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The company serves a wide variety of creative hobbyists and professionals in animation, film, photography, graphic design, manga, and more. And while competition (such as Huron, XP-Pen, Gee, or even Android) does exist, none of the competing brands are as known or trusted in this area.

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Waco has been able to offer unique technologies that other brands haven’t, like styluses that you don’t have to charge. Their drawing tablets provide the stylus with power using resonant inductive coupling.

And as a result of this, the pens are slimmer, lighter, and don’t have batteries inside. And even once those patents expire (as some already have), it will still take competing brands a while to catch up in terms of these key features.

Waco products also have wireless kits to unclutter your desk and make your drawing tablet more portable. When you’re deciding which Waco digital art tablet to go for, the first thing to think about is which line to select.

If you’re seeking something affordable, the Intros line will have the lowest price tag. As you might have guessed by the name, the Pro is aimed at creative professionals while the ordinary Intros was released for hobby artists.

If you plan to spend a lot of time using Lightroom or Photoshop, you may prefer the pen-on-screen experience and want to choose a Into. Although a unit with a screen does sound automatically superior at first glance, the Into tablets cost much more than a drawing pad.

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The Waco Mobile Studio Pro line is a portable graphics tablet that allows you to draw on the go without needing a laptop. Like the Into drawing tablets it offers a professional pen-on-screen experience, but with the added portability.

Digital drawing pads all go up in price the bigger their active work area is. As someone who travels a lot and works from many places, I would prefer either a small or medium tablet, so I could bring it with me wherever I go.

The smaller the surface of the drawing tablet, the less you’ll have to move your hand to operate the cursor. Getting a tablet that’s too big for your monitor will likely feel too slow and tire your arm out.

When trying to strike a perfect balance between screen quality, price, and tablet size, keep in mind that a portion of your work surface will be used for software controls. You may need to rearrange your tool palettes or desktops to accommodate this, or you might choose to use full-screen mode.

Just remember that if you want to get a smaller tablet for its affordability, you might need an extra monitor for non art-related tasks. If you’re seeking the bestWacom tablet for Photoshop, you will probably want something a little more advanced than the Intros Draw or Art.

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The Waco Intros Pro has a customizable active area and comes in small, medium, or large. If you need to be able to work on photo editing or sketching without feeling tied to your desk, this is a great feature.

You may find this limiting if you’re used to being able to switch between different types of nibs any time you want. You can switch between using the whole active area of the tablet or mapping a small corner of it to correspond to your monitor.

This is a good feature if you like being able to control your whole screen while keeping your hand in place. The Waco Intros is suitable if you’re on a budget and is the smallest tablet on the list at 7.87 by 6.3 inches.

Pros Free Drawing Software : When you register your intros, you will have the option to download (for Free) 2 of the follow: Core Painter Essentials 6 (perfect for digital painting), Core AfterS hot 3 (for photo-editing) or a Clip Studio Paint Pro 2 year license (for the comic/manga artist). Adjustable Pressure Sensitivity : If you’re a heavy-handed artist, it can mean you wear out your Waco tablet quicker (Especially the nibs!).

Although it has some signature Waco features like the charge-less pen and wireless capabilities, it’s a pretty simple and basic tablet overall. It would likely feel like an upgrade if you’re switching from a traditional sketchbook but too simple to replace a more advanced drawing tablet.

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If you like to switch back and forth from working on your desktop to your laptop, this will make that easier. Very Basic : While this would be a pro if your main goal is to replace your traditional sketchpad or are looking to save money, more advanced artists might find the Intros line a bit too simple.

Overall, this tablet has everything to cover very basic digital drawing, painting, and editing needs. The drawing tablet is responsive, has an easy-to-grip stylus, and programmable buttons for easily erasing mistakes.

Depending on how hard you press the pen, it will draw thinner or thicker lines. And it’s small enough to use with a clipboard for extra stability, to give you an idea of how light it really is.

The active area is about the same size as the entire Intros Draw tablet at 8.5 by 5.3 inches. You’ll find an installation CD with the tablet, but you can download the driver online if your computer doesn’t have a DVD drive.

