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Earl Hamilton
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
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When you need to lay a foundation for a small house or simply install pavers, there is no better tool than a wacker plate (also known as a plate compactor). A compaction plate of 53 × 35 cm that allows for covering larger areas at once.

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The 6 mm of thickness make the plate highly resistant to physical damage. The model from Sheppard boasts a powerful 5.5 HP motor that provides the unit with the ability to compact almost any material no matter the type or thickness.

Moreover, the compaction depth of 30 cm makes the product a universal tool. The plate incorporates a design that features a steel frame, which protects the engine from physical damage.

A vibrating plate that features rich packaging will be an ideal pick for builders and small building companies that perform paving or foundation laying jobs. The handle on top of the housing can be adjusted to fit your particular height and reduce the risk of back pains after a number of lengthy projects.

If you are keen on doing landscaping jobs in your yard, or you simply happen to be a die-hard Diver, this wacker plate is a perfect choice for you. More compact than regular-sized models, it is particularly suitable for all kinds of paving jobs.

A modern ignition system allows for saving the petrol and starting the engine regardless of the circumstances. A rectangular vibrating plate and smaller handles do not affect the effectiveness of the tool and allow for using the instrument more comfortably in the sort of close quarter environments where a bigger model simply won't do.

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A 250W motor is extremely quiet, which is an important aspect for large projects. In addition to that, the motor is covered with a protective case that prevents the soil from getting inside the housing.

What we have here is a perfectly compact model that is easy to transport and store. Thanks to the latter properties, paving in close quarters will prove to be an easy task.

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A Choice of Professionals A powerful 5.5 HP, 4kW petrol engine of this model allows it to move at speeds of up to 25 meters per minute, which, in the result, makes it one of the fastest wacker plates on the market today. In addition to the surprisingly fast traverse speed, the engine can also deliver the force of up to 11,000 N per square meter.

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With such a huge power at your disposal, you're paving and compacting projects will be done with ease and quality to match. Although the 1100 model from Sheppard is quite effective when it comes to finishing various paving projects, we would not recommend this model for Divers and entry-level builders since it is a heavy plate compactor that weighs 57 kg.

This heavyweight model is a universal tool that is capable of compacting almost all bituminous materials such as gravel, sand, brick or concrete stones and slabs. However, its relatively modest engine specifications offer an astonishing amount of power.

To be more specific, the petrol 3 HP engine can deliver up to 8,200 N of compaction force per square meter and that creates a perfect foundation for the concrete and clay materials. Moreover, the tool can travel at the speed of almost 23 meters per minute, which is quite impressive for an engine with a 2 kW output.

On top of that, the design features an engine protection frame that can withstand heavy damage in case of accidents. Although the device weighs around 50 kg with all of its parts attached, it is fairly easy to transport thanks to the special lifting handles.

The wheels and the anti-vibration handles can be easily folded, and that, once more, increases the portability of this model. Wrapping things up, the VP60 from LU MAG is a unit that was engineered to last, can complete all the standard paving objectives, and will be a real treat for any builder working with bituminous materials.

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Hulk Smashes but Gently The Hulk plate compactor from Evolution is one of the few compact wacker plates that can compete on the same level as regular-sized devices in terms of power and compacting force. Surprisingly enough, the tiny 2.4 HP engine of this tool can deliver up to 10 thousand N of kinetic force per square meter at 3,600 vibrations per minute.

Although it is quite powerful for such a small engine, the model lacks speed as it can travel only at 8 meters per minute. Hence, the Hulk is perfect for slow and methodical runs at small to medium paving projects.

The main benefit of its size is that you can use the compactor in areas where normal-sized models simply won't be able to go through. That being said, the plate of this unit is only 40 × 32 cm, which makes this model somewhat difficult to use on bigger projects such as laying foundations for the houses since you will have to do twice as many runs in comparison to a regular compactor.

That said, despite its size, the manufacturers made sure to implement a couple of features that are more common with bigger compactors: the vibration control and anti-vibration levers. The latter can be folded and that makes this model even more convenient to transport and operate.

All in all, this fairly light and versatile compactor will be more than suitable for professionals and Divers alike. A Silent Workhorse A single-direction plate compactor from Switzer is your go-to pick if you're the kind of person who values reliability and effectiveness of your building tools over anything else.

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The regular-sized HS-50 features a petrol engine with the power of 3 HP (an equivalent of 98.5 cc displacement). The gas-powered heart of the tool is capable of delivering around 800 kilos per square meter at 3,600 PM, which is quite impressive for a 10 kg engine.

Although the four-stroke motor allows for performing the majority of paving jobs with ease, it is still relatively under powered and the fact that the maximum travel speed barely reaches 20 m/min serves as a proof of that. As for the passive parts of the body, the wacker plate features 48 × 31 cm of overall dimensions, which will be a good fit for the majority of basic and advanced foundation and paving purposes.

