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Despite having unofficially retired a couple of years ago, Chuck Norris still remains a popular action star thanks to the hundreds of memes about him that keep doing the rounds on the internet. The actor's tough persona has made him a darling among movie fans, and eventually a pop culture fixation who saw a resurgence in the 2000s.

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Chuck Norris was inspired to pursue his craft by legendary actor Steve McQueen. The action star used to be a martial arts trainer for various celebrities, and that's how he met McQueen.

The movie has one of his bestfightscenes which involves him battling the gangster Crawley Wilkes. The scene plays off like that of a Spaghetti Western complete with Sergio Leone-esque music but instead of guns, the two men opt for kicks and punches.

In Slaughter In San Francisco (or Yellow Faced Tiger in China) Wong Tao is a police officer looking to revenge the death of his partner at the hands of notorious San Francisco drug dealer named (wait for it) Chuck Slaughter. In one scene, Major Scott McCoy trains a team of Delta Force cadets on how to kick ass.

In Top Dog, a cop named Jake Wilder (Chuck Norris) gets paired up with a police dog named Reno to fight crime because cute animal sidekicks were the norm in '90s family movies. In this sequel to what is arguably Chuck Norris' most famous movie, Braddock gets captured and locked up in a brutal camp in Vietnam where he is tortured and threatened.

He finally breaks free as expected and goes on to fight Colonel Yin inside a wooden shed. Despite having the advantage of being the only one with a gun, Braddock drops the weapon to ensure the fight is fair.

ranger walker texas fight
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For this movie, Chuck's brother Aaron promoted himself and did the directing instead of just the fight choreography. Rick has belts in the Tang Sew Do and Chen UK Do martial arts disciplines, but he didn't quite bring his best here.

The fight scene includes the famous roundhouse kicks but is ruined by some basic one-liners as McCoy. Ranger Walker normally made a meal out of his opponents, but things were not so easy when he faced off against the assassin Lazarus (Roger Yuan).

Chuck Norris is now the vengeful cop looking to get payback for his partner's death at the hands of ruthless drug lord portrayed by Christopher Lee. He ends up fighting Lee's henchman Prof. Tour Tanaka who has been able to beat up everyone so far due to his intimidating size.

Kane manages to beat him but there's nothing unique about it because 'David Vs Goliath' scenes have been seen so many times in action movies, and they've been done a lot better than this. The setting was a Colosseum in Rome, a nod to the gladiatorial battles of ancient times.

Barry is also keen on learning martial arts so that he can defend himself against bullies who just so happen to be followers of the evil Kung Fu master Kelly Stone. From his early film appearance in Way of the Dragon opposite Bruce Lee to his hit television series Walker : TexasRanger ”, gun runners, drug cartels, Vietnamese prison guards and international terrorists, have all battled Norris onscreen only to be dispatched to hell in a handcart.

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Off camera Norris is equally tough having served in the US Armed Forces, and in South Korea as an Air Policeman, where he learned Tang Sew Do. After serving his country, Chuck joined the competition circuit and was pitted against the likes of Joe Lewis, Skipper Mullins, and Louis Delgado.

His overall tough guy persona however is viewed by Chuck and his legions of fans with tongue firmly lodged in cheek (we hope!) But still at JFK we thought we’d give it a go, tirelessly racking our brains to pick some truly stand out moments that embody the action star whose roundhouse kick is rumored to be the preferred method of execution in 16 US states.

Wong Tao plays a cop looking for revenge for the death of his partner at the hands of drug dealer Slaughter (we suspect that’s Chuck’s real name). Soon is eminently watchable avoiding the hammy OUT villainous cliché and letting his presence and skill do all the talking against the brow-beaten Chuck.

Overall the film is a solid action thriller with a star cast allowing Chuck to do what he does best with kicks so powerful they sound more like laser blasters than the gristly clashing of muscle and bone. With action choreography courtesy of Chuck’s younger brother Aaron, this is a modern-day Western in every respect, complete with Sergio Leone-esque mood music, but with our two cowboys drawing fists and feet instead of guns.

Both men move well and look in fantastic shape in this David and Goliath match up that sees Chuck use more than just muscle power to bring down this tower of a man. MMA fans in particular will enjoy this tension-filled cage fight packed with a range of techniques that typify their sport along with some gritty action adding a genuine sense of danger for our hero.

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The final showdown is pure fun, a battle of mullets and skills with Piccolo’s deliciously hammy turn served up with Chuck’s special cool sauce seasoned with some spicy roundhouse kicks with bite. This is an outstanding scene featuring Chuck, looking in awesome shape, demonstrating some bone-crunching locks and throws in true militaristic style on a group of wannabe tough hombres.

Yuan’s acrobatic kicking skills are incredibly fast and certainly give Chuck a tough test as Lazarus proves hard to kill. Some fast and frenetic fight action mixed with some gun play, up the danger factor through which Chuck never loses his cool.

East meets West, Chinese lungful vs American Tang Sew Do (which is as you probably know, Korean) this is truly an emblematic cinematic match up finale with Norris proving his action star status this early on in his career. Ever since he first saw the great Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon on the big screen whilst living in Iran, Ramon has been fascinated with martial arts, and at age 6 attended classes in Kan Zen BYU Karate under Sensei Reza Pirates.

