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Ava Flores
• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
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However, experienced anglers have been using homemade tools like the ones below for decades, and their experience and expertise has gone into developing some of our favorite models. This tool comes at a very low price and is useable with most stick bait and Seiko style plastic lures.

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Although this may not be a problem most of the time, I do occasionally want to use larger plastics, and this wackyrigtool doesn’t allow me to do that. Again, this isn’t a big problem, but it means that if I used this tool, I would have to go out and find more O-rings before long.

In my opinion, the Reaction Tackle wacky worm tool is very similar to the Eau Claire wackyrigtool. Despite this, it does have some significant downsides which must be taken into account when you are deciding on the right tool for your tackle box.

However, this wackyrigtool does come with O-rings, and it also has an attached lanyard and clip (meaning that you don’t have to worry about dropping or losing your new wacky tool). The Reel-E red rocket wackyrigtool is undoubtedly one of the most simple tools on the market, but is probably one of the best as well.

This post will help you understand the basics of using this popular technique, and all the possible variations to wacky rigging. It’s also the perfect rig for your friends who don’t have a clue about bass fishing but want to learn how.

Wacky rigging, or the wacky rig often refers to how you hook your soft plastic when fishing for bass. When you here the words wacky rigged” this generally means the hook is sitting right in the middle of the worm.

wacky senko rigging tool baits
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When wacky rigging weightless the best bait, hands down, is a Yamamoto 4 or 5 inch Seiko. I’m sure you could try it with other smaller worms, but typically your larger stick style baits work best.

One cool trick is to use a wacky rigging tool, and slip some rubber o-rings over the middle of your bait. Place your hook through the rubber ring, and you are going to save yourself some cash from losing those stick baits when they get thrashed by the bass.

I’ve experimented between both nose hooking and wacky rigging on a drop shot. Wacky rigging just gives the bait a wobbling action which can’t be duplicated with a nose hook.

I’ve caught more fish on a drop shot wacky rigged worm than any other set up in my arsenal. Another popular method for wacky rigging is to use a weighted hook on your wacky rig.

This thing is awesome in getting the action of the wacky style bait down deep to those elusive bass. Wacky Rigging with a nail weight is a very popular way to catch bass.

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Sometimes this is referred to as a Nero Rig.” Basically all you do is put together a weightless wacky rig, but then you slide a small nail style weight in the head of the worm. On a tight line your worm will stand up and wobble across the bottom as you inch it along.

My favorite worms to fish with a nail weight are a Yamamoto 4 or 5 inch Seiko, or a fat straight tail hookworm. If all else falls, give them the “Mo wack!” It gets your bait right down to the bottom, and both ends of your worm wobble enticingly as you pull the Carolina rig along.

This is a unique wacky style Carolina rig set up to try and get a few more bites, and a little more action from your worms. This wacky rigging video show’s all these different ways to fish a wacky rig in action.

Let me know your thoughts on wacky rigging, and which of these techniques you’ve found success with in the comments below. I’m a sponge for wanting to learn more and better ways to catch bass, so your comments mean a lot.

There is a lot of good stuff out there, and I just hope to contribute by sharing with you what I’ve done that’s worked. $2.99 This Chart will help you select the right lures and baits for every situation to catch large mouth and small mouth bass.

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Snag a copy to print out and keep in your boat or tackle bag when times get tough. $6.99 Snag the bait selection chart and get my 4 soft plastic rigging & fishing tutorials for a third of the cost.

Knowing how to use these soft plastic set-ups is key for catching bass with this chart. The answer might be a swim bait for those anglers looking to target giant California bass, or it might be a live Retail minnow for those searching for trophy small mouth bass on the Mississippi River, but regardless of the answer, confidence plays an important role.

Sure, the method and idea have remained the same, but now you have hooks, weights, baits and many other products created specifically for wacky rig fishing. It used to be simple… just hook a soft plastic stick bait in the middle and cast away.

Location can play the biggest role, so making sure you’re in a promising spot is more than half the battle. Reason being: deep applications require more weight to get down to the strike zone.

Simply hooking a Mister Twister Coming or POC’it Fries in the middle and casting it out won’t be enough; you need to use some sort of weighted hook or attached weight. The easier method of wacky rigging in deeper water is to just use a weighted hook.

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This allows you to still fish wacky style, but the added weight allows you to keep better contact with your presentation and also drop the bait down to the desired depth. Because the application falls slow, you can fish among heavier weeds without constant snags.

You can also fish shallow water without the presentation plummeting to the bottom right away. A great option for the bass angler looking to hug the shoreline, casting at every piece of structure.

We update our electronics, so we’re running the latest gadgets to locate fish faster. These tools allow us to skip some learning curve to achieve desired results, and same goes for the wacky rig.

I’m not saying they don’t all have their place and niche, but sometimes having a method that makes things easy can allow you to focus on fishing. Add that to the fact that now you have a useful, easy to use option to help the youth and novice bass anglers to catch more fish, and you’ve got yourself a winning method for fishing success.

One of the beauties of wacky rig fishing is that the bass don’t rip up your plastic. The fish typically engulf the entire bait, and you’re using durable options to begin with.

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It’s a complete package of durability and finesse, something we’re typically not used to in the bass world. ***Matt Johnson owns and operates Matt Johnson Outdoors where he offers year-round guided fishing trips and promotes the sport of fishing.

What I am about to tell you is probably one of the most effective ways to catch bass for most of the fishing season. The wacky rig is used in many applications but for today I wanted to hone in on just one of these ways which has opened my eyes to the world of the Seiko worm or stick worm.

The best way to start setting up is to grab a 7’ Med action spinning rod with some (8 lbs test) line of your choice. Then tie the hook, using a Palomar Knot, to a 4/0 Takamatsu Finesses weedless hook (size is preference) and puncture the worm in the middle and proceed to drive it all the way through as seen on the pic below.

The other way of rigging this worm is almost the same way except this time you will use an “O ring” that can be put on your worm with a rigging tool that you can purchase at Bass Pro. I personally think this is the way to do it especially if you don’t want to be going through your bag or worms fast.

I would start with a dark color in most cases but let the fish tell you what they want. Simply cast the worm out and let it sink for a few seconds depending on your desired depth.

wacky rig rigs plastic without bass spring tool serious stretched damaging worm onto slide soft ring user down center
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You are trying to mimic a dying fish or creature so to get the bass to think that your presentation is an easy meal. You can cast along shorelines, by fallen trees, around rocks, docks, break walls, grass along the edges in and under the water, the presentations are endless.

Wait for the double tick, thump or hit on the line. Make sure to watch the line and if it starts to move in any direction you will want to reel in the access line and lower your rod tip.

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