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Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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Those first wobbly toddler steps are actually some of the most impressive things you’ll ever witness as a parent. That’s right, you’ll have to let some bumps and bruises happen, but if you want to lessen the amount you might consider purchasing a baby walker.

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It will help them keep their balance while they learn the movement of taking steps in those adorable little shoes. We put together a list of the best baby walkers to help you decide which is the best fit for you and your little one.

The seated walker will grow with your baby because they can start out sitting in it before they’re really ready to take those first steps. It is also perfect for babies who have taken a couple of steps but still need some support until they gain more confidence.

These help your baby get used to taking their first few steps without the worries of them falling. It’s a great way to get your little one started on walking, plus a nice play to put some baby snacks like cheerios on their tray.

Not only does the Baby Trend Walker offer those things, but it will be comfortable and entertaining for your little one. My personal favorite feature is that the base is wide and steady, making it extra safe for your baby.

It doesn’t make noise or have any toys, but it does have a really roomy tray which means you can customize it exactly to you and your baby’s likes. You can find your own toys to stick onto the tray or keep it simple with some healthy snacks.

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As for convenience, it folds up really easy to store or travel with and the seat is machine washable. It’ bright blue and green with the most adorable sea creature toys attachments.

It’s built-in an elliptical shape, which is meant to help provide a stable platform. They can play with the removable toy station even when they aren’t in the walker.

Plus, it’s compact making it easy to store, simple to wash the cloth seat and has an easily adjustable bar to change the height. It has some other little race car themed accessories like a steering wheel and keys for your baby to turn.

This baby walker comes in pink or red and transforms into a Ford F-150 truck. Babies love the steering wheel and the buttons which make noises.

The baby walker is pretty easy to assemble as it only takes about 10 minutes to put together, and you can easily pop on or off the truck addition if needed. It’s super affordable at $47, making this two for one deal pretty hard to pass up.

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It has some basic toys on the front tray that your baby will love. The seat when attached will allow your baby to walk in a circle to explore all the activities like the piano and rattles.

Keep this walker in mind if you’ve got multiple kiddos because it’s big enough for the seat to be attached with your younger child on one side and your walking child can play on the other side. With music, it will help your baby start to learn their ABC’s and numbers.

Your baby can start playing with this walker before they can stand by just sitting in front of it and getting familiar with the buttons, noises, and toys. When they begin to stand and take steps they will love the encouraging phrases and noises the walker makes to keep them motivated.

The front board of the walker is full of different attention-grabbing things to play with, it makes animal sounds, and has a piano. It’s a sit-to-stand walker and the bottom is filled with simple building blocks.

The handle can be adjusted to different heights and can be made loser to provide more or less stability. One minute you are securing your baby in the car as you bring them home from the hospital and the next they are graduating from high school.

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Whether your baby is ready to walk, scoot or bounce, this great walker will allow them to do all three in style. Tip: this great on bare floors, tile and low pile carpets.

When baby has learned to sit up, you can detach the activity panel, so they can play with it on the floor. Once your little guy or gal is ready to stand and try walking, attach the activity panel to the base and adjust the handle, so they can push it around.

They’ll love being able to bring their toy along on their household adventures, and it will help them learn to balance as they begin walking. If you prefer a more traditional walker, the Chico has a great little model with an interactive play tray and standard seat that will allow them to scoot around the house as they explore.

Any time your baby walks near stairs or an uneven surface, the breaks come down and stop the walker, helping prevent falls. The tray features an easy to remove insert that makes washing up after snacks and drinks a breeze, and the wide base prevents baby from tipping over as the learn to take their first steps.

The chair comes in six different colors and offers baby a comfortable, supportive place to sit. Feel free to adjust it to the right height on the three different settings, so as baby grows they’ll have plenty of room to sit, stand and walk as they please.

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This little lion features interactive music, buttons and lights that help stimulate baby’s developing senses, and they can use it in two ways. When baby learns to sit up, they’ll enjoy interacting with the lion from the front as they push buttons watch lights, and then when they begin walking, they can push their lion friend on all of their exciting adventures in your home.

Although they are handy and fun, if you don’t feel comfortable using one with your baby, then follow your gut instinct and opt for something else. Walkers are always being redesigned a re-structured to make sure that babies are safe as they use them, so just do your research before you purchase to find one that will match your needs.

The buttons, lights and music are great, but when you reassure your baby by encouraging and rewarding their progress, this will help strengthen the bond between both of you! It’s a major step in your baby’s development of balance, coordination and motor skills that eventually will lead them to walking all on their own.

