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Christina Perez
• Monday, 09 November, 2020
• 10 min read

The patent pending design increases the circumference of the hand rim to minimize the strain on your hand, while the improved grip allows you to push with less effort than ever before. By only wrapping 3/4 of the way around the push rim Fit Grips provide extra grip on the pushing surface leaving the underside exposed for fine adjustments and braking.

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FIT FOR CONTROL>> Increased grip improves efficiency and power while making it easier to start, stop and turn. FIT FOR ERGONOMICS>> The patented shape of the Fit Grips minimizes stress in your hands, wrists and forearms.

A portion of each Power-up Pink Fit Grips sale will be donated to Susan G. Women Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. during the month of October. As a founding member of the IntelliWheels Team, Josh has been dedicated to working with IntelliWheels to develop products that help maximize the performance of your wheelchair.

Fit Grips are designed to get the most power, efficiency and comfort out of every push. They were painstakingly tested by Josh and fellow active wheelchair users to ensure IntelliWheels had the perfect design for daily life.

There are other shapes, bases, and features of canes that are important for improving mobility. When making the recommendations below, I looked for the best walking canes that were a combination of function, quality, and also had several options for stylish seniors.

To help you find the best cane for a senior you love or for yourself, here is a list of my 10 top picks below. The Hurricane is now owned by Drive Medical and is available on a wider scale.

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The joint allows the cane to pivot on the base which keeps it in contact with the ground longer while walking. In addition to the stabilizing benefits, the Hurricane has other convenience features too.

These folding canes come in 19 creative colors and patterns so that users can express themselves a little. A hand strap is included to reduce the chance of the cane getting dropped.

A latex band is also part of the package to keep it folded securely while being carried or stored. I am a bit of a tech nerd, so I really like the features of this walking cane.

This cane has a bright, LED light built into the base that is always ready. The cane features a super bright and replaceable Xenon bulb and has a comfortable wear resistant handle.

The offset handle keeps your weight over the cane tip so that you stay centered and balanced. It includes a soft foam grip for comfort and a wrist strap to prevent any unintentional drops.

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It uses a push button to quickly adjust the height to fit the user. It also has a super soft Halon grip and the weight capacity is 250 lbs.

This model from Drive Medical quickly converts to a small seat for those times you need a little help. In walking mode, the cane is sturdy and supportive with a strong aluminum construction.

It quickly folds out into a tripod with a flip down seat when you need to take a break. Made of high quality aluminum, it weights about 2 lbs, and has a chip resistant finish.

Some types of walking canes have specific functions while others are also designed to look good or more stylish. These are simply a support rod made of wood or usually steel with a curved or straight handle at the top.

This type of walking cane is collapsible and will fit into a purse or bag. To use the folding cane, simply push the smaller pieces back together.

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Disadvantages: Requires good hand control to be able to fold and put together Other times, I see people using canes who should probably be using a wheeled walker or even a collator with a seat.

A cane should never be used for weight-bearing or for full support of the body. People who hold onto furniture when waking at home usually benefit from using a cane.

Also, people who have a foot that drags from a stroke or injury could benefit from cane. When a cane is adjusted properly, there is a slight bend in the elbow with the user standing nearly straight up.

The cane is held in the hand ON THE OPPOSITE side of the injured or weak leg. In the typical human walking pattern, the left arm swings out as the right footsteps and vice-versa.

Your walker should support you standing as tall as possible, with minimal strain upon your hands, wrists, shoulders and neck. Walkers are usually adjusted so that the handles are at the height of your wrist when standing with your arms relaxed at your side.

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Seat height adjustability: Depending on your needs a seat may be adjusted lower so that your feet are flat on the floor providing balance and stability. Or a seat may be adjusted higher so that it may be used for perching and makes it easier to stand up.

You will need a walker that is wider than average if you walk with your feet far apart. Please ensure that you are within the weight limits recommended for the walker you purchase.

Your grip might feel like the least of your worries when things go wrong on the course, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It can either free up the remainder of your swing to help you maximize power and clean up your impact position, or it can limit the remainder of your swing, making it harder for you to return to a neutral position at impact.

But in this week’s Flashback Jack, Nicklaus explains how your grip is holding your game back (and what you can do to fix it). “A good grip allows everything in the swing to happen naturally,” Nicklaus says.

