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Specialty: Ponds, Kids Playing Areas, Bike Riding, Playgrounds, Gardens, Foot Ball Courts, Walking Trails, Stone Benches, Slides, Monuments, Dog Parking, Green Space, Hiking Trail, Aquatic Center, Picnic Areas and Shelters, Hills, Swings, Statues, Waterfalls, Soccer Fields, Restrooms, Skyscraper & Fitness The park is a great place to visit for families, dog walkers, nature spotters, and to enjoy the excellent outdoors.

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Specialty: Hills, Kids Playing Areas, Slides, Aquatic Center, Picnic Areas and Shelters, Swings, Foot Ball Courts, Hiking Trail, Gardens, Bike Riding, Skyscraper, Playgrounds, Walking Trails, Stone Benches, Monuments, Green Space & Waterfalls The park has a large adventure playground for kids, tennis courts, two cricket clubs, football pitches, bowling greens, and fishing.

Buena Vista Park has free admission, wheelchair access, event conducting stages, and outdoor fitness equipment. “ All of our public parks actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence.

From Business: The park gate is open daily from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. Park Headquarters is open for service from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. From Business: Cable TV.

Our pet-friendly park and facilities are family operated and located just… Waco is a beautiful city known for some of the wildest and most fascinating events in recent state history, many involving religious occurrences or natural disasters.

Rocking’Rita / Flickr Its story is steeped in history, and it is the world’s first known and discovered Columbian mammoth nursery herd and the biggest collection of this species to have been found dead from one natural disaster. They brought it to the Baylor University near the river, and this led to an archaeological dig that would unveil this amazing collection of 24 Columbian mammoth remains from the ice age.

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The nursery herd of mammoths, comprised of 19 adult females and their offspring, are hypothesized to have been caught in floods. Given the positioning of the fossils, it is further inferred that the adults tried to save their young by raising them above the mud, but failed.

BrianKhoury / Flickr It was set up to study the work, lives, and legacy of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, two famous English writers. Multiple exhibits have been set up that tell tales of the prolific and talented couple, as well as the stories of those close to them.

Set in a restored Waco Hardware Building warehouse that dates back to 1908, it is home to 60 unique boutique stores. The variety here is so vast that it’s just a lot of fun to browse every one of the quaint, welcoming stores to find treasures and curiosities that will tickle your fancy.

The museum is situated in a building that was once the Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company, and it opened up in 1991 for visitors. On the other hand, the W.W. Clements Free Enterprise Institute aims to educate youth about the economic systems of the United States, using the soft drink industry as an example and model of manufacturing, developing, marketing, and other steps in production and consumption.

LunaseeStudios / ShutterstockAnyone who watched HGTV has probably heard of the Magnolia Market at the Silos, and for many people, it’s among the best when it comes to places to visit in Waco due to its fame and pop culture significance alone! Magnolia Market at the Silos was founded by Chip and Joanna Gaines, a pair of stars of HGTV.

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There is also a bakery on site that sells all sorts of treats and baked goods made with Joanna’s own favorite recipes. Since 2011, this farmers market has been providing locals and tourists alike with fresh produce and plenty of other offerings.

This includes plants, fresh drinks, alcoholic beverages, gourmet treats, artisanal cheeses, handicrafts, and more! In the area, there are also lots of great stalls to buy lunch or brunch that you can then enjoy at the picnic tables that overlook the Plane Stadium and Brazos River.

There are lemurs, Komodo dragons, orangutans, lions, otters, and even Sumatran tigers, as well as numerous animals from Africa and Asia. Open year-round, the Cameron Park Zoo hosts a number of animal-themed activities and can even cater to private events like weddings, parties, and sleepovers.

Huntley Photography / Shutterstock’s one of the reasons that the city grew and became well-known, moving from a little town to a thriving, bustling metropolis. Before its creation, it was dangerous and difficult to cross the river, and ferries were the only real way to get to the other side.

In 1971, more than a century later, the city government decided that it was time to make a switch, and the bridge was closed to vehicular travel and only open for foot traffic and pedestrians. This was due to the modernization of building techniques that meant newer, more efficient, and safer bridges were now an option.

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Packed with activities, the May born Museum Complex mostly makes use of walk-in dioramas, interactive exhibits, and hands-on attractions for its permanent showcases. It also boasts a historic village that spans 13 acres as an open-air attraction brought in from Liberty, Texas.

The house itself was built by Josiah Caldwell, a local physician in 1866, as a home for himself, his wife, and their five children. Changing years would see a number of renovations that added space, rooms, and architectural features.

Apart from numerous family heirlooms, the house also boasts an interesting thing to add to your list of what to see: watercolor paintings made by a local artist named Charles H. Cox. It’s a good option to get your bearings on tourist locations and eateries, and you may even get some discount coupons when the tour is over.

Basically, if you don’t want a full park experience and only need a single trail, this is a good option. Aside from being one of the more nature-driven Waco attractions, the Cotton Belt Trail also offers beautiful, stunning sites that make it a great place for photographers.

In fact, this is the first state to have its own Sports Hall of Fame, so it’s one of the tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss! Among the inductees named are those who have played for the Houston Astros, Baylor University, San Antonio Spurs, Texas A&M, and Dallas Cowboys.

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The unique company is popular among locals and tourists alike and offers a selection of artisan cocktails and delicious rare coffees! Earle-Napier-Kinnard Housetop Earle-Napier-Kinnard House dates back to the year 1868 when only 700 individuals lived in this city in Texas, which was then nothing more than a village.

