Best Wacky Rig Setup

Earl Hamilton
• Sunday, 24 January, 2021
• 7 min read

The wacky rig is known to give your soft plastic baits more action, and can be employed in a lot of different ways. This post will help you understand the basics of using this popular technique, and all the possible variations to wacky rigging.

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It’s also the perfect rig for your friends who don’t have a clue about bass fishing but want to learn how. Wacky rigging, or the wacky rig often refers to how you hook your soft plastic when fishing for bass.

When you here the words wacky rigged” this generally means the hook is sitting right in the middle of the worm. This set up allows your soft plastic to have incredible action as you move it through the water.

Here is a simple diagram of what a basic wacky rig looks like to help you understand what people are talking about when the say, “I rigged it wacky style.” When wacky rigging weightless the best bait, hands down, is a Yamamoto 4 or 5 inch Seiko.

I’m sure you could try it with other smaller worms, but typically your larger stick style baits work best. One cool trick is to use a wacky rigging tool, and slip some rubber o-rings over the middle of your bait.

Place your hook through the rubber ring, and you are going to save yourself some cash from losing those stick baits when they get thrashed by the bass. Just a simple small size 1 Takamatsu finesse wide gap hook can’t be beat for fishing a weightless wacky rig.

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Illustration of a weightless wacky rigged Seiko set up ready to start fishing! I’ve experimented between both nose hooking and wacky rigging on a drop shot.

Wacky rigging just gives the bait a wobbling action which can’t be duplicated with a nose hook. I’ve caught more fish on a drop shot wacky rigged worm than any other set up in my arsenal.

Another popular method for wacky rigging is to use a weighted hook on your wacky rig. This thing is awesome in getting the action of the wacky style bait down deep to those elusive bass.

Wacky Rigging with a nail weight is a very popular way to catch bass. Sometimes this is referred to as a Nero Rig.” Basically all you do is put together a weightless wacky rig, but then you slide a small nail style weight in the head of the worm.

On a tight line your worm will stand up and wobble across the bottom as you inch it along. My favorite worms to fish with a nail weight are a Yamamoto 4 or 5 inch Seiko, or a fat straight tail hookworm.

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If all else falls, give them the “Mo wack!” It gets your bait right down to the bottom, and both ends of your worm wobble enticingly as you pull the Carolina rig along. This is a unique wacky style Carolina rig set up to try and get a few more bites, and a little more action from your worms.

This wacky rigging video show’s all these different ways to fish a wacky rig in action. I tied up all 5 of these styles of wacky rigs, and used them in an evening of fishing.

I Hope you found these tips beneficial, and most importantly they help you “Track” some bass! Let me know your thoughts on wacky rigging, and which of these techniques you’ve found success with in the comments below.

I’m a sponge for wanting to learn more and better ways to catch bass, so your comments mean a lot. There is a lot of good stuff out there, and I just hope to contribute by sharing with you what I’ve done that’s worked.

$2.99 This Chart will help you select the right lures and baits for every situation to catch large mouth and small mouth bass. Snag a copy to print out and keep in your boat or tackle bag when times get tough.

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$6.99 Snag the bait selection chart and get my 4 soft plastic rigging & fishing tutorials for a third of the cost. Knowing how to use these soft plastic set-ups is key for catching bass with this chart.

In a never-ending quest to catch more and bigger fish, anglers have learned to embrace a multitude of baits and techniques. We've learned to flip and pitch, cast monstrous swim baits and even rig a drop shot.

While most anglers have already been introduced to wacky rigging as a concept, it seems that some finer points of making this finesse presentation work, as well as some terminal tackle, haven't yet reached the masses. I would say first and foremost the wacky presentation is probably at its best during spawn and post-spawn when fish move up shallow.

Outside grass lines, pockets in reeds, docks, rock walls, wherever fish are spawning or have moved to in a post-spawn situation are great places for a wacky rigged soft plastic. Especially in the post-spawn when bass get really lethargic, and they don't want to chase bait, scaling down with a wacky worm will produce strikes for you.

The wacky rig, when not fishing thick grass or trying to get it up in the middle of a tree, is more efficient than a Texas rig. My wacky rigging equipment consists of a 7-foot spinning rod with 8- or 10-pound Berkley Trident® 100% Fluorocarbon line.

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Just stick the hook point through the egg sac, or thickest portion, of the bait. The Fat Dover Crawler is the best worm I can think of for the wacky system because it has the most movement and displaces the most water.

The fall of the bait is so different, and it wants to plane and glide, and you can hop it and shake it throughout the water column. The depth of the water and the speed of the fall you want will determine what size nail weight you want to use.

It takes some experimentation and some specialized terminal tackle, but it is so effective at catching both shallow and deep fish from the spawn through fall that it is destined to be the next hot technique that makes its way to your home lake. The wacky rig is a unique finesse fishing style that involves hooking a soft plastic worm right through the middle.

The presentation is a bobbing and wiggling worm on the way down through the water that the bass can’t resist. I’ve been fishing this rig for over a decade with what my dad always called his “wacko worms.” We’d spend hours on the water every weekend with nothing else but worms, rods, and a cooler full of soggy sandwiches.

Today, we’ll learn how to rig and fish wacky style. Wacky rig a Seiko worm, and you’ll have a weightless rig that has enough weight to cast the distance.

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The problem here is that people use smaller worms, and then they end up with a lightweight lure that can’t cast against the wind or anything else for that matter. A weightless wacky rig is the simplest way you can go, and it doesn’t require much fancy knot tying or rigging knowledge.

This rig is incredible, and it works beautifully with the finesse style of fishing we’re doing. The main thing that defines a wacky rig compared to others is the fact that it’s not weedless, and it punctures right through the worm unless you’re using an o-ring.

While it’s a bit challenging to fish the bottom with exposed barbs, it’s much easier to get a solid hook set. You can take a weedless jig head and use that to puncture the worm with your standard wackyrigsetup.

Taking a nail and driving it through the top of a Seiko worm is called a lot of different things. It’s a finesse angling style that requires a lot of movement on your part and a steady and active retrieval.

Personally, I like a dynamic fishing style because it never feels like you’re just sitting there and waiting for something to happen. Wacky is a finesse angling style intended for a bit deeper and more clear water.

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You’ll fish towards the bottom, and most of the time, the bass will strike the worm on the way down. The strategy usually includes casting out, letting the worm sink down, and create its action on its way down.

Whenever we’re fishing a finesse style, you’ll always want to use a spinning rod and reel combo. Go with a light tackle fast action, and you won’t miss a single detail.

Also, many of these hooks are made specifically for this rig, and they’re weedless even if you have an exposed barb at the end. Braid has a lot less flex and stretch, so it’ll work better if you’re having a slack problem.

Much lost fish come as a result of break-offs as well, and you won’t have that issue because the braided line is much stronger, so when the large mouth takes you out around the dock, you can keep solid pressure on him. If you understand bass, you know that this is brilliant, and it’s great for skipping the worm towards docks, overhanging trees, and other structure.

The wacky rig is a unique but fun finesse angling style that is simple for all experience levels to jump into. Whenever I talk to new anglers trying out bass fishing for the first time, I often recommend that they give this method a try.

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