Expressways : As with other Waco products, there are four customizable express keys you can use to make shortcuts like copy/paste and undo more accessible to you as you work. I really dislike the idea of having to pause and use a mouse in between creating art, so I’d appreciate this feature.

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I once broke a piece on an old phone of mine this way, so I definitely wouldn’t feel very comfortable with that after spending a couple of hundred dollars. Though it’s bigger than the first drawing pad we covered, it’s still small enough to save desk space and free you from the imprecise shakiness of working with a mouse.

If you want a product with a screen you can draw directly on and can spare the cash, the Into 13HD could be a suitable place to start. Instead of having to retrain your hand to work with a much larger or smaller area, this would likely feel comfortable and familiar right away.

This would definitely make me a bit nervous to use the stand as I’d worry about the screen toppling over. For what the product is, it’s actually pretty lightweight and easy to maneuver around your desk or hold propped up against your lap.

Its widescreen format and large 21.5-inch screen make it suitable for motion graphics, design, illustration, and animation, too. Pros Stylus Features : The 22HD comes with the Grip Pen with a rubberized section for comfort, two buttons along the side, and a tip that you can replace with the included extra nibs.

It also comes with a pen stand to keep the stylus upright, so you don’t lose it when you’re not using it. It’s useful for both photography and sketching work and has the best pen pressure levels out of the products on this list.

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Although it doesn’t have a screen, the scroll ring, tilt response, and ability customize the surface area could be a worthy trade, especially if you work in multiple creative mediums. Waco is the company that transformed the digital art world by introducing the first graphics tablets more than twenty years ago.

Sketch artists, video & photo editors, 3D sculptors, and many more users quickly embraced the novel workflow Wacom’s tablets offered as they were much more convenient than a trackpad or mouse. Graphics tablets have a touch-sensitive drawing area and use special pens to translate your wrist’s movement onto the digital canvas.

The pens are indispensable since they react to varying pressure levels, letting you draw lines of different thickness & strength or precisely define brush sizes without having to keep adjusting values with a keyboard or mouse. The company produces models of varying sizes and price points, so finding the right one for your budget and needs isn’t hard.

Budget Waco Intros M 4.1/5.0Weight: 0.9 lbs. Pressure levels: 4,096Thin profile and bezels make it more portable. Top Pick WacomCintiq Pro 24 4.8/5.0Weight: 15.9 lbs. Pressure levels: 8,192Etched glass screen with no parallax.

The Into Pro series is Wacom’s top-tier line aimed at professional artists who need their tablet to step up to the most demanding challenges. We’ve selected the 24-inch version of the Pro since it’s the perfect blend of features and price.

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Waco muses a special kind of etched glass on the display that flawlessly simulates paper and offers just the right amount of resistance. It’s a pleasure to work with and has no trouble with gradual thickness shifting or smooth falloff when you’re making swift short strokes.

Waco did an excellent job with minimizing the parallax effect, so drawing on it feels almost like you’re using real paper. The screen is a detailed 4K display that reproduces over a billion colors with 99% Adobe RGB accuracy.

The subtlest shifts in hue or shade are easy to spot, and you can be sure that art created on this tablet will look consistently impressive on any display. It has two sturdy legs that prop it up at an angle, but you’ll have to purchase a stand or the Flex Arm separately if you want to use it in any other position.

Hobbyists and budget-conscious artists don’t need to spend a couple of grand to get a great Waco drawing tablet. The Into 16 cuts down on screen size & resolution but retains some of the Pro’s main features, like its excellent pen and immersive drawing experience.

A color gamut of 72% NTSC or 74% Adobe RGB sounds bad on paper, but the Into 16 covers 96% of the RGB space, meaning that it is accurate enough for the vast majority of mundane art creation purposes. Setting the Into 16 is a matter of connecting it to HDMI & USB type-A ports and installing Wacom’s drivers.

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This severely limits its customization options since you can only configure the pen’s buttons and need to access any other command from the screen. The tablet arrives with a cumbersome X-cable that plugs into it on one end and has three connectors on the other, one for power and two for interfacing with computers.