Frank Borden / Flickr Since that year, it has been sponsored by the city of Waco and is now one of the top points of interest in the state, welcoming over three million guests since its grand opening. The Hall of Fame and Museum takes up 30 acres and was actually first named Fort Fisher, after a Ranger camp that was set up in the closely area.

The Hall Of Fame is a fantastic memory to the Rangers who have contributed to the service of this law enforcement organization. This historical home has magnificent Italianate architecture and was once owned by an industrialist named John Wesley Mann.

Within the house, a lot of the original furniture it held remains, a reminder of the past and what life in those times was like. Some of the more notable pieces of furnishings include a pier mirror in a Victorian style and a beautifully crafted wooden desk.

Private tours are by appointment only, but the house is open for admission on Sunday afternoons, so why not head there this weekend? Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons Red Men Museum and Library is owned by the Texas Red Men Foundation, Inc. and has the purpose of holding and showcasing a wide range of artifacts from history and boasting a library that is centered on the history of Waco, the Civil War, and the Second World War.

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The building that houses the Red Men Museum and Library is specifically constructed to bear resemblance to the Monticello plantation of Thomas Jefferson. It holds a number of fun and interesting exhibits, like a complete National Geographic magazine collection that scales from 1888 to now, a desk that was once owned by famous former Vice President Aaron Burr, and a bugle discovered on the Gettysburg battlefield.

Hans Watson / Flickr The Branch Dravidian religion, though it still exists now, had the height of its popularity and notoriety in the 1990s. It is now mainly known only as The Branch because of the unfortunate negative legacy of one of its former leaders: the titular David Forest.

David Forest is perhaps most known for the 51-day standoff that he held with the FBI at the site of what is now simply the Old Branch Dravidian Swimming Pool in Waco, Texas. In February 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms had suspicions that Dravidians were collecting and illegally stockpiling weapons.

The FBI and local police tried to enter the compound of the Dravidian building in Mount Carmel in an attempt to test their suspicions, and that’s when Forest and his followers opened fire on them. It took 51 days for the standoff to be resolved, which required tear gas to be thrown into the compound to force the Dravidians out of hiding.

Gunfire, grenades, and armored vehicles were used, eventually resulting in 76 deaths of the Dravidians, including Forest. Fire from the battle eventually caused the entire complex to be burned to the ground, leaving only what we now call the Old Branch Dravidian Swimming Pool, made of poured concrete and custom-fitted.

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Home games are played at Ballpark at Bell mead, which in itself may be one of the top Waco attractions as a $12 million modern stadium that seats 4,000 audience members! Most days, the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat is open from morning to night, with special events and the weather occasionally changing its operation times.

Watching a game at this stadium is a lot of fun, and even if there isn’t one playing, this is still one of the places to visit if you’re a sports fan thanks to the offered tours of the grounds. You’ll also learn all sorts of behind-the-scenes knowledge as well as informational tidbits about the Plane stadium’s history.

The plant nursery, which takes up 6 acres of land, is one of them, as a home for aquatic flora like water lilies, bulrushes, and duck potatoes. It mixes classic, vintage, modern, and handmade items in one eclectic and curious mesh.

It sells home decor and furniture in a mix of industrial and vintage styles for both function and elegance. It is, essentially, a nature preserve, with 16 acres of ground to its name, 8 of which are beautiful botanical gardens.

Homestead Heritage Craft VillageLocated 16 miles from Waco, it’s full of fun things to see that it’s worth the extra travel time and is a common spot for tourists in the city to head to. Whether you’re after baskets, pottery, furniture, baking mixes, sweet treats, or delicious meals at Café Homestead.

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Items sold here are far from “affordable” due to their high quality, unique touches, and handmade charm. In 1945, the Little Theater cooperated with the Drama Department of Baylor University to draw up plans for what would become the Civic Theater.

It has been hosted to productions like Steel Magnolias, The Wizard of Oz, Shakespeare in Love, and Newbies. Robert Rogers / Baylor University trip to LEV’s Gathering Place may be unorthodox, but it’s clearly one of the most fun things to do in Waco.

LEV’s Gathering Place is a listening room that is home to the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project’s (BGM RP) whole archive. It all started when Robert Garden, a gospel music scholar, and journalism professor, wrote an opinion article in the New York Times.

This prompted Charles Royce, an investment banker, to contact Baylor and Garden with financial offerings that would be enough to save and preserve those records. The BGM RP was officially established in 2007 and has worked to save and record as much gospel music from the genre’s golden age as possible.

It relies on donations and loans to transfer vinyl records to digital files, restoring the timeworn sound to high-quality delight. It now has thousands of 45s, 78s, and LPs from all sorts of famous voices and artists, such as Malaria Jackson, and even many from less renowned performers like the Mighty Wonders.

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Some collection has even made its way to Washington DC‘s National Museum of African American History & Culture. For a more intimate listening experience, head to LEV’s Gathering Place, which is in Baylor University’s library.

Lee Lockwood Library and MuseumOnce upon a time, it was the Waco Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’s headquarters, and that’s what the building was actually originally built for! The Lee Lockwood Library and Museum has three floors packed with all sorts of exhibits, each one providing fascinating facts about Freemasonry and its history, both pertaining to the United States and the rest of the globe.

Waco is packed with all sorts of exciting sights and spots, ranging from the artistic to the historic and from the sporty to the unusual. There are HGTV famous locations, museums packed with specific historic facets, natural areas for relaxation and exploration, and lots of opportunities for shopping and dining.

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