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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
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Whether you’re looking for speed, massive storage capacity or a better way to pillage for goods, we’ll discuss Walker perks and which will suit your play style best. It is the newest addition to LastPass (full disclosure it may not be out quite yet, but it’s coming soon) and provides nomads some protection for not only their bodies while steering, but also for their storage boxes and crafting structures.

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This Walker has high mobility and is able to creep around, easily weaving in and out of terrain to outrun potential threats. It is a small, low to the earth ship with a wide turn radius and because of its height you may find yourself having trouble climbing over rocks and terrain.

This makes it a great choice for solo and duo players because you will be able to quickly upgrade the ship to maximum tiers faster. I believe the speed comes from size since this ship is slightly smaller when the wind picks up it should, in theory, run faster than a thick boy.

The best way to maximize the Dinghy Walkers’ efficiency would be to stack weightless modules to offset the weight deficit. It is similar to the Dinghy but overall it has; more storage, larger health bar, more deck space and (IMO) faster in certain situations.

The hull has more health, and the weight capacity is 8000, this is perfect for packing up a decent sized light wood base without needing weightless modules. The Stiletto is slightly larger and taller than the Dinghy giving it a tighter turn radius and better ability to climb over terrain.

The biggest downside is that you will need Tablets and higher-level resources to upgrade this ship to maximum efficiency. These ships are both very similar, as we said previously the Dinghy only requires Fragments to max out the upgrades, while the Stiletto is going to cost you more resources as well as Tablets.

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If you want the max tiered vessel with all the bells and whistles ASAP stick with the Dinghy. The trade off is more health for less weight, meaning, your cargo is safer in the Buffalo, but you will not be able to pack up as large of a base.

Also, another big trade off is that it needs Tablets to unlock, making it a bigger time investment. You can potentially outrun pirates, but if you get caught you need people to get the upper edge on your opponents.

It is recommended that a second Walker accompanies the Toboggan for protection, but you have to work with what you have, and sometimes it’s safer to all travel together if you don’t have the numbers to defend both vessels. The Hornet Walkers’ speed and low center of gravity is also beneficial for outrunning pirates.

It is the strongest grade, but if you don’t have a large group to defend it, you are a sitting duck. Same with the Schmetterling, these two are built for large groups as it takes a massive amount of resources to craft, and bodies to effectively defend the vessel.

I have included the Spider Walker with Ballista for large clans because you need scouts. Large clans mob around on one vessel, but its more beneficial if you have multiple units for extra defense.

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Taller, larger vessels have a high probability of flipping over, all you have to do is chase your target and wait for a slip-up. Both have similar attributes, but the Toboggan is learned with Fragments, and the Tucker needs Tablets.

In some cases, mainly Walkers in the middle of the pack (for example the Stiletto) will require Fragments to unlock the base vessel but will need Tablets for the upgrades. Small with space to add a couple crafting tables, minimal internal storage.

First Walker in the tutorial Can operate without wings Requires player stamina to travel faster Fragments Duos and small groups can successfully protect this Walker but there are limited locations for defense weapons on deck.

The Buffalo Walker requires Tablets to unlock, so it is considered a level two vehicle. It is considered “suited for almost any task” because it has a decent amount of deck space as well as lots of health.

Cargo transport Slow and difficult to maneuver due to its size and carrying capacity Large groups Lots of deck space Upgradable wings and legs Needs Vision Powder, Steering Levers, and Tablets to build Long, large deck space suitable for multiple defensive weapons and lots of bodies to sail around.

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Walkers can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, combat, or used as mobile bases. A multitude of structures, attachments and upgrades allow players to personalize Walkers to their needs.

Walkers can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, combat, and are used as mobile bases due to nomads' way of life. The safer is through the use of 100 Fragments and 400 Torque using a ruin Ancient Fabricator, the more dangerous and more likely to be raided is through use of a maximum of 400 fragments and 1,000 torque using a large Ancient Fabricator at a point of interest.

These can climb steep cliffs and rely heavily on player stamina. T1 Stiletto Walker Ideal for nomads who prefer to travel alone or in small groups.

Toboggan Walker The standard merchant's vessel built for outrunning pirates and getting the goods where they need to go. Hornet Walker Devised by worm hunters who needed a sturdy walker with a low center of mass, so they would not be toppled over, and a high top speed to outrun the giant beasts.

Falcon Walker It's streamlined shape is built for speed, making it a favorite among pirates. Tucker Walker (Cargo) A juggernaut when it comes to hauling space, and is primarily used by rich traders that need to transport tons of valuable goods.

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Titan Walker Dozens of large weapons can be stationed on it, but without a crew it's not very defensible. Specialized Proxy Walker (Claim) The proxy walker is designed to establish a protectorate over an oasis by deploying into an unmovable claim.

All walkers have a cargo hold which can't be damaged via common tools and weapons. To open a walker's cargo hold you must damage its main body to half health, fire bolts are the first weapons that can deal this type of damage.

Most of the walkers' body are Reinforced, requiring Fire Bolts to damage them. Shooting the walkers body with a ballista loaded with this ammo and waiting for the damage to tick is the most efficient way.

Level 10 quality walkers enables 2 different types of stackable modules. Levels, what you can buy after pressing “P” (by default) and navigating to the other tab, aside from Stats.

After buying the levels for your walker type, you need to craft it or build a new one. Quality materials do not affect walker hull, leg or sail HP.

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