Since then, he has practiced Fend Show Kung Fu, Lee Style Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Kickboxing before returning to Aikido, studying under Sensei Michael Nary. As well as Bruce Lee, Ramon is a big fan of martial arts actors Jackie Chan, Cynthia Roth rock, Jeff Walcott, Richard Norton and Takashi Yamashina to name a few.

Among the issues Walker has to deal with include a new partner named Trieste, a group of men terrorizing a circus family who camp out at his home, and some bad guys who plan on the ultimate bank caper. There's a reunion of former Texas Rangers and there's a shooting competition with cops from all over the country coming to take part in.

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An old friend of Alex's, a Senator who is rumored to... See full summary ». The rangers help a Mexican security team protect a political candidate from an assassin.

Walker realizes the rafting guide is one of the escaped convicts who killed the real organizer. Walker must find a way to capture the convict and save the others on the rafting trip.

In a maximum-security prison, Walker poses as a hit-man to get evidence on an incarcerated racketeer who's had a key witness and two Rangers killed. Alex's life hangs in the balance after being shot by a criminal during her friend's wedding.

Meanwhile, the only case CD could not solve when he was a TexasRanger comes back to haunt him. Walker is taking some kids on a tour of the TexasRanger Hall of Fame.

When one of them asks him to tell them about a Ranger, Walker chooses to talk about Hayes Cooper. Walker continues to tell the story of Hayes Cooper.

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And he continues when Cooper upon seeing the family he befriended killed, he sets out to go after the ones he believes responsible for ... See full summary ». Walker breaks in a new partner while protecting Alex from an ex sheriff turned prisoner who blames Alex for putting him in jail and seeks revenge.

Walker working with the FBI busts an arms' dealer. The man in charge pulls a gun and Walker shoots him and his dying words are for him to watch out for his brother.

But the bus never makes it when a hurricane blows into Texas and Walker follows the escapees to a remote hotel where only the owners and a special friend still remain. Walker fears he may have to take down an old friend in town from Japan, knowing the man has ties to the Japanese mob.

Two orphans go to a foster home with a couple who plan to adopt them. Eight years previous, a bank robbery resulted in the sheriff being killed, and the criminals escaping in a small plane.

The previous champion tries to plant drugs on Walker's friend, and then tries murder. One candidate is being hunted by her violent ex-husband, and she thinks about dropping out of the application process.

Alex is about to prosecute a man named Karl Makes. Alex's father is a recovering alcoholic and Makes gets him to drink.

When Victor Large, the one who terrorized Alex is brought to trial. Large wrestles a gun from the bailiff and takes over the court, killing people at whim.

Drug dealers in the area find their cabin and attempt to kill everyone inside. A group calls themselves the Guardians and wants to blow up oil rigs because they are dangerous to the environment.

Walker goes undercover to find the men at the top of the group. A hit team targets a future wedding for two cops and their friends including the best man and maid-of-honor Alex Cahill.

High school athletes are being coaxed to take a hybrid steroid called Power balls to enhance their sporting skills. However, the drug takes over their brain and makes them oblivious to danger, causing teens to die from it.

Walker transports a mob accountant on a plane, so he can testify in court. The mob leader wants him dead, so he causes the plane to crash.

Walker and the survivors must find their way from the crash site to safety while the mob chases them. While there to fish, some men think they are there to find his drug operation.

Feeling that merely locking up criminals is not making a dent in the crime rate, Walker makes a proposal for new kind reformatory, before Senator Kay Hutchinson. Men dressed as clowns are robbing banks at gunpoint.

Walker and Trieste are determined to find the ruthless group. Walker helps the dead ranger's children cope with their loss.

When they capture a woman who took part in a jailbreak, she agrees to testify in New Orleans, which is where Walker and his partner are assigned to escort her to, much to the chagrin of Trieste, who had vacation plans instead. A (black) preacher who's a friend of Trent's dad is being targeted by a racist whom he helped send to prison.

Walker and Trieste stop in a small town while transporting a likable prisoner. The sheriff rules the town with strict laws, harsh enforcement, and promotes racism with his deputies.

A well-liked woman in a small town is murdered, and townsfolk suspect a slow-minded man. The sheriff calls the Rangers to help prevent a lynching.

Walker and Trieste must find the real killer before the angry town hangs the innocent man. CD gets a job as acting Chief of Security at a Resort.

An investigation into the theft of a state-of-the-art military helicopter for use in the drug trade leads Walker to a former fellow Marine Corps officer, who abandoned his unit 25 years ago in Vietnam. The Rangers ask Charlie Brooks to play the Iceman due to a resemblance.

When the Texas State Legislature is pondering budget cuts, Sen. Warren Hughes suggests disbanding the Texas Rangers ... unaware of a deadly plot an experienced jewel thief has planned for ... See full summary ». A man that Walker and others helped put into prison has escaped.

He is determined to kill those responsible for his imprisonment, with Walker being the last one on his list. It seems the psychic does have the ability to sense things, and together they find the girl.

The Rangers and friends take troubled children to CDs ranch for a weekend camp. Brooks, from an earlier episode, is there for community service.

One boy takes money from a drug dealer at a restaurant, and now the criminals are after them. Carlos is working undercover to get an elusive drug dealer known as El Vaquero.

Walker goes undercover as a peasant to stop a slave trading operation. Walker works with Jesse Rodriguez to break up the Mexican slave trading in Texas.

Walker finds the person that is running the operation and closes it down. Trent has gained a lot of notoriety of being a defender of abused women.

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