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While a few of these burgers possess a particular blend of spices and meat, others have only superior ground beef. For us, the ideal burger is loaded with toppings, sauces and cheese, but in the event the patty is not impeccable, your burger won’t ever live up to its juicy, beefy, satisfying possible.

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There is nothing wrong with throw, but adding other cuts can change the taste profile of your hamburger in ways you never imagined. When you have got the burger basics down and are looking to step your game up, home-ground steak is the thing to do.

Aside from providing you with bragging rights, home-ground beef comes with an indescribable freshness that will boost your burger’s succulence. Creating your own blend No matter what cuts you mix and match, the secret to successful beef-grinding alchemy is to concoct a grind having an overall protein-to-fat ratio of 80/20.

(70/30) ratio: Another high-rise, this primal slab creates some real burger beauties. All these are marginally tougher cuts with buttery yet tangy flavor profiles, much like the powerful galactic notes of a tart, velvety red wine.

The sophisticated flavors of this plate lend themselves nicely to a fancier burger night. (85/15) ratio: Should you win the lottery (and suddenly feel as a ridiculous), we advocate sourcing our favorite cut from the short loin: a dry-aged New York strip steak.

So if you’ve got money to burn, and you’re on the lookout for a hamburger to give you some zip postal code, then this cut is right for you. Back then, chefs were performing tasty things with flank, such as marinating, charring, and shaving it thin that the meat just melted in your mouth.

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Though the price of this cut has skyrocketed in the last ten decades, it’s still a worthwhile element on your burger blend. Flavors and marbling vary greatly throughout the sirloin area, so for burger-grinding functions, we suggest sticking to the bottom.

Bottom sirloin is nicely marbled and packed with two of our favorite cuts, both for grilling and grinding: flap meat, also called steak tips (and typically only available on the East Coast) and pro-tip (usually only available on the West Coast). These muscles are continuously used, which gives them a beefy flavor but a tough consistency.

Such tough cuts tend to be best for braising, but remember, a couple of grinds of the toughest meats will yield a tender, melt-in-your-mouth feel. We love the shank because it adds a rich and gelatinous beefiness for our burgers.

Any ingredient that is wet enough to withstand some cook moment on high heat. These may top a burger, but they tend to form of incinerate, eliminate flavor or break up the patty when you attempt to cook them in with it.

Breadcrumbs Since your hamburger’s going to be served on a bun, bread wedges don’t add much in the flavor department. Their real function is to put in a bit of dryness to your beef mixture, which can be excellent when it’s paired with a moist ingredient.

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If you discover it is making your patties too wet to stick together well, throw in some bread crumbs. Sauce Naturally, A-1 is great added into burger patties.

Its texture is similar to that of barbecue sauce, and it becomes more subtle when used this way instead of being pumped across the patty later. Habaneros or pompanos will provide you a great deal of spice in each bite.

Eden Organic is traditionally brewed and obsolete, and that gives it more full-bodied flavor than other brands. This is great topped with diced green onions and a piece of pineapple.

This makes for an odd but fascinating sweet flavor that most folks either love or despise. Sun dried tomatoes Sun dried tomatoes hold up nicely under cooking and provide your burgers a slightly sweet, acidic flavor.

Barbecue sauce Whether you use a classic family recipe or store-bought, skillet cooks wonderfully into hamburger and becomes merely another note in the total taste. It’s very different from incorporating barbecue sauce into the burger after it is cooked.

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Also, if you have problems with allergies form eggs, or you don’t want to use breadcrumbs in your mixture, you can find a recipe for egg-free burger here. Soy sauce, garlic, peanut butter and lime juice to get a nice Thai flavor.

Mozzarella Cheese, marinara sauce and pepperoni create a pizza pattie. You could buy cellophane-wrapped burger patties languishing on styrofoam trays at your neighborhood supermarket.

Then it’s about time you head to your local butcher shop and work with the staff to create a custom burger blend. You might assume that that fancy, expensive cuts like rib eye and filet make the ultimate blend.

He also encourages you to find a passionate butcher who uses high-quality beef and will help you create a blend to your specifications. Read on to master the art of burger blending, with pro-tips about cuts, fat-to-lean ratio, creative add-ins, and more.

Fat equals juiciness and flavor, which is why the lean-to-fat ratio in ground beef is critical. If you plan to cook your patty anywhere outside that range, Milan recommends tailoring the amount of fat accordingly.

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“This gives the burger the right texture; it will have those individual pieces of meat that are going to make you go, ‘Oh my God, this is kind of like I’m eating a steak. Using fancy cuts of beef is not important and kind of bullshit move, according to Milan.

What is important is making sure the meat is high-quality and comes from mature animals, and that your blend has the right fat content. Chuck: This is the primary cut at The Meat Hook when it comes to burger blends.

House blend : 70% lean muscle (chuck or round) ground with 30% fat (navel, short rib, or brisket). Fat Kid Blend : 70% lean muscle (chuck or round) ground with 30% bacon trimmings.

When Mile End Deli first started out, owner Noah Benioff was trying to figure out what to do with all of his smoked-meat scraps. As beef dry ages, it loses liquid weight, leaving behind protein with more concentrated flavor.

If you’re working without a patty maker, be gentle when you shape your patty and do NOT slap it back and forth between your hands; if you do this, you’ll overwork the meat and the muscle fiber will bind together (trust us, this isn’t a good thing). When you don’t overwork the meat, microscopic gaps will remain in between the little pieces of beef.

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When you’re using a great burger blend, the patties need nothing more than kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. “If you have access to Martin’s potato rolls, and you don’t use them, you’re a fool,” says Milan.

Don’t press down on your burger while cooking it, or you’ll squeeze out the juice. Cook until the other side develops a crust (another 3 minutes), then flip it once more and add cheese.

After about 30 seconds to a minute, lift the lid and place the patty onto your (presumed) burger bun. Master the art of burger blending with butcher Tom Milan of The Meat Hook.

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