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• Friday, 01 January, 2021
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Robert brand includes a wide range of styles of baby shoes with soft soles for walking that promote natural foot function. They’re made of high-quality and soft leather, and are flexible and support healthy foot development for early walkers and babies learning to walk.

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Memo Baby offers a wide variety of rubber-soled shoes made of genuine leather. These Memo Baby shoes are perfect for new walkers thanks to the durable, lightweight mesh that allows maximum breathability.

The flexibility of the hard bottom enables a better natural shift of weight from the back to front of the shoe when walking, too. The soft sole baby shoes allow your child to extend their toes and grip the floor as if they were walking barefoot, improving balance and coordination.

These Edited shoes have sizing as low as 0-6 months, which means they can serve as a great pair of pres- walkerbabyshoes, too. These trendy baby shoes are durable and lightweight, with a helpful pull tab on the back to make getting them on your wiggly new walker easier.

This particular pair of Stride Rite baby walking shoes even features a padded tongue and collar to keep your little one comfy. The baby shoes are lightweight and have a flexible sole in order to promote natural foot movement and development.

Your baby will learn to walk in a positive and natural way while their foot is protected by the moccasin's soft leather sole. Beloved baby brand Carter's makes its own Every Step shoe line for new walkers, including these adorable sandals that'll have your tiny one hitting the pavement in cheery spring style.

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The baby shoes feature a hook-and-loop closure to ensure they stay put on squirmy baby feet. Read below to learn what to look for when you’re on the hunt for the best baby walking shoes, and get our brand and style recommendations for baby’s first pair.

From brands like Robert, Memo Baby and Stride Rite and retailers you love, we’ve rounded up the 12 best shoes for beginning walkers. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has developed recommendations to help you find the best shoes for babies learning to walk.

Not only are these shoes adorable, but they’re also designed to support baby's foot without inhibiting muscle and balance development. The shoes feature a wide toe box that allows for the natural splaying of toes and a rubber outsole that's lightweight, shock-absorbing, and slip-resistant, ensuring your child's safety and comfort. They’re available in sizes 3 to 7 (generally for kids up to 24 months) and are machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about letting your little one explore the muddy backyard after a downpour.

The shoes have a memory foam footed, sit higher up on the ankle (which prevents them from falling off), and have the American Pediatric Medical Association seal of approval. They're made of classic white leather and feature a cushioned collar for added comfort and support.

Like other Stride Rite shoes, they're available in sizes 3 to 6 (infant to 4 years old), including half-sizes, and in two width options. “The soles of the shoe should be textured, as this will provide traction and help prevent your child from slipping on slick surfaces,” he says.

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Because of the flexible elastic along the top of the shoe, your little one will have a hard time pulling these off, so you'll feel good knowing that they'll always stay in place once you put them on. If you love to dress your kiddo up, you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to sacrifice style for a strong (and safe) pair of baby walking shoes.

Like other Stride Rite shoes, they come in a huge range of sizes (for infants to 4-year-old tots) and in multiple widths. The sandals are designed to promote foot development while still offering protection for various indoor and outdoor activities, like for when you bring baby to the beach for the first time.

Additionally, Dr. Cuba says that children's shoes should have shoelaces, Velcro, or some other fastening system in order to be safe and secure. If you’re going somewhere with gravel or uneven ground, a shoe with a solid rubber sole like the Converse Kids Chuck Taylor's is going to help your baby find their balance a little better.

They’re available in sizes 2 to 10 (for infants and kids up to 8 years old), but like the grown-up Chuck Taylor's, they do run large, so you’ll want your kiddo to test them out around the house a little before committing. They’re designed to get wet (and dry quickly) and keep your baby’s feet from sliding around and causing falls.

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Don’t buy a size bigger (like you can with boots for the big kids) so they can grow into them because all that extra room will affect the fit, which can have an impact on their ability to stand, walk, and play with ease. There is, however, a seal of approval from the American Pediatric Medical Association (APA), so you can rest easy you’ve stepped in the right direction.

