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Glenn, being the smallest and the unluckiest, is picked to be lowered into the well and tie a rope around the walker. It’s gross stuff, and even those with the strongest stomachs might find themselves gagging at the sight of his entrails wriggling about on the ground.

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After their truck is sabotaged on the way to Washington, Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosa are forced to look for alternate methods of travel. Skin and flesh are blasted off of the bone and the dead are practically liquidated into puddles of loop on the floor.

Norman Reeds' character Daryl has a lot of awesome walker kills throughout his nine-year tenure on the show. Having recently split from the group, he and his big brother Merle come across a family trapped on a bridge by walkers.

The best kill of the scene comes when Daryl slams the trunk of a car shut on an unfortunate walker’s head. The head explodes in a flurry of bloody brain chunks, looking real and gross enough to disgust even the most die-hard horror fans.

It had our first major confrontation between Andrew Lincoln’s Rick and Jon Bertha’s Shane and some wonderfully gory zombie moments. Just when you think the two of them are completely trapped, Daryl does his best Ghost rider impression, swinging the chain above his head and decapitating three walkers in one go.

This fantastic scene may get lost within the blur that was season seven, but that'd be a shame because it's one of the show's coolest zombie set pieces (and, according to executive producer Greg Nicole, one that very nearly didn't happen). Originally the scene called for some walkers to be blown up with a stick of dynamite, but when Nicole got to set and saw the explosive wire strung between the two cars, he had an even better idea.

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The scene sees the show's power couple Rick and Machine take a car each and drive down the highway, slicing the walker horde in half with the wire. Not much liked by the other groups in the show and often despised by the audiences at home, their time on The WalkingDead was a mixed bag.

After Janis/Anne, the leader of the trash folk, has a tense introductory meeting with Rick, she forces him to prove his worth in an arena-style death match against the spiky Winslow. Unlike the normal, everyday walkers the group have encountered so far, the undead at the prison are a different breed.

Having died wearing riot gear, these walkers are now impenetrable to the normal stab to the brain. As soon as he gets close, however, the audience sees the cold, dead eyes and the rotting, pale skin that would come to typify the early walkers on the show.

Her mother, Carol, cries, Hershel looks utterly broken, and the audience is left in complete shock. For over ten seasons audiences have been treated to a wide variety of skull-smashing, brain-bashing and creative evisceration of the undead.

Easily one of the coolest slayings in the history of the show involved our favorite vest-wearing biker dude Daryl channeling his inner Johnny Blaze and using a giant chain to kill two approaching walkers. Daryl appears a few times on this list due to his constant ingenuity when it comes to killing zombies, but few scenes compare to the sheer awesomeness of watching him chain-whip a duo of walkers.

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The finale of The WalkingDead's ninth season saw a number of changes to the shows aesthetic by setting most of its action during a winter blizzard. So, of course, the creators had to throw in a few snow-based Walker kills, the best of which involved Daryl using a nearby icicle to skewer an undead attacker.

While Machine is known for her katana-wielding brand of walker kills, she has been without her signature weapon on multiple occasions and has had to improvise. While the Alexandrian's fought bravely, the tide of the battle turned wildly in their favor when Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham put their master plan in motion: flood the lake of Alexandria with gas and set it aflame, leading the walkers into the fire like moths to a light.

Surrounded by walkers on all sides, all hope seems lost for Abraham, Rosa, and Glenn, until Eugene swoops in with a fire hose. Releasing a torrent of water so powerful it literally tears the zombies to pieces, Eugene hoses away all the potential threats, looking quite proud of himself as he does.

It's a triumphant moment for a character that still has a long way to go until he earns the title of “Survivor,” but it's a bloody great first step. The gory head smash is satisfyingly gross and Daryl once again scores points for making creative use of his environment.

While rigging trying to secure explosives from a highway the Saviors use, Rick and the company noticed an incoming horde of walkers shambling towards them. Easily one of her most infamously brutal excursions would have to be her method of freeing her crew from the clutches of the Terminates.

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It's one of the most epic moments in all the WalkingDead and a scene that firmly establishes Carol as one of the most dangerous people in the Dead verse. He began writing at a young age, and fostered his love of comics, horror and films at Columbia College Chicago.

