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Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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You’ve mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedges and tidied up the flower beds. Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on the yard by cleaning up around the edges.

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You can pull out the handheld shears and knee pads and spend the next three hours redefining “tedium”. Or you can grab the weed wacker and finish up in about 15 minutes while saving your knees in the process.

If you don’t have one yet here are the best electric weed backers on the market today. When combined with the powerful 5 amp motor and dual-line string cutter it’s going to slice through grass and weeds like a hot knife through butter.

It transitions from trimmer to edger in seconds, the shaft quickly and easily adjusts to accommodate your height and the well-considered handle positions won’t make you suffer for your work. It’s also light, quiet, doesn’t produce noxious fumes' Ala gas powered hedge trimmers and the edger wheel action is smooth and dependable.

When you take all that and toss in the ultra-competitive price and 2-year warranty you get our hands down Best Choice. The 14-inch dual line cutting area allows you to zip right along.

The DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer by Dealt features a variable speed motor that lets you ratchet things back to save battery. The dual string cutting diameter of 13 inches is one of the largest you’ll find on a battery powered weed wacker and the bump feed is reliable and easy to use.

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When fully engaged the motor lets you make short work of stubborn weeds although don’t look for it to pop up and handle your edges for you. The motor is remarkably quiet, especially on low power, which is something your neighbors are sure to appreciate and the lithium-ion battery takes only a few hours to fully recharge.

That biggest reason is the push button string feeder. For now, it’s enough to take this reliable, well-built trimmer and give it a prominent position on our best electric weed wacker list.

The option to optimize runtime is a nice feature on a cordless trimmer. The push button feed is going to find a lot of fans.

The Work WG163 GT is a lightweight, reliable, robust trimmer/edger that dares to provide you with two lithium-ion batteries, so you can always have an extra on hand in case you need it. The shaft is fully adjustable for height, the head for angle and the handles to ensure you always have a safe comfortable grip.

It transforms from a trimmer to edger in seconds with a set of rollers that should be the envy of most of its contemporaries. The 12-inch diameter cutting area lets you move along without delay, and it also features push button string feeding Ala the B+D LSTE523.

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Although lightweight it has a nice robust feel to it lacking in many other weed eaters. The flip up edging option is a nifty touch and works surprisingly well.

Don’t expect to clear heavy undergrowth with this grass trimmer. If you have large property chances are you’re going to find a lot of electric trimmers to be somewhat limiting.

First and foremost because either the cord won’t go where you need to go or the battery will die before you finish the job. The 25cc gas engine and the 16-inch cutting head provides all the power you need to zip right along.

It also lets you wade into the heavier brush that you couldn’t touch with an electric trimmer. The string is a bit thicker too and is fed out via a reliable bump feed system.

The Green works 24V Cordless String Trimmer is a well-built, convenient, affordable piece of backyard kit that shows up for work every time and provides a 12-inch cutting diameter with its single line auto feed head. The edger is easy to engage, and effective (although it’s not going to win any awards for smoothest roller) and the battery provides reasonably long life.

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For more gardening tools check out our guide on best manual weeders. An affordable reasonably powerful option for small to mid-sized yards.

The pivoting head is a nice feature but takes some time to master. The Akita XRU02 is a powerful, reliable, quiet, cordless string weed eater that adjusts to any user, is well-balanced, lightweight and features a dependable bump feed system.

Its 7,800 rpm motor is faster than many competitors and the adjustable 5 position head lets you take maximum advantage of that speed and power. If we have a quibble here it’s that the cutting diameter is a modest 10 inches which are going to slow you down a bit if you have a big yard.

Other than that there’s a lot to like, including the lightweight, the efficient edger, the responsive bump feed along with the low battery indicator light. Be sure to also check out our list of the best garden shovel for more great items like this.

Even though most of their manufacturing has shifted overseas B+D still do an admirable job (for the most part) overseeing quality control. It features automatic string feed that works more or less than intended (though it can be a bit overeager), a powerful 5 amp electric motor, an integrated edge guide and weighs a scant 5.3 pounds.

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The dual handle setup is comfortable and sensible, the edge guide allows you to get a nice clean cut and the telescoping shaft is easy to use and stays where you put it. Our handy guide to the best cordless lawn mowers features more great products like this.

The 40 volt lithium-ion battery won’t let you down in the middle of a job. The Work WG119 Electric String Trimmer features a tilting head, a powerful 5.5 amp motor and one of the widest cutting areas (15 inches) of any consumer grade trimmer/edger.

The shaft easily extends for taller folks, the dual line cutter makes quick work of whatever is in its path and at 6.5 pounds it’s not going to wear you out. You can tilt the head to accommodate slopes, the auto feeder doesn’t get carried away and the handle setup is one of the most ergonomically pleasing we tested.

Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best riding lawn mowers. It can be powered either by NICAP or lithium-ion batteries (neither one of which is included) and it features a dependable if a little overanxious, auto line feeder.

It’s hungry and aggressive and switches easily between trimmer and upright edger. The brushless electric motor will provide years of reliable service.

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String trimmers are designed to facilitate the maintenance of plant growth in those out-of-the-way areas. To make sure you’re selecting the right tool for your yard, start by understanding the different types of string trimmers that are commonly available.

Though gas-powered string trimmers typically handle long weeds and heavy brush better than their electric-powered counterparts, they can also be more expensive. Curved-shaft string trimmers feature a bend at the end of the shaft, near the blades, which makes them shorter.

That shorter length (and sometimes lighter weight) makes these types of trimmers comfortable to use. Straight shaft string trimmers boast greater reach for tall users and for those who need to trim far beneath shrubbery or unique landscape features.

Powered by a highly efficient lithium-ion battery, the EGO Power+ string trimmer operates via a quiet-running electric motor. With a lightweight and extendable aluminum shaft, the EGO Power+ trims growth quickly and efficiently across a generous 15-inch cutting swath.

Besides the ability to convert into an edger for extra precision when necessary or desired, this model from BLACK+DECKER also includes an automatic feed spool for its electrical cord, which makes it a cinch to extend and retract as needed. With 6.25 amps of power and a smooth transmission system, this adjustable-height, straight-shaft string trimmer offers more than satisfying performance for its budget-friendly price.

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We can't tell you which packer is best for your needs, but we have written up what we think are the pros and cons of each to help you make your decision: Goatskin material is porous and may not stay in tip-top shape forever.

If you want a serious package, it is the one to reach for, but if you like it more subtle, stick with a different packer.

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