigh area, and the other is placed just below the bottom of the patella.

Be sure to place the straps in a comfortable area, avoiding any scars or inflamed tissue The ring loops are used with the straps for tightening the straps, to move the knee toward full extension During the next ten minutes, the patient will occasionally tighten the straps to their comfort level This procedure is generally performed three times per day for ten minutes per session until full extension is accomplished. NOTE: It can also be advantageous in overcoming long-standing extension problems by simply lengthening the application time.

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My PTs were impressed with how easy it worked compared to the devices in the clinic. Saw improvement in first few days, about a degree or so, then able to add steady increase in tension, not sure where we are going but getting close to “0” at the knee, then just a matter of getting the leg to stay a Extension and not bounce back.

Recommended and helpful Review by Hunter This 3×10=0 Knee Extension Board was highly recommended by my wife's surgeon, Thomas Brown, UVA Orthopedics, Charlottesville, VA. So far it is doing an excellent job of getting her toward full extension after about two weeks of use.

On time Review by Arch I was very happy with the customer support. I called the 800 number which took me to their east coast partner and even though it was after hours on a Friday, they called me back and told me that it would be cheaper and faster if I ordered here in California.

I was able to order it online and received the board in 3 days. Review by Tony I have only used this product for 3 days, I have no idea if I have had any benefits.

Having 6 different knee surgeries and always having to work on getting extension back, my doctor recommended the 3×10. Even my physical therapist was shocked at how fast I was able to teach and maintain 0 degrees.

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Only thing I would recommend that they change, is to add a softer pad on top of where your ankle sits. I was having difficulty with being able to extend the knee flat on a surface.

My Orthopedic surgeon recommended that I order the splint and the results have been amazing. Different size boards Review by Cajun Maw maw The leg board is made for people with long legs....perhaps offering something for a 5'1” person would insure a more comfortable way to do therapy.

Great Full Knee Extension Board Review by Jay Rodgers Just like the knee extension board that my physical therapist used at his office. Review by Pat Franklin I ordered the device on Monday, and it arrived via USPS priority mail on Thursday.

Review by Bonco57 I will recommend this product to everyone I know that has had a full knee replacement. Knee Extension Board is well-made and lightweight Review by Lenny P I was very pleased when I received the 3×10=0 knee extension board.

Very satisfied Review by Nicholas This board is simple yet really works. Well worth the money to finally see my knee straightening out with this product.

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Fits my height Review by George I was concerned that this would not work for me as I am 5'8” tall. Results almost immediately Review by CD This product was recommended by my surgeon.

I had a great experience ordering it, and it arrived very quickly. Need to return your 3×10=0 Full Knee Extension Board Review by NOLA Bangor.

PT and husband could not get it To work for me on the bed yesterday. PT was back again today and tried to get it to work from wheelchair elevated to coffee table, both with cushions and without.

Very Helpful Review by Mary Bristol The product is well-made for the price charged. Need to straighten my leg Review by Rick The board is long, but I am pretty short, so I piled up a couple of pillows on the board so that I can move up closer to the ankle rest and still be comfortable.

Amazing Board Review by Bees Knees I've had a left knee contracture for a number of years, and this board has been phenomenal at getting my extension back. This is, of course, combined with quad sets and other stretching exercises, and it's important to be consistent with the board (3x/day) to get more lasting results.

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Hoping for full knee extension Review by Sally We only received the device a few days ago, so we tried it with some difficulty getting my hubby's leg in place, but he was able to keep it in place for 15 minutes. Today was an off day but hope to get a schedule going tomorrow.

Great product Review by Ash It really works. Straps tore Review by Juan Gil While I thought the product was helping me recover knee mobility, one of the straps tore and the other lost its structural integrity, so I was unable to use it.

Velcro straps are the only annoyance since they are long and tend to tangle on everything. I feel that I will reach my goals concerning a full recovery with the help of your knee device.

Full Knee Extension Board Review by Rob Cal Very good device, started at 10 degrees now at 3 degrees after 1 week of using it. Definitely helping my knee straighten out again Review by Brad Cotes After a knee surgery more than a decade ago, this product is now giving me back the extension that I've lacked and missed for so long.