With a punch of bright teal (they also come in gray), these shoes have rubber soles with a deep tread pattern that gives an extra boost of slip resistance. A flexible sole makes it easy for babies learning to walk to shift their weight from the back of the shoe to the front, and a mesh cover keeps the whole thing breathable for maximum comfort.

), these First Kicks have a cushioned insole with a soft suede bottom that’s designed to get them used to wearing shoes before the big switch to a pair with rubber soles. These come with a soft, elastic band in the back that makes it easy to slide them on and off, but it also keeps them in place, so they won’t fall off when your cutie starts cruising.

With a toe cap to provide that extra bit of protection and non-slip rubber soles that come with tiny sensory pods to prevent slips and help baby maintain balance, these sweet shoes are some of our faves. They come in a ton of cute color combos for both boys and girls, they’re super lightweight, and they have memory foam foot beds so your little one can play all day without sacrificing comfort.

You’ll have to wait until your baby is at least one-year-old to rock these, but Natives (as fans know them) have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, with most parents marking them the perfect shoe for sprinkler play plus visits to the pool, lake, or beach. Comprised of a rubber sole for a no-slip grip and a water-resistant acetate, these adorable kicks dry quickly while also resisting odors (a major bonus for anyone whose experienced the shock of stinky toddler feet).

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A lightweight foam cushion and a rubber rand and toe cap protect your little one when they bump into things, which tends to often happen when you’re just learning how to walk and run. This saucy red pair adds a pop of color to any outfit while supporting your little one’s foot with comfy T straps and a leather footed, lining, and upper (the latter comes with a fun, perforated design built right in).

With a classic holdover Velcro strap that secures little feet in a snug and comfy hug, these Carter’s shoes are part of their Every Step collection, which comes in three stages: Crawl (1), Stand (2), and Walk (3). One mom swears the Velcro makes a huge difference when you’re dealing with squirmy kids, adding, “My little guy’s feet are a little plump on top, but these shoes have a “U” like opening that doesn’t feel tight.” We love this pair for its slick brown leather upper and trendy camo lining, but they come in nine different colors for both boys and girls.

Soft Motion Jazzy SneakerStride Rite amazon.Comte Soft Motion collection from Stride Rite has everything you need for baby's first shoes : rounded soles for balance, flexibility to promote foot development, slip resistance on the bottom, a comfy foam footed, and a wide opening, so it's easy to slide over fussy feet. Carter's uses synthetic materials for a lower cost, while still giving the supportive features for baby feet.

These shoes are lightweight and flexible, so baby can easily move around, plus the soles have grooves to help provide traction. The styles in Robert Mini Shoe collection are designed to look like shoes Mom or Dad would wear, but they're built to promote the development of baby feet.

Unlike most others, there's a split sole, so babies get the skid resistance of a rubber bottom with the flexibility of soft shoe. There's also elastic around the ankle to help keep them on, foam cushioning inside for comfort, and high quality leather, so you know they'll hold up.

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These shoes are entirely made of soft leather (no rubber soles) so they're similar to the feeling of walking barefoot, which helps babies grip their toes on the ground. The elastic goes all around the ankle, so they'll stay put on wiggly feet, and there are variations in color and style, so they're perfect to use as crib shoes even before baby starts walking.

Not only do to they have sturdy rubber outsoles for traction and flexible grooves, so toddlers can easily move around, but they also have lots of wiggle room for even the chubbiest baby feet. Just as great are the Bare Steps Sandals, which also have the wide toe box, a flexible yet drippy outsole, and easy-to-adjust openings.

These Mary Jane's are part of the Originals collection, which are designed for up to 24 months and have flexible leather all around, including the sole. As your little one gets older, the Grip 'n' Go variation has a rubber sole that's more drippy and sturdy, yet still flexible and spacious for toddler feet.

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The Textiles Lab and parenting pros researched baby walking shoe brands for factors like design, fit, materials, ease of putting on, and more. The shoes should have a wide fit, so babies can move and grip their toes, and more flexibility so that the experience is closer to walking barefoot.

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