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I am not just a ROBOTS fan, but I am someone who views this Irwin Allen series as a lifetime hobby! I have done IMDb bios of people associated with the series (Irwin Allen, William Welch, Del Monroe, etc).

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The almost complete lack of romance in the 110 hours (okay, call me heartless). And the fact that ROBOTS is a part of an Irwin Allen family that also contains The Time Tunnel, Lost In Space, Land Of The Giants, Captain Nemo and several disaster movies.

Nine stinkers (City Beneath The Sea, The Invaders, The Indestructible Man, The Traitor, The Exile, The Brand Of The Beast, The Wax Men, Sealed Orders, Death Clock). A U. F. O. has been spotted flying around the United States, terrifying people and violating every airspace regulation in the book.

Admiral Nelson and a Soviet scientist are in a diving bell when the vessel is swallowed by a giant whale. With only 90 minutes of oxygen, Captain Crane, Kowalski, and Riley swim into the whale's mouth to attempt a harrowing rescue.

A research team are taking measurements of an underwater eruption. They discover a fissure that appears to lead all the way to the Earth's core.

Nelson visits a scientist that's created cyborgs who hold him prisoner. The Sea view finds a sunken German U-boat while mapping the ocean floor.

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Sunk during WWI in the North Atlantic, it is now somehow in the south Pacific. Crane tries to prevent Dr. Bergman from implanting human DNA into marine animals to create a new type of undersea creature.

An old man, adrift at sea, is rescued along with a sack of toys by the Sea view. The toys take on a life of their own and begin to sabotage the ship.

The toys appear to be connected to an alien spaceship lying on the ocean floor. The crew of the Sea view encounter Mr. PEM who can control time.

The Sea view and an intelligence expert who is more than he seems, try to find a group that is blackmailing the world's nations for gold bullion. The submarine Sea view is commissioned to investigate the mysteries of the seas.

A scientist on a research facility in Antarctica discovers a new form of sea plankton that turns monstrously large and aggressive if exposed to heat. When a missile is destroyed by apparent ultrasonic sound, the Sea view investigates with Adams, the mentally unstable launch commander, on board and finds a giant manta ray source which along with Adams' actions pose a threat to safety.

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The creature the British fan club nicknamed of' Googly Eyes makes his first of three appearances in the series as J.D. The creature itself is a tower of seaweed with two big red eyes (although this episode is in black and white).

This is one of the series' most fun episodes, with a scientist growing to such gigantic proportions that he ultimately bursts out of his undersea laboratory and turns into a fanged monster that wrestles with the Sea view! Despite their stringent decontamination procedures an alien life form survives and, once inside, begins to take over the ship.

The situation is complicated by the presence of a giant sea monster attacking the ship. The storyline concerns escaped convicts from a tropical island prison picked up by the Sea view at sea.

The Sea view is returning to the location of a sunken ship to recover its secret cargo. The main story concerns a man trying to maintain and conceal his secret of immortality, but lurking in the background is a giant jellyfish.

The construction of an undersea canal is about to start with the Sea view tasked with placing the first charge, a 50 megaton nuclear bomb. Voyage turned out three giant whale stories, a Moby Dick-themed yarn in the first season, a second season opener to begin the color episodes in which cast members are swallowed by a giant whale, and this one, which features a fine performance by regular Irwin Allen player Kevin Hagen as a desperate obsessed scientist treated rather harshly by Admiral Nelson...

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A test submarine carrying a load of experimental fuel is disabled and lying on the ocean floor. The Sea view is sent to recover the volatile fuel canisters but an enormous underwater spider threatens to destroy them.

In a storyline similar to the first season's The Creature, the nemesis is a giant spider spinning undersea webs. This one's a hoot, as an undersea fissure coughs up a living sentient disembodied brain from space that takes over a scientist's body and spends most of the episode zapping people, making menacing empty threats, and generally being surly and bad-tempered until he gets his comeuppance.

