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• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
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Factors such as sharpness, hook size, if it has a weed guard, the list goes on. One of the best hooks for wacky rigs is the Takamatsu finesse wide gap version.

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For the anglers who are unaware, Takamatsu is a hook brand that is simply better than all the other competitors. They make a different type of hook that continues to work for many years.

The finesse wide gap models are great for adding weight to a weightless wacky rig and the weed guard protects it from getting snagged. Yet another option from Takamatsu, the weedless drop shot hooks are versatile and effective.

The unique design of the hook body gives the rigged worm a great action in the water. This makes it a great option for moss filled ponds and other heavily weeded areas.

With exceptional quality on the needle point hook, it can stick into fish without any issues. The design of the next Takamatsu hook is a little different from many competitors.

Shaped like the seventh letter of the alphabet, the unique design adds a different weed guard as well as a resin closed eye. The point has been chemically sharpened to provide superior penetration.

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Many similar competing models have a different way of attaching them so the weed guards bend. This allows you to fish your wacky rigged worm in the thickest cover and brush.

Although somewhat controversial, fishing a wacky rig with a weight is a tried and true method of getting some very huge strikes. When the rig has some added weight, the natural movement of the soft plastic worm is amplified, and it gets to the bottom much quicker.

It has everything you would normally find in a Takamatsu hook, but it also has a custom head that was made to add action to soft plastic worms. It also comes with a weed guard that helps keep grass off of the hook point.

The shape of the head is different from a traditional round jig normally used for this purpose. The unique thing is that the weed guards do not ever shift positions on the head.

If you want a very nice hook that does pretty much everything and are fairly concerned with sharpness, you may consider an Eagle Claw Trocar TK97 or TK97w. Eagle Claw hooks are made in America and generally do not break the bank very much.

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Trocar hooks have the second sharpest tip in the world when examined under a microscope. Longer time in the strike zone equals more fish.

Owner hooks are extremely unique because they come equipped with a patented triple edge cutting point. Owner hooks are tried and true with a very heavy record for pinning and landing fish.

Mike and the owners at VMC created the Ike wacky hook. The Ike has a thick wire and a weed guard to make it snag proof.

Papal is the biggest and most successful fishing lure and tackle maker in the world. A tournament grade hook partnered with the most successful fishing brand in the entire industry.

This was invented after bass master Kevin Vandal wanted a hook that can do pretty much everything a wacky hook was capable of doing. The simple fact that the world’s best bass angler Kevin Vandal uses Mustard should be proof enough.

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Even so, it is perfectly balanced for absolutely any stick bait you want to put on. It has an insanely sharp Mustard point and a decent weed guard that does seem to bend with use.

While it may look like an Aberdeen, this one is actually VMC’s attempt at an outstanding Nero rig setup. Second, it has the same point and barb approved by Papal and Mike Antonelli.

A very interesting thing about Owner as a hook brand is the type of point they include with every model. They have a triple edged cutting tip that slices through as it penetrates a fish’s mouth.

The super needle point model is a great option for anybody who want to throw or fish stick baits. The wacky rig may look odd, but it is one of the most effective ways to rig a Seiko style bait.

Fishing senior is one of the best ways to get large mouth bass to bite. By selecting the right one, you can start to see your catch rate go way up and remain more constant over time.

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If you’re a passionate weekend bass angler who wants to fish like a pro, using these worm rigging tips should do the trick. Rigging a wacky worm is usually done by placing the hook through the center of the bait, causing it to sag evenly on both ends.

Some seasoned anglers prefer an off-center hook placement depending on how they want to fish their wacky worm rig. That realistic sinking action draws the attention of nearby bass, inducing reaction strikes as they inhale the bait into their mouth.

Although this traditional method works well for anglers of all skill levels the problem with rigging wacky worms this way is that they get torn up rather quickly, especially when fishing near weed beds or docks. Much like bass, many experienced anglers also love the SEIKO brand of wacky worms because of their superior sinking action and unique profile details.

Even as an inexperienced angler using these simple wacky worm rigs should put more monster fish in your boat: To rig up yours find the smooth part in the middle of the worm and thread your wide gap, size 2/0 to 4/0 Diana Skyhook through it.

Once you’ve found a good spot, like a shallow feeder channel bed during the spawning season, cast your “weightless” rig out. If the falling rig reaches the bottom without a reaction strike or hook set, give it a brief rest before starting your retrieve and presentations.

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On windy days or when there’s a strong current, a Texas wacky worm rig provides just enough extra weight to ensure cast-and-retrieve accuracy. When bass moves deeper into the water column during cold winter months, you’ll need to be more patient or switch to a Carolina rig.

This video from our YouTube channel shows you how to Rig and fish a weightless SEIKO wacky worm Texas style: October 13, 2021 How to Properly Store Soft Swim baits As the water cools, keep your baits in shape and ready for next year.

CHECK PRICE Product Features Brand Name: Takamatsu Sizes: 4 – 1/0 Colors: Black The difference with this one is that it includes a nylon weed guard for when you’re fishing your wacky rig in cover to avoid getting stuck.

Another excellent choice is the Harmony Fishing Razor Series Wacky Weedless WE Hooks. The hooks are made from durable high-carbon steel which makes them strong, so they won’t bend.

The Berkley Fusion19 Wide Gap Weedless Hook is our number 4 spot on the list. The hooks also include a fluorocarbon weed guard to help you fish in heavy cover without worrying about snags with your wacky setup.

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The Reaction Tackle Tungsten Wacky Jig Head is a great option. CHECK PRICE These days there are many wacky hooks on the market, so the best type is up for debate, but generally, there are a few features you want to look for.

The best type of wackyrighook is generally a short thanked wide gap hook with a weedless design. If you’re fishing a grassy pond or another area with plenty of cover, then the weedless design is definitely something you want to pay attention to.

In general, a good wacky hook, drop shot hook, or wacky jig head will work fine for your senior and other worms. Eventually, you will learn your favorite because all the hooks we showed here are excellent, but it just comes down to a matter of preference.

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