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• Monday, 21 December, 2020
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The bestVRgames are the ones that are helping gamers to understand exactly why it's worth investing in a headset and possibly risking motion sickness. With the screen directly in front of your eyes, VR gaming feels incredibly liberating, but can be as familiar or as fresh as you like after that.

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Fun examples of these would be The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR or Doom VFR, which are based on existing (albeit sometimes dated) titles. This includes Beat Saber, Iron Man VR or Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

These are based on games designed for normal controllers, but these versions change so many mechanics and scenarios, they've essentially become brand-new experiences. (Image credit: Xbox) Even without a VR headset, the stunning views and meticulously detailed aircraft of this flight sim are simply delicious to experience.

With the first-person viewpoint offered by your helmet, you can examine all the buttons and switches up close, and gain an extra level of immersion as you take off and land at airports around the world, fly through the clouds (which are dynamically altered in real-time according to global weather reports) and admire the landscapes below. (Image credit: EA) With a first-person view out of your X-Wing or TIE Fighter cockpit, Star Wars Squadrons is the latest and greatest way to experience space combat set in the timeline of the saga's original trilogy.

You can take to the ether in either small-scale dogfights or in giant fleet battles where you can fly alongside capital ships, protecting and attacking them accordingly. Your chosen fighter, out of a list of famous Star Wars spacecraft, can also be customized to make it look and perform more like you want and need, depending on the mission at hand.

In classic Star Wars tradition, there's a single player campaign to enjoy too, with the Rebels and the Empire both getting their own sides of the story. Your home planet has been taken over by a robot empire, and after breaking out of prison with your new falcon friend, the only logical thing to do is start fighting back.

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With the falcon on one arm and a stun baton in the other, you'll be tasked by the resistance to free up areas of the map from machine control, bringing hope back to a community that's not got a lot of it left. It's an uplifting story set in a beautifully rendered world, and a treat to play either in VR or with a standard game pad or keyboard.

(Image credit: Disney Interactive) Within a fortress on the planet Must afar, surrounded by lava and burning rock, dwells the most famous Sith Lord in all the galaxy. Your path forwards is blocked by enemies, that you can take down with your lightsaber, and puzzles, which you'll need to use your mind and physics objects to conquer instead.

If you want a break from the story, you can open up the game's included Lightsaber Dojo, where you can train in the art of wielding your elegant weapon from a more civilized age. You're moved along on rails, but your focus is on shooting enemies to the beat of the game's EDM soundtrack, which awards you more points.

It's a game you'll want to play over and over to either beat your high score or to savor the feeling of making a string of headshots to a rapid synth bass riff. (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment) Here's a thrilling way to inhabit the advanced combat armor of Tony Stark and pretend you're in the Avengers.

Overall you get a good gamified impression of the superhero life and the MCU in general, all while pretending you're Robert Downey, Jr. (Image credit: Valve) This game allows you to return to the world of Half-Life after 13 years of silence, except not in a way you will fully recognize.

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Taking the place of Alex Vance rather than Gordon Freeman, you'll be fighting through City 17 at a time before the unlucky physicist arrives. And since the galaxy is so enormous, you’ll never run out of new things to see and find as you hunt for resources to improve your ship and travel even greater distances.

(Image credit: Bethesda Soft works)For a game that seems to be available on every console around, a full VR translation of 2011's single-player, open-world epic, was inevitable. The game features fully tracked motion controls for your left- and right-hand equipment, so you'll be able to swing your sword and block incoming attacks using realistic gestures.

You can move through the game world via teleportation, direct input on a controller or walking around using a room-scale setup if you have a room big enough to spare. The only negative is that the graphical upgrade seen in Special Edition is missing from the VR version of Skyrim, so some visuals may look a bit dated.

This means Doom VFR features a different story and campaign, with heavily tweaked combat dynamics designed with VR in mind. This title is best suited to a standing or room-scale setup, as the game will frequently require you to raise and lower your profile and turn around quickly to deal with enemies coming from all directions.