“The most common fault of a golfer with a bad grip is his inability to get a complete release and a full extension at the golf ball at the time of impact,” he says. I was thinking the other day about if I only could have on handgun to live in the woods.

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I have eliminated any auto pistol as you would need to have mags. Before the flames start, I like autos just fine and over the years have owned many 1911's, High Powers, etc in 9 mm and 45ACP.

I am weighing the pros and cons of Double action vs. The pros of 357 vs the others to me is ease of finding ammo and the ability to carry more because of the weight diff.

The 45 is a favorite of mine and I have reloaded it in smokeless and black powders. I am trying to consolidate my stuff and have the reloading equipment to load for the calibers I have.

In 357 mag my choice is an S&W 686 plus MTN gun, In 44 mag S&W 629 MTN gun or a Ruler Spurt Black hawk Biscay, In 45 Colt an S&W 625 MTN gun or a Ruler Super Black hawk Biscay. It rocks as an all around fun gun to shoot and hunt with.

However, if you were to ask me which firearm for survival it would be my Mark III Hunter 22. The only drawback is the crimp on 22's is pretty shoddy and the powder is hygroscopic...it draws moisture form the air and fades in power output.

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Powerful enough for anything on the continent and easily reloaded...if you have the capability to do so. Stoked with a good hard cast flat nose bullet.

Not a big fan of .22lr auto's, but just a personal preference. It will give you performance on par with the .45 ACP, CIRC.

Of course the .44 mags will be more powerful, but I suspect you will only notice a real difference on grizzly and moose. You can always cock the hammer if you need that extra accuracy, and you can haul off and start shooting when time counts.

A stainless revolver should run a long time with minimal maintenance. It gets you some velocity while remaining compact and light(is).

Something you will carry with joy is better than something that feels like a boat anchor on your hip. 1.5 lbs (24 oz) or less is optimal for me, though I have a 2.5 lb revolver which is comfortable, if a bit heavy.

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Extended wear caused some lower back pain. That will go away with continued wear, it just takes a while (up to a year or more for me, depending on the rig).

Personally, I would a Ruler Black hawk 357/ 9 mm convertible for the one choice, and a Ruler 22 LR/ 22 Mag Super Single Six convertible for the second purpose, and I would likely have both in camp, whether I carried them both or not. I got a Ruler Vaquero in .45 LC because I like the historic look of the gun, but also because of its power.

Because the ammo is more expensive than gold, I also got a .22 Heritage Arms Rough Rider with the capability of shooting long, short and magnum ammo. Shoots nicely with even the hottest of the hot ammo and I don't have to worry about it getting beat up and shaking loose/going out of time like I've heard that S&W are prone to do (though I don't have any personal experience with them).

I'd also consider a Super Blackhawk, but I wanted double action for dangerous animal defense since I can't shoot single action that fast. Those are my only two handguns and I don't often feel the need for anything else, of course I want other ones, but the budget is tight these days.

The OP mentioned one, but if I was living out in the hills for any length of time, I'd have a 22 and a 44 or 45. The Smith K-22 with CB's or shorts does fine, and don't make much noise.

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Whatever handgun I took, it would be match quality as to sights and trigger action. With extra-light loads for a center fire rifle, you can duplicate anything the 22 would do, and it wouldn't cost much more than shooting 22's, especially if you cast your own balls or bullets. Of course my first choice would be my browning buckmark, but I lost it in a horrible accident.

Just picked it up Saturday and shot it very accurately today. The rifle would be my Marlin 1894 357 with peep site. The combination is hard to beat for protection and meat.

I'm with G1.....unless your wife says only one.....LOL My answer is what ever I have with me at the time.........might be a lot of things,,,,that you can see, and maybe something you can't. If I don't have to carry all the ammo I'll ever need for the gun on my way out the door it'd probably be a 45 Colt.

Long Term I would still go with my S & W Model 60 (3”) but I may take my CZ 22LR Training Rifle instead of the Marlin 1894 357. If only one choice would pick a revolver type, caliber is open to debate.

It can take down big game and protect from large predators. Points like an extension of my arm, totally reliable and the 357 round will do just about anything you ask of it.

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Seems to be the perfect mix of accuracy, recoil and power. Would be great for large game or black bears, but the recoil is nuts(4 5/8” barrel) and it's blued so not as weather resistant.

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