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Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
• 7 min read

On this episode of the Charity Champions Podcast : The Art Center of Waco. Board Member Hector Said tells us why supporting the arts is good for the entire community.

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Hear legends of the Southwest Conference swap stories in this episode of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame Podcast. Southwest Conference greats such as Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware and Texas A&M football coach Jackie Sherrill were on hand the first annual Southwest Conference Legends Golf Tournament and Reunion.

And in the small business spotlight, Michael Carpenter of City Center Waco. By Austin Meek. Scott created many well-know buildings during his career including the Dr Pepper Museum, First Baptist Church, and the Cooper House.

Brewer and Love hit the transfer portal, a quick recap of the 2020 season, and why I have high hopes for the future of Baylor Football. On this episode of the CEO Insider Podcast, host Sandy McIlroy and Texas CEO Ed Curtis discuss why the US Space Command should choose San Antonio as its new HQ. By YTexas.

Pretend We're Football go through some key takeaways from the hard-fought loss to Villanova and subsequent win over Texas State. In Episode 94 of Downtown Depot, Austin Meek interviews Julie Keith, owner of Vivek’s BBQ.

The guys of Pretend We're Football bring you the latest in Urban May-... We mean the basketball team that just won the Maui Invitational. What can fans take away from this tournament and apply to the rest of the season and what should expectations be going forward.

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Then they break down the match up vs Villanova who come to town to give Texas their… 4th and 5 breaks down how the decision-making in critical moments led to the Iowa State loss and potential downfall of Herman's tenure.

By strengthening the family they will in turn pass on God’s principles from one generation to the next. Today, in place of the regularly scheduled Downtown Depot, we revisit an episode of the Central Texas Leadership Series in which Nan Holmes interviews Waco Business owner and host of Downtown Depot, Austin Meek.

On this episode Returning to the podcast, Cindy Little tells us how a paranormal investigation took her on a historic journey. While investigating a paranormal sighting related to a photo, Cindy posted the pic on a Facebook group.

Pretend We're Football is back for another season of giving you the best independent Texas Longhorns' basketball podcast out there. This week on Downtown Depot, host Austin Meek is joined by Jed Cole of Brazos River Capital.

He also shines the Small Business Spotlight on voice actor Chris Gruesomer. By Sam Cedar. Josh and Noah talk about the big win for the Horns over #6 Oklahoma State in Stillwater last weekend and look ahead to what the expectations are the rest of the season.

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Journalist Jennings Brown's six-part Gizmo do series takes a close look at self-proclaimed “personal transformation revolutionary” Teal Swan, who has been accused of encouraging depressed people to kill themselves. Through speaking with loved ones of fervent fans (including one who took her own life), a visit to her Costa Rica retreat, and interviews with Swan herself, Brown creates a riveting portrait of a magnetic person with an unsettling power of influence.

Hosts Paige Wesley, Armando Torres, and Andrea Gazette's weekly podcast is a humorous look at every cult you think you know about, and loads that you've never heard of. As with their recent miniseries on Waco and David Forest's Branch Dravidians, the trio takes the time to explain the historical and cultural climate that make a given cult so attractive to its believers.

Incorporating clips of audio from the Jones town tapes released by the FBI, even cult history buffs will learn something new about the incident that inspired the dark phrase don't drink the Kool-Aid.” Karina Long worth's You Must Remember This made our Best Pop Culture Podcasts list for its spellbinding lesser-known Hollywood tales well told.

I listened to most of the podcast and then watched the ID episode hoping to get some visual clarity about what the police think actually happened. 1- The doors being locked and the car in drive both support the theory that she was ejected.

4- I thought Tau bi verified that K did in fact call her to make sure she was coming to pick up Malaya. 5- “Anna’s story did seem genuine, and it sounded like the podcast host believed her.

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And how would her head have hit the guardrail on the wooden post opposite of the roadside yet end up in the road? 10- I find it highly unlikely that anyone would get out to fight on the side of the interstate when they have no idea who could drive by and see them.

Several years ago, I was coming home around midnight from my sons baseball tournament, took the turn into my driveway too sharply, and plowed into my mailbox. Person inside car gets scared, hops in the driver's seat and backs in to her.

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