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• Friday, 04 December, 2020
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Specialty: Buy, Sell, Trade, Loan, Gold, Silver, Platinum Jewelry, Diamonds, Emeralds, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Brooches, Watches, DVDs/DVD Players, Stereos and Boom Boxes, Video Games, Gaming Systems, Televisions, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Acoustic and Electric Guitars/Bass Guitars, Drum Sets, Speaker Systems, Microphones & Amplifier TAR ® Inspection Report: B & K PAWN SHOP 3400 North 19th Street, Waco, TX 76708 Directions Here’s The Deal:” B & K Pawn Shop is a locally owned pawnshop that provides quick collateral loans.

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TAR ® Inspection Report: Expert recommended Top 3 Pawnshops in Waco, Texas. All of our pawnshops actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence.

Great mom & pop shop, with large selection of items. Business is FFL licensed, I shipped a shotgun from NC to TX for my nephew.

4600 Interstate 35 N, Lacy Lake view, TX We specialize in firearms, jewelry, gold, musical equipment, tools and electronics.

From Business: Contact Us For Information From Business: PAWN pawn shop located at 3020 N. 18th is committed to working with you to get the quick cash you want with the service and respect you deserve.

At a local TX pawn shop you will also find many overlooked bargains on a variety of merchandise including CDs, movies, firearms and electronics. Whether you live in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio or Houston, there is a Texas pawn shop in your city.

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If you are a Texas pawn shop owner, add and verify your free listing. Draco Gun & Pawn of Waco, Texas, has been a trusted name in the pawn business and Waco community for decades.

Our specialization in firearms, jewelry, gold, music equipment, electronics, and tools make us Waco’s choice for new and used merchandise at great prices. Unlike our competitors, we offer various high-quality products and exceptional services, including pawnbroking and layaway programs.

If you need a quick pawn loan from people you can trust or just a professional opinion on product performance, Draco is here to help! If you are interested, please come by the store and pick up an application.

As a financial service company, we are required to remain open by state law. We encourage all of our customers to follow CDC, state, and local guidelines.

We buy scrap gold, silver, fine jewelry, watches, diamonds and much more! We will pay you top dollar for all of your unused gold, silver and broken jewelry that will let you leave with the cash you need in hand.

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At Pawn smart, our low prices attract customers, but our tasteful, trendy products keep you coming back to discover what newly consigned surprises we have to offer. Our helpful sales associates are always on hand to point out new arrivals and to find items within your budget.

Please send us feedback on how your Godfather Pawn experience was. The pawnshop works very quickly when giving you cash on the spot for items or loaning you money on your details.

We will give you an estimate based on the item condition, and what you have that goes with it. Bring your Driver's license, and we will pay you cash on the spot.

If you are looking to keep your item, take advantage of our pawn shop loan. A pawnshop is a lot like a dozen garage sales and a flea market all rolled into one.

­­To try this out, I went to Rick's Music & Pawn and asked, “How much will you loan me for my wedding ring?” I can return to the pawn shop and pay the full amount ($12.20 in this case) to retrieve my wedding ring.

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I can return to the pawn shop and pay the monthly fee ($2.20 in this case) to extend my loan for another 30 days. Here's where some pawnshops differ on the second-month contract: Some would make you pay 22 percent on the new principal, $12.20, (for a total of $14.88), while other pawnshops will allow you to continue paying 22 percent on the original principal.

In a busy pawnshop, that sort of transaction happens hundreds of times every day. In many communities, the pawnshop is pretty much the only easy way to borrow small amounts of money.

A bank is not going to touch a small loan like that, and even if it did it would take a week or two to process the application. Of course, $2.20 fees due in 30 days for a $10 loan is a pretty steep rate.

As an example, let's take a look at how a pawnshop works in the state of North Carolina. But unlike many other businesses, pawnshops have a special set of laws that keep them on the straight and narrow.

Pawnshops are specially licensed, and it turns out that they have to cooperate with police on a daily basis to prevent the movement of stolen merchandise. If you are bringing in something like a TV or VCR, the pawnbroker tests it to make sure it works properly.

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In the next section we'll examine the reasons a pawnshop must complete paper work on each item. A­s we mentioned in the last section a pawn shop must complete a lot of paper work for each item they acquire.

Every day, the pawnbroker must submit a list of all merchandise received, including serial numbers, to the police. The police compare the serial numbers against records of stolen merchandise.

Let's say that you pawn your TV -- the pawnshop has to hold it for a minimum of 90 days. However, a pawnshop can also tack on other charges, such as handling, appraisal, storage and insurance fees.

The maximum allowed charge for these additional fees is 20 percent per month. ­­In practical terms, this means that the maximum loan that someone can get at a North Carolina pawnshop is about $500.

Even with this regulated fee structure, the interest rate still works out to well over 100 percent annually. If an item is priced at $100 new, and the pawnbroker thinks it will sell for $60 used, then the loan amount would be $20.

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Part of the art of being a pawnbroker is having a sixth sense about how many things are worth both new and used. “An ideal customer is someone who comes in and pays the interest every 30 days, or picks up their item every month and rep awns it if necessary,” says Ashley.

Electronics Tools Lawn equipment Sporting goods Clothing Musical instruments Jewelry Since jewelry is often the most valuable thing a person owns, it is one of the most commonly pawned items.

You will also find random things you might not expect to see at a pawnshop -- saddles, for example. For example, Rick's Music & Pawn sells both new and used instruments, speakers and other music-oriented items.

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