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• Friday, 06 November, 2020
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The viva healthcare folding walker is the right choice to buy for the aged patients. This walker is light and comes with the 2 armrests which give you support and steadiness to walk without any hassle.

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KosmoCare offers the extensive range of healthcare products for home and this gives the users ease and support to live without any help. This product is the perfect solution for low limb loading and joint pain relief.

The walker is made up of aluminium, and it weights 2.6 kg, you get the height adjustments that ranges from 78 to 96 cm It is designed with foam hand grips this gives you good comfort while you hold and use the walker.

This is an excellent light weight; foldable walker from MCP final offers you firm grip and features to use makes your life easier and comfortable. The weighing capacity of the walker is 100 kg and is portable, foldable, light in weight.

Lightweight, double stain less steel bars support make this foldable walker comfortable to use for senior citizens. Arm rests are made of top quality increases the grip and stability.

Mostly these walkers are suitable for the seniors who don’t have proper balance to walk. These walkers are suitable to people who can moderately balance their body, but be cautious as too much weight can lose the stability.

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This type comes with storage basket, it doesn’t have seating facility and the triangle shape will be more flexible to use the collator. Most of the walkers come with hand loop brakes which you can use by lever squeezing, it will be hard to use but if there are issues like hand nimbleness then it is best to choose the walker with push down brakes and weight activated model.

Walkers need to be fit in a way by which it reduces tension on backs and soldiers, and for doing it, slight adjustment must be made. People who use walkers for walking face a tough job, but there is an easy way.

Firstly, keep the walker at arm’s length in the front and gently push it. Weaker leg must be kept in the middle of walker and should go first, however anyone can go forward if both are weak.

Hence, this list of top-selling baby walkers with all the essential features and specifications which will help you select the best one for your kid. It is equipped with a musical toy to keep the baby entertained and multi-directional wheels that allow ease of movement.

The walker also has a detachable seat that makes it easy to remove and clean. This cute little baby walker is specially designed to encourage little ones to take those first tiny steps.

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It has a removable electronic toy tray with cheerful music that requires two 1.5 V AA batteries. It also has a comfortable, cushioned seat that ensures your child enjoys exploring her surroundings on her feet.

It comes with a musical play tray and padded seating that can make walking a fun and comfortable activity for your little one. It is perfect for exercising the leg muscles of babies in the age group of 6-12 months.

Compact and lightweight: Weighs around 3.38 kg and can be folded flat for easy storage. This is a brilliant baby walker for the parents who put safety first for their child.

Its revolutionary break pads helps prevent falls and accidents and ensures your little one is safe when she walks around the house. The walker can also be turned into a rocker to provide a completely new experience when your baby is learning how to walk.

Bread pads: The break pads prevent falls from staircases keeping your baby safe. Rocking function: Sturdy and strong enough to support your baby’s first steps.

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This is another walker come rocker suitable for babies aged 6 to 15 months. It has a sturdy frame, a removable foot mat and is foldable.

Walker and rocker: This two in one function allows you to provide your child with some variety. The walker comes with a cute lion design and exciting hands-on activities for babies, such as music, sounds, peek-a-boo mirror, bat-at roller ball ears, etc.

It’s perfect for kids aged 6 to 18 months old and has three levels of height adjustment. It has 8 wheels to maintain balance and a foldable design that allows storing it appropriately in small spaces.

It has an interactive toy panel that can be updated by downloading sounds and letters from the website. It is sturdily built and comes with detachable musical toys for complete entertainment of your kid.

The toy panel also has light and music, which will fascinate the baby. To use a walker, the baby must be able to hold her head up steadily, and her feet should be able to touch the floor easily.

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Buying a walker for four-month-olds can be quite a challenging task as it is considered too early for the kids. Most of the baby walkers are designed to support a weight range of 10 to 15 kg.

You must consider the age, weight, height, strength, and growth of your baby, to choose the best one that suits your requirements. Once your baby starts walking, you can gradually switch her on to cycles.

There are several reasons that you could need a walker ; you could be suffering from a chronic injury, or you may have been in an accident and your mobility is limited. But since there are quite a few models in the market, selecting one from the lot can prove to be a tad overwhelming which is why we have listed some of the best walkers, that is currently available in India ; do check them out.

This walker is multi-functional and is composed of a lightweight material, that can be easily folded and stored away safely. It is compact, foldable and is entirely composed of aluminum which makes it easy to lift.

One of the first things you need to look for, when purchasing a walker is its durability and whether it is lightweight and to that end, you need to take a look at this particular model. In other words, you would not be required to lift the walker to move from one point to another, but instead can just slide it on its wheels.

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It is solid, extremely lightweight and compact It is completely constructed from aluminum which gives it its durability and strength It has wheels right on the front You can adjust its height accordingly And it also comes with one-year JSB warranty This particular model does all that and more; as an imported premium walker, it is designed to remain sturdy and durable.

It is compact and extremely lightweight It can easily be folded for storage and transportation It is quite easy to open and close with the help of the center button It does not weigh more than 5 kg The viva healthcare walker is an apt model to purchase, especially for use by elderly patients.

Lightweight, compact and easy to use It is constructed entirely of aluminum and therefore it is both durable and strong It comes with a foldable design and with some advanced functionality The walker can be opened or closed with the click of a button It is reasonably priced Walker bag made by five, is especially designed, and it’s perfect for anybody type.

It comes with basket pouch which helps stored your accessories and keeps your hands free as well. This made by lightweight aluminum it walker design provide you comfort, flexibility, and convenience, and you can easily fold it according to your uses.

These are some of the best walkers in India ; you need to sort through the lot above, choose which comes with the functionality you need and opt for the same. Please make sure that the product comes with a warranty, and that the walker itself is sturdy enough and can support your weight easily.

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