Best Wacom Tablet For Osu

Ellen Grant
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
• 9 min read

You can’t simply pick any random tablet and expect good results. We have handpicked some of the best tablets for OSU that will boost your speed, help you be more accurate and climb up the ranks.

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At the same time with large tablets, you have to flick your arm too much which is not only tiring but also not good for your wrist. Other than size, the surface texture, pen, and the overall form factor also play a big role.

Every single tablet on the list brings its unique feature on the table. Some offer a larger tracking area, others have better scratch-resistant surfaces while a few are slim and compact.

Waco Intros Small, source: Waco .com Active tracking area : 6.0 × 3.7 inches Hover distance : 7 mm Input Lag : Good Pen : Battery-Free Color : Black, Pistachio If you want a quality tablet that can easily handle hours of intense OSU session, the Waco Intros is hands down the best choice.

One of the biggest advantages of Waco Intros is, it has a faster response time with minimum input delay. Waco is a reputed brand that has been making graphics tables for over a decade.

The current Waco Intros (CTV 4100) comes with an updated design, faster response time and overall better build quality. The only downside of the Waco Intros is it falls on the expensive side compared to other tablets on the list.

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It is a great option for those who want all the features of the Waco Intros without that hefty Price tag. This simple design helps to bring down the price while maintaining the same level of quality and performance.

Active tracking area : 4.8 × 3.0 inches Hover distance : 10 mm Input Lag : Good Pen : Battery-Free Color : Black The advantage of a thin tablet is it provides a comfortable platform for the hand.

The tablet comes with a tracking area of 6 × 4 inches with a USB connector towards the top. The included stylus has fast-tracking with 266 RPS (Reports Per Second) and pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels which can be handy if you want to try your hands in graphic design and making custom OSU skins.

The Pen is battery-free and lightweight making it a better choice for long OSU sessions. This tablet also comes in a smaller and cheaper variant called XP Pen Star G430S, which is very similar in looks and features.

Gammon S620, source: gammon.net Active tracking area : 6.5 × 4.0 inches Hover distance : 10 mm Input Lag : Good Pen : Battery-Free Color : Black The Gammon S620 is one of those tablets that provides a lot of features at a fairly reasonable price.

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The tablet comes with a very attractive design with buttons on the top left and a minimum bezel from all sides. The Pen is a slightly textured plastic towards the front that provides a better grip.

Like Waco tablets, there are small dots on the surface that represents the total active area. The tablet comes with a free driver and compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Huron H420, source: huion.com Active tracking area : 4.17 × 2.23 inches Hover distance : 6 mm Input Lag : Decent (better with Hawks driver) Pen : Battery-Powered Color : Black Some players recommend using the Hawks tablet driver which increases its response time.

These will help you identify important features in a tablet intended to be used for playing OSU. We discussed this topic at the very beginning of the article, from there it was pretty clear that a medium-size tablet is the best choice.

A medium-size tablet has the right mix of both these features making it a great choice for OSU. Buttons of tablets as well as the pen are one such feature that is super useful in graphics design but have no real use in OSU.

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Even when the players move the stylus, the pen does not touch the tablet surface and remains in the air. Most of the tablets in the market can successfully detect the pen within 10 mm of hover distance.

But in reality, even the top of the line wireless tablets are not as fast as the wired ones. They introduce latency and delays which is not good for a fast-paced competitive game such as OSU and you should strictly stay away from them.

Hawks drivers are very popular amongst the OSU community as they provide ample of settings and customization and also seem to improve tablet latency. So if you are buying the latest tablets from popular brands such as Waco, Huron, XP pen, Gammon you should try to stick to the official drivers.

But as you play more you will slowly start gaining speed and by the end of a few days, you will feel right at home with your new tablet. You can even use the tablet to make custom OSU skins or get started into digital art.

OSU !, the fast-paced music rhythm game has been witnessing a rise in its player base. After playing it for just a few minutes, you realize that in order to really grow and dominate, you need to abandon the traditional mouse and keyboard style.

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Active Area: 5.8 × 3.6 inches | Resolution: 2540 LPI | Pen reading speed: 133 PPS | Pressure levels: 1024 The Waco tablets have been a fan favorite for quite a long period of time now.

They’ve been solely dedicated to making the best graphics tablets and styluses with unparalleled features. Although a bit expensive in the bunch, rest assured you can safely rely on Waco to deliver the best hardware out there.

For people who’re looking to use this for drawing purposes too, a downer for them is the lack of Express Buttons. With such a high price tag, it seems a bit unreasonable as to why there are no Express Buttons.

Lack of battery in no way means that the stylus suffers from slow response time. Rest assured, no beat will go unnoticed provided you hit it at the right time.

Active Area: 6 × 4 inches | Resolution: 5080 LPI | Pen reading speed: 266 PPS | Pressure levels: 8192 Now, don’t let this cheap price tag fool you because this pen is here to prove its worth.

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The rubber surface gives off the same highly durable and responsive feel as the Waco one. With the increased Report Rate Speed(RPS) of 265, the G640 easily delivers smooth and quick movement on the pad.

The thin surface made us realize, upon testing it, that dragging may not be the ideal use for it. Moreover, the pad seems to easily catch fingerprints on it, so keep your microfiber cloth ready to go.

This is a definite bonus point as you do not have to worry about the pen running low on battery and thus, lagging out. One thing that felt a little out of the ordinary was how the buttons on the stylus kept rattling.

Active Area: 6 × 5 inches | Resolution: 4000 LPI | Pen reading speed: 250 PPS | Pressure levels: 2048 Express buttons, flexible surface and great overall performance at a terrific price, this is the Gammon S56K.

Therefore, it can be easily rolled up and carried around, giving it bonus points for portability. S56K’s surface is great for dragging purposes as it does not get scratched and damaged up very easily.

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However, the previous two tabs give a much easier pad surface to work with. Performance and input delay take a huge hit when the battery falls down.

It does feel somewhat heavier than the normal standard for the weight of a tablet’s stylus, but the response time when fully charged is still decent enough. It should also be noted that the CD drivers provided in the box are not compatible with Windows 10.

Although its performance when put up against the other mentions in this list comes out as weak in comparison, the H420 is still a fantastic tablet. With tablets intended for quick tracking on OSU !, this friction surface works as an advantage.

One noticeable feature, however, was the screeching sound the surface made when the stylus was rubbed against it. H240 is on the cheaper side of things, so it can get away with it, however, the G640 produces minimal noise at the same price.

However, left-handed users will find themselves pressing these buttons quite often due to their awkward placing. At times, we had trouble even getting simple lines to be registered, however, sometimes the stylus would glide over the pad beautifully.

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Active Area: 6 × 4 inches | Resolution: 5080 LPI | Pen reading speed: 230 PPS | Pressure levels: 8192 This one offers a battery-free stylus with a very sharp and exquisitely designed tab, albeit with some drawbacks.

However, the bezel and circuitry on the left size leave a big notch. The stylus is constructed of matte black plastic with two programmable buttons on one side.

Matte black plastic tends to slip from fingers when hands become sweaty because of long continuous use. Upon testing, we saw that double click only works when both touches are made on the same surface.

That’s caused by the awkward position of the bezel and lack of rubber grips on the stylus. The double click issue seems to a very annoying one, however, it can be countered by programming one of the buttons to do the double-clicking.

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