A good push toy can help your baby get their footing once they’ve mastered pulling themselves up and supported standing. Choosing a push toy your baby isn’t quite ready for can frustrate your budding walker.

And, even if supervised, never let them use push toys near stairs, fireplaces or other potentially dangerous obstacles in your house. Three alligators take turn chomping when the toy is moving, and the cute ladybugs and butterflies near the handle supply extra giggles.

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The rubber-trimmed wheels provide grip and protection against scratching hard floors (note: they don’t move well on carpet). Age range 12 months and up Dimensions 15” x 15” x 11.8” This push toy has everything you need to take your baby from sitting up to those first precious steps.

Additional Specs Age range 12 months to 4 years Dimensions 22.44” x 14.57” x 17.13” This push toy will be with your little chef from infant through the toddler stages thanks to its 4-in-1 play design. The cook top activity panel removes, so baby can play with the center’s real cooking sounds and egg roller while sitting.

When they’re ready to stand, put the activity panel back on and lock the wheels into place for a stationary play center. It has seven hands-on activities for little ones to play with while seated, and when they’re starting to toddle along, they can push the toy along for fun music and encouraging phrases (there are 75+ sounds, including Spanish words).

Because choosing the right toy for kids will ease you in doing other chores around the house while your baby plays and learns to move fast. Scientists believe that a plush toy for baby learning to walk helps them grow fast.

The toys below in our Parents Choice list are the ones that will not only help your kid walk but maintain and improve the overall physical fitness of the baby as well. Parents confuse most of the time choosing the right toys that benefit their child in all ways.

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Along with the entertainment, the learning that toys provide to your baby strengthen her mental muscles. Look out for the seat, height and other factors when buying toys that help your kid stand and walk.

With the help of rubber wheels, your baby can control the speed of the walker easily. The walker is restricted to follow Toy Safety Standards in Europe and the United States.

Cons Wheels Quality is Normal Suitable for Kids over 1.5 Years of Age Fisher-Price Activity Walker is one of the favorite push toys for babies learning to walk.

The walker is equipped with sliding bears, turning gears and many more toys on the board. The wheel on this walker is made up of plastic suitable for both the wooden and tile floors.

Pros 2-in-1 Sit and Stand Play Walker Great Quality and Design No Risk of Flipping Over This toy is a combo of shopping cart and walker which offers endless entertainment to your baby while developing his/her movement.

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Cons Wheels struggle to move on hard wooden floors Cock top comes off easily One of the most enhancing features of this push toy is that it produces different rattling sound upon each step taken by the baby.

The walker is equipped with other small different toys that shake around as the baby moves further. Melissa & Doug Rattle Wooden push toy is perfect to boo the walking and motor skills of your baby.

Pros Sturdy Design Best for Gross Motor Skills Good Quality and Vibrant Colors Stable Wheels If you are looking for something equipped with piano keys, different melodies, and stuff, Tech Sit-to-Stand is the best in the toy industry.

The Tech is one of the best toys to help baby stand and walk while entertaining and developing cognitive skills. In addition to this, it has a fake telephone set, light-up buttons, roller toys, and three shape sorters to keep your baby busy for hours.

If you are looking for a learn to walk toy at an earlier age, then Aircraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 has no alternative. The Skid-Resistant friction pads provide maximum safety to your child avoiding any mishaps.

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The walker is equipped with different toys on the top to entertain baby for hours. Spinning ball and flower mirror help in the motor development of your child.

One of the sleekest looking toys to help babies learn to walk at an early age. The great thing about this toy is that before your baby even walks, he/she can play with different staking blocks.

The package includes custom rims, signature Raptor, and side vents. Bright Starts 3 ways is a great push toy for babies learning to walk from 12 months to 2 years of age.

So, it is important to observe the skill level of your child before you buy a push toy for him/her. When your child starts showing movements on her own, then it is the right time to introduce her to new walking toys.

For kids 10 months old learning to walk, supervision of parents is needed when using these toys. On top of it, make sure that you have a routine check on different parts like wheels especially.

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Once the baby gets enough strength to stand upon his legs, the wheels on the push toy encourage him to take his very first steps in order to stay in the position he likes. Have Block and Roll Cart are one of the best wooden push toys highly recommended for 1-year-old kids.

Push walkers are designed in such a way that they encourage the baby to stand and walk. However, parental guidance is still needed so that babies do not trip and fall over stairs or corners around the house.

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