In conclusion, we would like to say that, despite some minor flaws, this plate compactor is still a great pick for any builder that occasionally does pave jobs. The mini wacker plate weighs only 6 kilograms, which makes it a perfect hand tool.

With an automatic model, there's a good chance you would have to do several runs in order to achieve a perfect result. However, with this tool at your disposal, you will be able to compact even the trickiest areas that your standard plate compactor would never be able to reach.

The main purpose of these tools is to compact materials such as sand, gravel, or soil to increase their density. The modern compactors come in different sizes and designs, although they are all similar in the way they perform the process of compaction.

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So, a wacker plate (or plate compactor) is usually petrol or diesel powered and allows layers of material to be compacted down until closely knitted and firm, to enable a good solid foundation for things such as patio’s, paths, driveways and even for turf laying. The operator controls the plate by guiding it into the desired direction as it vibrates along the surface until all the ground is firm and level.

This helps lock the material together making it much tougher and less likely to “move” under weight. Depending on the engine power output (measured in horsepower (or hp)), the machine can compact the material down to various depths (for example typically 30 cm deep).

If you are creating patios or paths around a property then you don’t necessarily need the biggest and bestwackerplate there is out there (as generally it is just human traffic on them, and not too heavy), but for driveways and public highways where heavy vehicles will move, there is a need for better machinery than can compact quickly and down to decent depths. So often, two people are needed to move them in position (although some models do come with wheels that help maneuver the plate from your vehicle to the site).

This means that the way forward is to make sure you are properly trained, not just to move it, but to look after it and spot issues. We tested them, either by ourselves, or we enlisted the help of companies who use backers on a regular basis.

This PC 12/36 plate compactor will work hard all year round. Precision engineered, and extremely high quality give Belle machines the trust they have come to be accustomed to from consumers around the world.

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Foldable mounted guide handle offers superior maneuverability and can be lowered to operate under obstacles and close to form work. 4 HP Honda petrol engine (known for their superb reliability) 9.5 liter capacity water tank spray system.

“ It’s got a larger water tank spray system that stops stuff sticking to the bottom (hot asphalt for example)” It would be so easy to simply state “go out and buy a Belle and forget the rest”.

We wouldn’t be wrong in that statement, however the downsides to owning a Belle compactor plate are the high price tags when purchasing. This is the mid weight Belle CLX 320 – 3.0HP Honda Petrol Driven Backplate.

It features a 320 mm plate that achieves brilliant compaction levels across all materials. It performs to HAUL standards (Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee) so is guaranteed to get the job done to the right specifications.

One of the safest machines in its class, the low vibration design means the operator can user it for longer periods without undue fatigue setting in. It’s also extremely well-built and enjoys long periods of use in between planned services or maintenance needs.

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Hyundai have been in existence since 1947 as an engineering and construction company before branching out into motoring and machinery. For their wacker plates they use a sole UK based importer (Gen power Ltd), who trade as “Hyundai Power Equipment”.

Will achieve 25 meters per minute coverage (so extremely useful) A sturdy 8 mm steel plate compacts down to 200 mm. Ideal for compacting sand, soil, small aggregates it is the perfect, cost-effective plate compactor for DIY projects, patio & block paving preparation, small driveway work and tarmac repair.

The Nielsen C 60 petrol plate compactors packs a good solid punch thanks to it’s 5.5 horsepower engine. It’s not the hardest hitting compactor, and won’t be good for heavy duty items but for the vast majority of applications it is just fine.

We used it to compact both the sub base and sand down for our block paving and I have to say it performed exceedingly well. Nicely priced and less hassle organizing electric cables and hoping for dry days.

Powerful 2.4hp motor Low frequency & high amplitude for better soil compaction Easy fold handle for storage and transportation Thick, durable baseplate and vibration damper system increases user comfort 2-Year Warranty (only valid if purchased in the UK) For those smaller areas, this hand held mini wacker plate is just perfect.

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The baseplate on this machine is made using stable lacquered sheet steel. We trialed this for 2 weeks for a pathway going from our front door, down the side of the house and to Mary up to our patio at the back.

Knowing how to fill up with fuel knowing how to safely remove the compactor plate from your vehicle to the area being compacted (without breaking your back) Giving a visual inspection to make sure all the nuts and bolts are as tight as they should be. Long term it will help keep you safer, more informed, and be able to identify any issues if there arise.

If your plate compactor is an electric model then simply plug it in and pull on the lever or press the on/off switch to start compacting. This is usually a small Black plastic handle attached to rope that goes inside the engine.

The machine uses a centrifugal clutch which will engage when the revs are high enough, forcing the compactor into motion. Simply use your hands to guide, along with a bit of force, to ensure it goes in the direction you are travelling.

Assuming no machinery issues, reduce the revs right down and let it run for a minute or two to cool down, just ticking over somewhere safe out of your way, then you can turn the power on/off switch to the off position (usually a “0”). For additional safety, slide the fuel lever to the left (off position).

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