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• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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03-31-2014 04:16 AM Jackson87 UK Forum MemberRegistered: Jan 2012 Location: Goshen, Ohio Posts: 2679 Best get deep with the meat dog I've seen lately was out of Bone collector. Very accurate and good mouth. Sure made me want one.

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04-11-2014 03:39 AM HOBO UK Forum MemberRegistered: Jun 2003 Location: Waters Cave Va Posts: 13339 __________________Swamp music KennelRemembering Our Past...... Gr. Nt. Ch. Gr. Ch. Dohoney's Logo Ch. Swampmusic Little Bit Sassy Ch. Swampmusic Misty Shadow Gr. Ch. Swampmusic Boone Gr. Ch. Swampmusic Pride But Looking To The Future... NT. Ch. Gr. Ch. Swampmusic Big Hoss.

04-11-2014 07:23 PM Jordan120 UK Forum MemberRegistered: Nov 2011 Location: Genoa WV Posts: 3517 The ones I like the best are coma, rat attack, wipe out, Tar Heel nitro, and insane Cain.

04-11-2014 09:08 PM Redneck Mafia UK Forum MemberRegistered: Aug 2013 Location: Seneca, Mo Posts: 5007 A good friend of mine Jason O'Brien now owns Prophet, his 13 yr old son Roper is handling him @ the SS this week.

04-16-2014 12:46 PM Tree stalker UK Forum MemberRegistered: Mar 2014 Location: Ohio Posts: 44 Coon hound Standings & Results | United Kennel Club (UK) I Accept United Kennel Club (UK) is an international dog registry celebrating bonds, rewarding ability, and preserving the value of a pedigree.

We use cookies to capture information such as IP addresses and tailor the website to our clients' needs. Date UpdatedStandingDefinition Dogs who have earned Bench Show points towards the Top Ten Invitational.

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This web version of the Top Ten Bench Show Dogs list is updated twice per month. StandingDefinition The top males and females that have produced the most pups with titles.

Nice Champion Finley River Chief “A Legend”Be Sure To Join Our Foundation Of The Breed Forum, It costs nothing and there are many pictures of the greats of the past and also many ads on these hounds. Click the link below and enjoy a trip back to the past.

For those of us that have hunted for years looking at some of these pictures of the greats of the past brings back wonderful memories. Finley River Chief wasn't the only Great hound to have an impact on the Treeing Walker breed.

We will be adding pictures as we are able to obtain them of the dogs and the breeders responsible for them. If you may have a picture or information that should be on this site, please contact us and share with us your treasure of knowledge and history.

If you have information or pictures you wish to share with us and the lovers of the Treeing Walker Breed please email us. Visit our guest book and become a part of it with your memories of some of these great hounds and the history with them.

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In researching the pedigrees of what are considered the top reproducers of the treeing walker breed in recent history one thing became very clear. A lot of the strains of 20 – 40 years ago that made up some of the best foundation DNA of the walker breed have been combined very much to make up the top reproducers of the day. After being very involved in the breeding of Treeing Walkers and breathing pedigrees as I was doing this, it is so interesting after close to 20 years being away from it.

To research the pedigrees of the hounds today and see how they got here by the different strains being crossed to get them is exciting to me. One of the great things is UK's data on Producing Males and Females.

But I would be very surprised that in this day when a person is picking their pup up and the breeder is giving them the papers from all the registries on their pup, I would be very surprised if the UK papers aren't the one they are most concerned about. As we search a lot of these great hounds one of the common threads we find in many of them is Hershberger's Okla. Spot.

Dick Hershberger had a number of hounds in his day that weren't related to Spot. What became the foundation were dogs that had a desire to tree when the game climbed.

The first registered Treeing Walker was White River King owned by Lester Dance. He had watched closely the Walker Foxhounds in his area that would tree game, not just run track, and in October 1932 gave $13 cash and two bags of pig supplement for a 7-month-old black & white male he named White River King.

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White River King became well respected among all coon hunters of the area, and generated a whole new level for those that enjoyed the sport. Dance had the first Treeing Walker to be called a World Champion in White River Boone, which he had purchased from Bernard Hole, and the Reserve World Champion was White River Rowdy, a daughter of White River King.

These dogs would be the foundation for the strain called DANCE or WHITE RIVER. In the early 50s the first Treeing Walker to win two ACH World Championships was call Incredible Rock. One strain of dog you found in a lot of pedigrees in the early years was INCREDIBLE ROCK. The next walker hound to win the ACH World Hunt and have an impact on the Treeing Walker Breed was Nice Ch.

The first hound of many owned by James Merchant that had an impact on the Treeing Walker breed. Merchant sold Bowie to Red Dylan who owned him till his death.

Going back researching old pedigrees you will find MANY crosses between Incredible Rock daughters and Merchant's Bowie. Merchant's Bowie was used a lot as a stud dog mainly because of his hunt record.

Another dog's name you will see a lot in an extended pedigree is Ch. There was a time back in that era that people talked about theMOTLEYstrain.

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Still if you go back far enough you will find Mack Twain in some better hounds. The strain was introduced to the public a great deal by John Jason who also owned Nice Ch.

California Mack Twain Jr. were responsible for producing many tracks driving, cold nose, very hard tree dogs that are what the MACK TWAIN strain is known for. Hershberger's Texas Babe was a grand daughter of Mack Twain.

As we search a lot of these great hounds one of the common threads we find in many of them is Hershberger's Spot Jr. or his son Ch. Dick Hershberger had a number of hounds in his day that weren't related to Spot Jr.

Bowie's mother was House's Queen upon whom theHOUSEstrain was created. Shortly after winning the world hunt Joe House sold House's Bowie to a Doctor in Tennessee for $5000.00, which at the time was a very large amount and the highest amount ever paid for a coon hound at the time.

James Merchant didn't breed a lot of the dogs he offered to the public, so I don't know if you could say there was a MERCHANT strain, but he deserves the credit for recognizing some of these very nice hounds and introducing them to the public. Some of the other hounds that James Merchant owned Karachi World Ch.

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Clayton's Finely River Spot who was a son of Nice Ch. Chief was bought as a puppy by Herb Carsten of Springfield, Missouri.

Shortly after winning the World Hunt with Spot, John Monroe bought Finley River Chief for I believe $3000.00 which was a great deal of money for that time especially considering Chief's age. John Monroe deserves much credit for bringing thinly RIVER CHIEF strain to the attention of the public.

The next year in 1966 a grandson of Finley River Chief won the 1966 ACH World Championship. CB was another son of Finley River Chief and the sire of Dual Grand Ch.

Dick was a grandson of Finley River Chief being out of Grand Nice Ch. Lonnie Mere's deserves a lot of credit for helping to promote and better the treeing walker Finley River strain.

Another ACH World Champion was Grand Nice Ch. But she also has Chief on her mother's side, being a granddaughter of Grand Nice Ch.

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John Monroe not only owned Spot and Chief, but also other Finley River dogs that helped promote the breed and strain. Monroe's Finley River Joe, Grand Ch.

Also, Sailor Jr.'s granddad Hershberger's Spot Jr. is the sire of Ch. Hershberger's Okla Spot who is the grand sire of Terrell's Palmetto Chief.

Ball's Hickory Nut Harry Harry can be found in many good hounds pedigrees. Yadkin Tar Battlefront of Rattler's son is Grand Nice Ch.

Tar Rattler also has links to the Sailor Boy strain of Treeing Walkers. Jeff also has in his pedigree the strains of Finley River Chief, Johnson's Banjo, and the House strain. Rattler on his mother's side has heavy Johnson's Banjo and also Grand Nice Ch.

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