This title adds free movement using a controller, but the game was originally designed to use a teleportation system when covering large distances. (Image credit: Against Gravity) Rec Room is one of the bestVRgames for kicking back and relaxing, or for beginners wary of trying out more intense games for fear of motion sickness.

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This game provides a low-impact and free social sandbox of places to go, things to pick up and toss, objects to interact with, and some mini-games to play solo or with others online. Rec Room is designed primarily as a social experience, so expect a lot of people to be on mic, and consider taking part in the chatter yourself.

You won't find an infinitely repayable game world to explore here, but Rec room should help people who need to get their VR sea legs before they tackle more in-depth experiences. (Image credit: Ubisoft) In Star Trek: Bridge Crew, you can fulfill your dream of joining Star fleet, with a choice of four different key roles onboard the USS Aegis: a Captain who keeps track of the objectives and gives the orders; a Tactical Officer for managing sensors and weaponry; the Helm Officer who controls the ship's course and speed; or the Engineer who takes care of power management and any repairs the Aegis may need.

Bridge Crew will require constant communication with your crewmates as you explore space, defend yourself from enemies and avoid natural hazards. The game works best in online multiplayer, but you can also issue specific voice commands to three AI crew members in single-player mode if you're playing offline.

(Image credit: Sky dance Interactive) Archangel is a much shooter that includes a single-player story campaign for the PS4 and PC versions of the game. You'll teleport only to designated positions in the Wayne manor, the bat cave and out in the city, with most direct action consisting of throwing a battering or calling in for support from your ship, the Night wing.

You'll have plenty of opportunities to examine your environment, pick things up, study crime scenes and otherwise immerse yourself in the world of Bruce Wayne, mostly at your leisure. This puts you in a post-apocalyptic version of the area around Boston, where you'll come across various people, monsters and machines trying to survive in this harsh new world as you hunt down a missing member of your family.

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(Image credit: Revolver Digital Cream Publishing) The Talks Principle is a first-person puzzle game, easily adapted fully into VR and suitable for any play-space configuration. Through other characters you meet, and messages you find in the environment however, you'll discover the story is in fact as complicated as the puzzles the voice is asking you to solve.

(Image credit: Rock star) L.A. Noise: The VR Case Files brings a portion of the very impressive PS3 and Xbox 360 game to Five headsets. Just as with the original, you'll need to gather clues and question suspects, taking into account if you think they're telling the truth or lying to your face.

Noise famously uses facial motion capturing to make the characters look exceedingly realistic, which holds up even seven years after release. The VR version of the game is primarily a standing experience; you won't be walking around your environment, but you'll need to be able to turn around and duck behind cover in the space you have.

It's a little difficult to explain exactly what you need to do in Polonius, aside from shoot as many things ahead of you as possible while avoiding collisions with the solid objects that come hurtling toward you during the game's 50 linear levels. There is no single-player mode that's offline or features a traditional campaign; instead, you're placed in large battle arenas and must shoot down the opposing team's spaceships.

Eve: Valkyrie tracks your head movements to help give you visibility around your ship from inside the cockpit, but the game otherwise does not rely on motion-controller input. Your perspective as the player is a third-person camera, so you'll need to bend down, turn around and look closely at the environment to spot the trapped robots as well as other hidden collectibles.

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You'll need to use various gadgets to make your way past the obstacles and find all the robots in each level, as well as take on bosses at the end of each world. (Image credit: Cap com) The first first-person installment of the famous horror franchise works even better when you don your VR headset.

There's also a fair bit of puzzle-solving to do, in between fighting or running for your life from the creepy mold monsters that have infested the Baker family's derelict home. With limited ammunition, save points and health, you'll explore the house and its surrounding grounds, with the tension not letting up until you make it all the way through the night...

(Image credit: Poly arc) Moss is a cute action/puzzle platformer that has you guide a small mouse, named Quill, through a fantasy world. Moss plays best while you're standing, as you control Quill from a distance and will need to lean in to better view her surroundings, fight enemies and jump across gaps.