Scientists on a tropical island are measuring the radioactivity of a volcano when they are attacked by a wolf. Prof. Hollis shows signs of misanthropy and threatens everyone on board, especially Admiral Nelson, whom he has infected.

The first of three werewolf episodes, with a hapless scientist bitten by an infected wolf and stalking the ship Universal-style. Guests as a cowardly and vainglorious TV scientist who shamefully leaves his camera crew to the mercy of a fearsome amphibious monster and then tries to lie about it.

A scientist in an underwater sea lab has created a new form of plant life. His twin brother, who can control him telepathically, is on his way there via the Sea view, with plans of using the new plant creatures for his own sinister purposes.

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Hilarious yarn about two telepathic twin brothers, both played by a sly and smirking William Smothers, one of whom is cultivating an army of plant men. While on a routine scientific expedition Capt Crane encounters a strange hybrid seaweed humanoid creature.

A mad scientist has developed a symbiotic relationship with a giant mound of sentient plankton that can possess human bodies. When cast members are taken over, they have to wear a huge plastic copy of the creature's form on their head.

Not sure which is funnier, the guest cast trying to do Scandinavian accents or the oversized Bunsen burner being dollies round the set as the flame creature (spellcheck just changed me to lame creature, but I think that's a bit harsh, this one's quite inventive! While on routine patrol the Sea view begins to hear strange noises coming from an undersea canyon.

Investigating they discover the source of the noise and the power behind the destruction of a British fleet in the area 200 years before. Rock men emerge from cavern walls in this superior monster mash marred by the overdubbing of the guest star with a booming American anchorman voice.

Buried under the rather splendid rock suit is Britisher Brendan Dillon, who played Colonel Fetch in Time Tunnel's “Night of the Long Knives” and was here cast as an ancient mariner. The Sea view is tasked with transporting an Egyptian mummy from a New York museum for special secret testing.

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Another goodie as the Sea view transports an Egyptian mummy across the seas, which naturally emerges from its sarcophagus to run amok to strains of Bernard Herman's Day the Earth Stood Still soundtrack. Bright red rubber suit aliens emerge from large eggs with evil intent.

One of the monster suits is later used in the Lost in Space episodes “The Time Merchant” and “Anti-Matter Man”. Aliens from the planet Centaur brings a capsule containing Commander Morton to Venus.

Superb cockroach-like creatures from Venus take umbrage at Earth's attempts to explore outer space. A scientist friend of Nelson has developed a device to control a rare white ape.

Simian specialist and independent monster maker Janos Polska lumbers around the Sea view in one of his best costumes as a giant savage white gorilla being ineffectually controlled by slimy villain Woodrow Palfrey in this classic. While trying to find the cause of some underwater pressure blasts, the Sea view encounters a race of Amphibians and Kowalski is transformed into one of them.

A hostile undersea race of amphibians attacks the Sea view full-on in this fun creature feature. A lobster man arrives in a spacecraft claiming to be a friend but in reality he wants one of the nuclear rods to cause an explosion thus paving the way for an invasion.

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The Sea view rescues two scientists from a climate control project at the South Pole but something else is on the ship on a killing spree. Scientists working in the Arctic meet a messy fate when one of their number turns into a fur-faced troublemaker and behaves anti-socially on board the Sea view.

The Sea view and an intelligence expert who is more than he seems, try to find a group that is blackmailing the world's nations for gold bullion. More giant versions of undersea life in this espionage yarn about an attempt to blackmail the world's governments.

When Crane tests a new atmosphere to deal with extreme pressures, he turns into a Man Beast. Obsessed with the popular culture of the 1960s and surrounding decades, Jon Abbott has been writing about film and TV for over thirty years in around two dozen different publications, trade, populist, and specialist.

Irwin Allen Television Productions 1964-1970, Stephen J. Connell Television Productions: A History of All Series and Pilots, The Elvis Films, Cool TV of the 1960s: Three Shows That Changed the World, and Strange New World: Sex Films of the 1970s.

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