Pros Excellent value for the money Large and bright display for the price Comes with the Pro Pen 2 Straightforward setup Waco built almost every tablet on our list with the assumption that you’d be using it with a desktop computer or laptop.

It has powerful specs, seamlessly runs full versions of even the most demanding programs, and performs to the high standards Waco sets for its Pro tablets. It has an Intel i7 processor, a 4 GB Squadron graphics card, a 512 GB SSD, and 16 GB of RAM.

Its large bezels extend the advertised 16-inch diagonal, so you’ll need to have a laptop bag that takes bigger models to carry it with you. On the other hand, the Mobile Studio Pro 16 has an excellent stand that lets you prop it up at various angles.

You’ll see the telltale signs of the Pro line in the tablet’s build quality and abundance of ports. You’ll also find eight responsive Expressways on the left bezel with a fingerprint reader in the middle.

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Coupled with its sharp 4K resolution, this lets you see and create minuscule details that would be impossible on weaker displays. Its only drawback is a low max brightness; rivaling tablets from Apple and Microsoft are better equipped for outdoor environments.

However, this doesn’t impact the screen’s performance as it and the Pro Pen 2 make for a responsive and accurate duo. The price is understandable since you’re getting a fully-functioning tablet with powerful specs, but the pill might be hard to swallow for many even so.

The One Is Wacom’s entry-level display graphics tablet aimed at casual users looking for a new way of approaching their digital workflow. It has fewer features than tablets in the Into line but performs with Wacom’s customary excellence.

The One is a small white display tablet with a 13.3-inch screen bordered by black bezels that are half an inch wide. There’s room on the bottom for several nibs and a tool that helps you remove them from the pen along with a stand you can use to prop the tablet up to 19 degrees.

It has 4,096 pressure levels, which won’t make a noticeable difference on the One’s HD display. The display is slightly dimmer than the Mobile Studio’s at 200 nits and not suitable for outdoor use in sunlight.

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However, it has an anti-glare coating that successfully combats reflections from lights and can be viewed at a 170-degree angle from all sides. You’ll love using Bamboo Pro if you’re a student or avid note-taker since it turns the One into a digital notebook.

There are many page styles to choose from, and you can easily manage or share multiple notebooks with devices connected to your Waco account. While it’s not nearly as bad as on some third-party models, the issue is visible enough that you’ll have to learn how to position the pen to compensate for it.

Pros A capable display tablet at a modest price Svelte pen with great responsiveness Comes with full version of Bamboo Paper Screen has decent colors and excellent viewing angles They’re less expensive and more portable than Into models but have a slightly longer learning curve since working with the tablet while looking at the changes on your monitor doesn’t come naturally at first.

We’ve chosen the medium version of the Intros Pro as its drawing area is big enough for detailed work without making your desktop feel cramped. The cable has a 90-degree angle that makes it sit flush against the tablet and minimizes the chances of tangling.

This will come in handy in situations when you want to toggle between zooming and selecting a brush size quickly. You might need to adjust the Pro Pen 2’s sensitivity if you feel that it shifts between thicknesses too abruptly, but once that’s done, you’re good to go.

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There’s no noticeable lag when you’re using it with a USB commotion, and pen movements are shown on your screen faithfully. You only get ten replacement nibs, which wouldn’t be a problem if the Intros Pro didn’t have a rough surface that wears them down.

Pros Large drawing area Responsive buttons and clever touchpad Rough surface simulates paper well Connects wired and wirelessly You’re likely not to miss features like tilt support and additional pressure levels anyway, especially if you aren’t an illustrator and are working with small to mid-sized screens.

The regular Intros is a simplistic tablet with a matte black drawing area. This is good news since the differences in drawing area size are minimal, yet the standard Intros takes up less space and is easier to transport.

It’s rubberized and as comfortable to hold as the Pro Pen 2 but lacks the advanced model’s eraser and tilt support. The drawing surfaces are similar, and you won’t notice the reduced pressure sensitivity unless you use the Intros with a 4K display where it becomes apparent.

The tablet lacks the Pro version’s touch responsiveness, which you won’t miss if you’ve never used it to begin with. These inflate the tablet’s price artificially and can be hard to access since the site where you redeem them is sluggish.

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