(Image credit: Scott Cartoon) If your idea of a good time is exploring a haunted restaurant with killer animatronic robots on the loose, then have we got a game for you. There're collectibles of various kinds to find, and also the “Black light mode” of every level to play, which adds new scary elements into the mix to keep you on your toes.

What that will mean to most people is this is a VR game you can play with your friends with only a single headset, which is fantastic news for large groups or players who suffer from motion sickness. Your friends outside of VR, who can't see the bomb, need to use an instruction manual that they can pull up on their phones or a computer screen to walk you through the refusal process.

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The VR mode does about what you'd expect, putting you right in at ground level in the world of Minecraft, where you can build to your heart's content, or go adventuring to gain resources the hard way. You'll sit at a table with up to three other players online and use motion controllers to select and place your pieces in an otherwise-quite-traditional game of Satan, building settlements, gaining and trading resources on a randomized board.

Now, however, headsets are becoming less reliant on external hardware, and developers are creating first-party games that take full advantage of the medium. Our list of Games covers the top titles for the HTC Five, Oculus Quest 2, PlayStation VR, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets (some titles will even work on discontinued or soon-to-be-discontinued hardware like the Oculus Rift S. Many of these devices (and the games themselves) have gotten cheaper in the past couple of years, which makes them a more easily justifiable purchase.

For the best possible experience, make sure to find systems equipped with speedy CPUs, top -of-the-line GPUs, and a sufficient number of USB ports for connecting all these peripherals. Nintendo Switch has also made a push for virtual reality with its Labor VR Kit, but that platform is also beyond the scope of this roundup.

The game features 360-degree worlds and offers several weapons, including throwing stars, a water gun, and a hook shot. As the music plays, Beat Saber generates different patterns of color-coded blocks on the screen that you must hit with the correct controller (right or left) as they slide towards you.

Make no mistake, Beat Saber is not a game you can play sitting down; it’s a very active experience. You must fight your way through an office environment to save your job (and your life) using stealth tactics or by resorting to aggressive violence.

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AI and automation technologies are certainly poised to take over some real-world jobs previously filled by humans, so this game's hook is all too real. Danger Goat is arguably less bizarre, but with traps, missiles, and robots standing in your way, your escape is anything but assured.

Play any of three included courses alongside a virtual caddy or practice your skills on the putting green or at the driving range. Sony says the VR Aim is capable of tracking player movements on a 1:1 scale, which creates a realistic feel to the game’s shooting mechanics.

In Far point, you must survive deadly enemy encounters while traversing a dangerous alien environment in an effort to discover what happened to the rest of your research team. In Ghost Giant, you must help out a young cat named Louis and the other villagers of fictional town called San court.

Players take the form of a ghost-like figure who can interact with the game's diorama-like settings to solve puzzles and complete tasks. It's not Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode Three, but Half-Life: Alex is the first full-fledged Half Life game that Valve has released in a long time.

Throughout the roughly 11-hour campaign, you take on enemy Combine forces and seek to advance research on their weaknesses. Valve built this experience specifically for VR, so expect impressive physics mechanics and top -tier graphics.

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CMA has certainly seen its share of weird simulation games, but VR elements add a whole new level of immersion. In Job Simulator, you experience such exciting careers as a mechanic, a gourmet chef, or the most coveted position of them all, an office worker.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the perfect multiplayer game to put your friendships to the test, forcing you to communicate and collaborate with each other to defuse a complex bomb. Players must exchange information, guide each other through refusal steps, and keep track of progress if anyone wants to make it out alive.

Lone Echo is an immersive, single-player experience, in which you, as an AI entity named Jack, must help your captain unravel a dangerous mystery. The game takes place on a spaceship orbiting way out near Saturn and is rife with photorealistic graphics, free form movement, and tight VR -tuned controls.

For the uninitiated, Minecraft is an exploration, creation, and survival game all rolled into one with a distinct, low-poly aesthetic. Minecraft VR also supports multiplayer game modes, so you can enjoy the experience with your friends.