So he brought his idea to showrunner Scott Simple, who didn't just see the potential for gore and getting viewers to jump out of the seats, but to serve the story. “When I said to Scott Simple, 'Listen I have a great idea here, what if Rick and Machine jump into the cars and drive into the herd to chop the walkers in half?,'” Nicole said.

“And he was like, 'That's even better, because it gives Rick and Machine an opportunity after eight episodes of being at odds to do something together, to be on the same page once again.'” Technically, the scene provided some challenges, but it was all in the name of getting that eye-popping moment that fans come to expect from the midseason premiere.

We had a drone come in and shot all the flying stuff, we had electric cars, I had five cameras going, we had 120 walker makeups, and we had thousands of CGI zombies. Sadly, Nicole might not be able to see how fans react to one of his favorite scenes as he'll be busy.

“The WalkingDead returned in fine form this week, with fans being particularly impressed by a scene in which Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Machine (Daniel Aurora) take down a herd of walkers in an…interesting way. They fire up the cars and drive through the herd, using the cable to cut down the walkers in one of the most innovative and bloody sequences the show has ever accomplished.

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Fans immediately reacted on social media, with one writing, “That was one of THE MOST EPIC moments in the entire show!” The now infamous Season 6 finale cliffhanger left fans angry as hell, but that didn't stop them from tearing up with the death of not only Abraham (Michael Quality), but also Glenn (Steven Yen) at Began's hands.

Tara was taken captive by the women of Oceanside and nearly killed, but a friend she made inside the group saved her life Gene Page/AMC Carl (Chandler Riggs) decided to make killing Began his top priority, only to bungle the job at the moment of truth.

We meet this previously unknown faction which, delightfully, forces Rick to fight a walker dressed in spiky gladiator armor to prove he's worth a damn. He proves his loyalty by not providing Began's wives with poison pills they'd hoped to assassinate season 7's big bad with.

Richmond takes a chill jaunt around the countryside in search of guns, and Rick treats it like he's on vacation. Richard hopes to sacrifice himself to start a war between the Kingdom and the Saviors, but all he really accomplishes is getting the teenager Benjamin killed and reigniting Morgan's bloodlust.

It turns out Gregory is a virgin when it comes to murdering walkers, a fact that almost gets him killed when he hangs out with Maggie outside the Hilltop walls. Embarrassed that Maggie had to save him and realizing the impending uprising against the Saviors puts him in jeopardy, Gregory hatches a plan.

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Tara finally tells Rick about the all-women colony of Oceanside that saved her earlier in the season. They repay Oceanside's generosity by invading the town and stealing all their weapons to use in the war against the Saviors.

Fed up with the years of abuse, Dwight finally betrays the Saviors just as their enemies are preparing to go to war. After teasing us with a long overdue battle, The WalkingDead mid-season finale delivered a shocking twist at the end of the episode.

As usual, the show left fans in disbelief after an unbelievable death of one of the few remaining original characters. On Sunday’s episode, titled “How It’s Gotta Be,” Daryl’s thoughtless mistake led to Began raiding Alexandria.

Just before the mid-season finale began, Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, tweeted that “something incredible, exciting, and emotional” is about to go down. The 18-year-old was recently accepted into Auburn University, which initially lead fans to speculate if his character was going to bite the dust.

The actor confirmed that he was trying to work out an arrangement to balance school and fighting zombies, but he was also unaware his character was going to be cut from the show. Riggs took a year off from going to college to focus on his acting commitments, and he was recently cast in the indie crime thriller, Inherit the Viper.

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Carl was bitten episodes earlier when he tried to save a man named Kiddie. So when he was left to defend Alexandria in Rick’s absence, he wasn’t merely riling up Began at the gates.

Carl was seemingly formulating an escape plan through the sewers when Began announced his arrival. Carl tells him to kill me” atop a ladder against the gate that’s keeping the Saviors out.

The show used amputation to stop the modification, but that won’t work on Carl, who was bitten on the torso. College-bound Riggs began hinting at his swan song, as this episode has been building up to Carl’s finale.

The episode opened with Carl telling Rick not to fight just to overthrow the Saviors, and instead aim for long-term peace. Carl stalled Began at the gate, used smoke grenades for diversion, and dodged explosions everywhere while getting the people to safety.

But reportedly, we still see Carl for at least one more episode when TWD returns for the rest of the season in February 2018. Considering Rick goes to great, violent, lengths for his son, Carl’s death will alter his character and the storyline for the future.

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