Best Walker Game Ear For Turkey Hunting

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
• 9 min read

This can come down to a number of different reasons, however, one bit of equipment that can assist you in trying to locate these birds is a hearing enhancement. Hearing enhancements are ideal for turkey hunting as they’re simple and easy to use, just simply switch on and attach to your ear and your good to go.

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These ImpactS port ear muffs from Howard Light are a great deal for the price. They have omnidirectional microphones, like the Walker model, and amplify sounds up to 82 decibels; at that point, the amplification automatically shuts off.

The ImpactS port headphones also feature some cool, convenient additions not found on other hearing enhancement devices, such as integrated AUX input for your phone; you can listen to music while shooting on the range, if you’re not out hunting. If you’re outside or turkey hunting, they’ll work great, but they simply do not block enough sound to protect your hearing indoors.

Otherwise, if you’re on a budget and want a good pair of over- ear noise-enhancing headphones, the Howard Light ImpactS port are still a solid option. This means they keep a low profile and don’t interfere with aiming your hunting rifle– so you can hit your target every time.

If you’re looking for a good pair of over- ear noise-amplifying headphones, the Walker Ultimate Power Muff Quads are our top choice. One handy feature that the Ultimate Power Muff Quads have is Independent Volume Controls and Adjustable Frequency Tuning; these let you fine tune the sounds and frequencies picked up and enhanced, as well the overall volume level, independently of each other and to your exact needs and preferences.

The headband is flimsy and cheap for muffs of this price range, and they’ve been reported to snap without much use. The overall quality control really isn’t that great, either, and one side of the headphones have been known to give out and stop functioning randomly.

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Pros Small, low-profile design and build Easy controls, push buttons, for easy enhancement Soft and Sonority modes for enhanced sound and speech detection Interchangeable Left/Right hearing tubes Noise amplification and dampening are the single most important consideration for a pair of headphones.

Also, you’ll need to choose between behind- ear earbuds similar to a pair of sport headphones, or the style offered by hearing-aid type devices. Hunting these birds takes a lot of patience and practice, so any type of advantage you can gain on them should always be welcomed.

Plus, the fact that they tune out the shot makes them good for your ears. Plus, the fact that they tune out the shot makes them good for your ears.

Amwatson Being legally deaf in one ear and partial loss in the other, I bought the Walker’s to use while hunting. It is one of the best investments I had made when it comes to hunting equipment.

The only bad thing about them was when a mosquito would but your ear They sounded like B-52’s coming in for a landing on top of your head. Amwatson Being legally deaf in one ear and partial loss in the other, I bought the Walker’s to use while hunting.

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It is one of the best investments I had made when it comes to hunting equipment. The only bad thing about them was when a mosquito would but your ear They sounded like B-52’s coming in for a landing on top of your head.

Harlandd do you guys use them in one ear or both? Amwatson I only wore one I didn’t have any directional hearing problems.

I can spot things in the woods better than most, just can’t hear worth a darn Amwatson I only wore one I didn’t have any directional hearing problems.

According to Michael Stewart, Ph.D., CCC-A, Professor of Audiology at Central Michigan University, exposure to noise greater than 140 dB can permanently damage your hearing. Back to menu The good news is that you don’t have to lose your hearing to enjoy your firearm use.

Back to menu An electronic HPD will make softer sounds louder, but shut everything down as soon as there’s a loud noise. Nonlinear PDS aren’t electronic, but are still designed to allow soft and moderate sounds to pass through while still reducing louder, damaging noises.

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A nonlinear HPD with filters is the best choice; other models use mechanical valves that may not close fast enough to protect your ears from loud noises. Back to menu There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can spend as much money as you want on hearing protective devices.

In fact, Surefire makes a nonlinear model that works almost perfectly, and yet costs less than a box of ammo. It features a low-profile, triple-flanged stem to securely seal itself in your ear canal and remain comfortable all day long.

In fact, this HPD features patented Warlock retention rings that utilize seven contact points to hold the device in place and prevent loss. With the included filter caps inserted, the Sonic Defenders work to cancel out any noise louder than 85 dB.

The proprietary design actually cancels out more noise the louder the sound, so you can use these confidently, without any worries of your .50-caliber Desert Eagle causing you to go deaf. If you want to block out everything, including ambient sounds, snap on the filter caps, and you’ll tune all noises out completely.

Takes some time to fit them properly into your ear Short lifespan of six months Filter caps are easily broken and lost There’s a distinct advantage to electronic hearing protection devices: they often include an amplifier for ambient and soft noises, while at the same time blocking out those dangerous impulse sounds like gunfire and explosions.

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If you want electronic in-the- ear PDS, one of the best products available is Walker’s Gamer Micro Elite Listening Devices. These fit comfortably in your ear canal, and have four listening modes: general, crowds, music/theater, and nature.

Instruction manual leaves something to be desired Short warranty Time consuming to insert the batteries and put the plugs in your ear When money’s no object, Exotic Research makes a truly outstanding piece of kit: the ER125-EB15LEBN Blasting Electronic Hearing Protection.

Triple-flanged earpiece design isn’t the most comfortable Warranty is only six months Controls are difficult to manipulate It integrates with FRS or MRS two-way radios with external microphone ports, adding some additional functionality.

If you don’t like shoving things in your ears, you might prefer a good set of shooter’s earmuffs. The twin headband helps release heat while still maintaining a solid fit against your head, holding the muffs securely against your ears.

Very good hearing protection Twin band design helps release heat buildup Comfortable earmuffs If you want something a bit slimmer, consider the Titus Premium Hearing Protection Ear Muff.

This model is a newly updated design with a premium headband with padding for extra comfort. This earmuff provides a Noise Reduction Rating of 34 decibels, giving you an amazing amount of hearing protection.

Honeywell produces a terrific option for electronic earmuff PDS, the Howard Light Impact Pro model. The earmuffs incorporate rubberized pressure points to prevent scratching, and the padded adjustable headband gives you a secure, comfortable, and tight fit.

An automatic shutoff function preserves battery life by turning the device off after four hours. Two levels of hearing protection 30 decibel Noise Reduction Rating External audio jacks for MP3 player, scanner, etc.

The Noise Reduction Rating, or NOR, is a unit of measurement used to determine the effectiveness of your HPD in decreasing sound exposure. To determine how much decibel deduction to apply, you need to actually take the NOR figure, subtract seven, and then divide by two.

You’re going to be wearing your HPD for an extended period of time, and you don’t want to get so sore you’re tempted to take off what’s standing between the loud bang and your sensitive ear. It might be tempting to just buy the cheapest model you can find, but if that HPD won’t last more than a few months, you’ll just be replacing it.

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