In this enchanting adventure game, you accompany a mouse named Moss, who, after accidentally awakening an ancient magic in the forest, must embark on a journey to save her uncle. The inviting animated art direction and impressive lighting effects are sure to delight players of all ages.

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Now, after years of consistent, major updates, the latest of which is a new VR Mode, No Man’s Sky is worth reconsidering. The basic goal of the game is to reach the center of the universe, but that sells the experience short by a long shot.

Along the way, you can explore as many of the game’s innumerable procedurally generated planets as you want, build a home base, and battle enemy ships in space. This musical combat experience doesn't require you to match a certain rhythm with your gun play, but rather gives you the freedom to take out enemies however you see fit.

Project Cars 2 straps you into the driver’s seat in a realistic, circuit racing experience. The game recreates the sensation of real-world driving down to the last detail, from breaking assistance systems to the positioning of your hands on the steering wheel.

The textures of its 180+ car lineup, for example, look superb, while the weather and terrain systems add a level of sophistication. Consider hooking up pedals and a steering wheel to inch closer to your dream of owning a high-tech automobile.

This latest version also features full 1080p textures and 3D audio (which should only enhance Red’s much-extolled and rhythmic soundtrack). Defend the city streets and rooftops by clearing infested areas of violent bots.

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Players in pursuit of high scores should try out advanced combat techniques and upgrade their weapons. If you want to survive the game’s increasingly difficult challenges, you need to stay focused in the face of the autonomous onslaught.

In the game, you battle enemies with futuristic weapons inside orbital arenas, which affords you full (and ever-disorienting) freedom of movement. Space Pirate Trainer is an arcade shooter perfectly suited to the VR platform.

In the meantime, you must also maintain your character’s health and build tools and infrastructure with the resources from the 4546B’s aquatic environment. Subnautica’s vast ocean system is a visual treat, so make sure to spend some time with the nautical wildlife.

In particular, levels load and restart quickly, which makes it easy to stay focused on the challenge at hand until you prevail and move on to the next stage. To complete a level, you need to defeat all the bright red enemies barreling towards you, who in turn, are trying to eliminate you.

Players must use their wits, fists, guns, swords, and any other objects (items like coffee mugs and water bottles are fair game) to stun, and ultimately obliterate, attackers. Super hot VR (for Oculus Rift) Review Tetris has existed in many forms over the better part of the last three decades.

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The game’s complementary visuals and sound help propel you forward through the games three modes: Journey (standard Tetris rules with themed stages), Effects (Tetris challenges), and Mixed Effects (gameplay variables change sporadically during gameplay). Gameplay reflects actual climbing experiences (especially vertigo), so chart your path to the top carefully and use chalk to help retain your grip as you go along.

Whichever locale you choose, Creek’s engine is capable of creating breathtaking vistas. Valve’s The Lab returns you to the infamous former shower curtain manufacturers’ facility for a series of room-scale VR experiences.

Some experiences include training tutorials (you can become a Calibration Trainee or repair robots) otherworldly endeavors (get up close with the solar system or dive into postcards of exotic locales), and interactive games (defend a castle with a bow and arrow or take on the role of an ace space pilot in an arcade dog fighting experience). If intellectual puzzle games appeal to you, prepare to sink many enjoyable hours into The Talks Principle VR.

In the game, you play as an intelligent, anthropomorphic robot tasked with navigating mazes and obstacles across a series of mysterious environments laden with modern technology. This wacky game from Justin Roland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, pairs with you with the reluctant Rover as you try to rescue your dogs and save the universe in the process.

Note that Rover Saves The Universe does not stick to one genre, with action, platforming, and puzzle-solving elements all present. Take a trip to Vacation Island and explore all the activities that the beach, forest, and mountain environments have to offer.

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No vacation simulator would be complete without character customizations and a trove of chatty robot companions, either. Every Star Wars fan dreams about one day wielding a lightsaber in real life.

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