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Walker, TexasRanger is an American action crime television series created by Leslie Graph and Paul Haggis. It was inspired by the film Lone Wolf McDade, with both this series and that film starring Chuck Norris as a member of the TexasRanger Division.

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The show aired on CBS in the spring of 1993, with the first season consisting of three pilot episodes. Eight full seasons followed with new episodes airing from September 25, 1993, to May 19, 2001, and reruns continuing on CBS until July 28, 2001.

It has been broadcast in over 100 countries and has since spawned a 2005 made-for-television movie entitled Trial By Fire. At various times since 1997, reruns of the show have aired, in syndication, on the USA Network and Action in Canada.

Reruns can currently be seen on CBS Action, WON America, INSP and Grit and One, being part of Network Ten in Australia. The characters refrained from the use of drugs, and they participated in community service.

Salvatore Mataró: Uh, Ms. Justin, I think we should have a little philosophical discussion. Salvatore Mataró: Nicholas is a square-one wuss.

Salvatore Mataró: Well... if you're having second thoughts, you're free to leave. But if you decide to stay, then you and I are entering into a long-term partnership with only one goal.

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Salvatore Mataró: I want us, you and me, to turns Nicholas into a... carbon copy of me. Salvatore Mataró: Having you here, Ms. Justin, Linda, has lifted a big load off my mind.

Francis Gage: Nothing's going to happen to the tuxes, Walker. Francis Gage: ... You know, the only person more nervous than Walker is Sydney.

Francis Gage: She's been worried since day one that we weren't going to get these tuxes in time for the wedding. Radio: All units, report of a 2-11 in progress at the First Bank of South Dallas...

Walker, a martial artist, and his partner Trieste are Texas Rangers. They make it their business to battle crime in Dallas and all around the State of Texas.

Ranger Jimmy Trieste : Cookies and cream, Big Dog? Parker : This isn't an intensive care and your feet aren't plastered to cement.

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Ranger Cordell Walker : All I know is, I'm glad women have to go through this and not men! Ranger Cordell Walker, Ranger Jimmy Trieste, Francis Gage : Well... Yep.

Walker : I threw a bunch of Grandpa Chip's war medals off the bridge. Texas Ranger : The teacher asked me what was the capital of North Carolina.

She got mad at me and yelled at me and I pissed in my pants and I never did change my pee-pants all day. Cal Naught on, Jr. : I wet my bed until I was nineteen.

Texas Ranger : Father, I have to know, is police brutality really a sin? Coal : For your penance you will demonstrate bicycle safety at the Black Panther convention in Mobile, Alabama.

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