Great product Review by Ruben This device has helped me so far. I am confident that this product will help me to extend my knee fully.

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Excellent for regaining full extension Review by Buffalo john The product arrived before the expected date. It's basically a long foam board with sturdy wooden support underneath.

Comes with an attached footrest to support your heal and two long sturdy Velcro straps. Unfortunately for me, I have to have a knee manipulation due to a blood clot, so I can't say “it” straightened my leg.

But for a person without a clot, I'd say it's a smart affordable investment for home therapy use in addition to outpatient PT. Have to get the tension even in both straps to maintain the comfort with using it for 10 minutes at a time.

Learned The Secret Here to Getting My knee Straight Review by William James Pros: Simple to use, fast set-up, not expensive. This full knee extension device is easy to use Review by Brett format My knee hasn't straightened out after surgery for a dashboard injury.

My doctor realized my knee wasn't straightening and said I needed to start using this ASAP. It works Review by Janet K PT recommended I purchase the extension board.

Initially it was difficult (painful) for me to remain for 10 minutes strapped in position as required. However after a few days it became much easier, and I looked forward to my knee being straight as needed.

The straps should have slats to go through to hold them in place while you set your leg on top. It works Review by Bookman29 Once I figured out how to use the knee extension board by myself I found my progressive improvement easy to track.

Really helpful Review by DJ The straps were comfortable and easy to use. The extension board is easy to apply and does a very good job stretching my knee.

I wish I din’t have to use it, but it has helped my knee straightening efforts tremendously. Fair Review by 3×10=0 Haven't used it for long, but I need to get my leg to straighten out, so I'll keep on with it.

The Velcro straps are long, so they are constantly getting tangled and restock to each other, so I have trimmed them, and it's better for me. Just what I needed Review by Reggie Bought this for my mother-in-law had a total knee replacement.

I used something similar in rehab for an ACL construction years ago. It is lightweight and my mother-in-law can take it in the car with her to continue using it when she goes to visit her grandchildren.

The only reason I did not give it 10 stars is because the Velcro straps do attach to the foam board so every time you unstrap them they fall off. Great use of my 3×10=0 extension board Review by Vicky Pagan I had ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair in August.

Very inexpensive considering other devices available for twice as much money. Do you find this review helpful? Super Review by Claire I had my knee replaced over a year ago & have had numerous problems since.

I stopped taking my painkillers today & I hope I am on my way to a full recovery. I already called the doctor's office to tell them that they should recommend it to all of their patients that are having problems.

Review by Susan The extension board was recommended by my PT after I underwent a complete knee replacement. Using washcloths under the straps was the only adjustment I made for more comfort around my incision site.

Awesome Review by MM the PT Fast shipping of the right product.... Our clinic really needed this. Seems ok Review by Winifred Free shipping was a nice bonus to my order.

The picture is a bit deceiving as no way your leg can be that straight and be on the end bar. Exactly What I needed Review by Henry I had surgery and developed some scar tissue and couldn't straighten out my knee.

I called my doctor, and she confirmed this is exactly what I needed for my knee. It's pretty easy to get into, and I have been using it 3 times a day as it is suggested.

I have been using daily and already have noticed a major difference in how my knee looks and feels! Best bet for straightening your leg Review by Craig Foster Thanks for having this product readily available.

I simply laid my leg down over it and tightened up the straps, getting it to go down more and more after every couple of ten-minute sessions. It's kind of amazing because the doctor told me to do some simple stretching to get the leg to stop being bent, but I needed the discipline of strapping my leg to the 3×10 board to get me to comply with his advice.

Wish I thought of it Review by C. Reynolds PT We have one of these at the clinic and use it a lot for patients. Its one of those simply things where you say to yourself “I wish I'd thought of it” because basically the leg gets strapped to the board and within the ten-minute treatment time it gets a bit easier to get the leg straight.

It takes repeated used to make progress, but it's sure better than the alternatives when the leg is stuck in a bent position.

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