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• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
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The toy license has changed hands since then, passing from notable companies like Mattel, Banzai, and Tsunami. During its run of more than 30 years and counting, the iconic toy line has seen countless iterations, some of which hold substantial value and can fetch a hefty price.

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The 84 Classic Legendary Defender line is typically sold as the individual Lions; however, Walmart released an “all-in-one” set, which is particularly rare. Another similarity with the Walmart exclusive, the Metal Defender Set typically sells for less than it would cost to buy all five lions individually.

Considering the Vol tron franchise has spanned more than 30 years, it's no surprise that countless toy companies have thrown their hats in the ring. In addition to the Jumbo Lion Edition, Tsunami also released a 30th Anniversary collector Set to honor the franchise.

The Vol tron figure is primarily die cast, standing at 11" tall when combined with all five Lions, and features LED light-up eyes. With the included iconic Vol tron badge, the figure can also activate its lights and recognizable sound clips.

Not only is the 20th Anniversary Lion Force figure impressive, but it also comes in a unique “book-style” package, making it a highly sought after collector's item. The Anniversary Edition is 11" tall and includes a detailed sword and shield, making the figure stand out in any collection.

Banzai's Soul of Choosing line of figures are notoriously expensive, but understandably so given the attention to detail and features available. The “fleet” includes the fifteen individual vehicles that combine into three different modes: Air, land, and sea.

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The Vol tron Ultimate EX is another Tsunami release that puts a heavy focus on the articulation of the individual Lions. The plastic construction allows for more movement so that the Lions can pose in multiple ways, ideal for collectors.

Another entry in the Soul of Choosing line, the GX-71 is fully articulated and includes interchangeable parts allowing collectors to customize different poses. Something unique about this figure is that details are based on the anime; however, it also includes decals from the original Choosing toy, so fans can choose which version they want.

The package includes a weapon stand modeled after the castles on Planet Arms, which also serves as storage for all the extra pieces. With a particular interest in DC and Marvel, Nicholas brings a unique and humorous writing style to CBR.

Wilson One of the two idiots of Shock 'N Awe Toy Reviews, ever since he was young, Chris has sided with super-villains. He quit at 21 (the costumes were too stupid) and devoted his time to all things geek.

His hobbies include making aluminum foil hats, magic, taxidermy and music. More nonsense can be followed at scabs on Twitter and his YouTube channel, Shock 'n Awe Toy Reviews.

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This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Vol tron Online Toy Price Guide & Toy Archive (13 Items & Accessories) Vol tron is the eponymous super robot of an anime series that features a team of Earth humans, known as the Vol tron Force.

Doom CommanderEstimated ValuePackaged$30Loose$15 Produced in 1984 by Mattel. HunkEstimated ValuePackaged$25Loose$15 Includes helmet and key.

Prince Overestimated ValuePackaged$30Loose$15 Produced in 1984 by Mattel. Rob east MutilorEstimated ValuePackaged$20Loose$10 Produced in 1984 by Mattel.

Rob east ScorpiousEstimated ValuePackaged$20Loose$10 Produced in 1984 by Mattel. Skull ScavengerEstimated ValuePackaged$35Loose$15 Produced in 1984 by Mattel.

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80s Matchbox Giant Vehicle Team Set I like to sell my toys to real collectors -- not retailers or eBay re-sellers and cancel bids from those who are such.

I want these to go to someone who really appreciates them, which is why I joined this forum (Yes, I want to make money on them too, but I want real collectors seeing the listings -- I keep getting e-mails from resellers asking me to cancel the bidding and just sell to them. He must be accepted, his character arch from a loner BOI to the greatest leader of all time is so dramatic, I especially noticed how much he could connect to Zukor from ATLAS, not OK.

Keith is tortured mentally and physically, and I can't stand watching my baby hurt. Rightful leader of Vol tron. Hate that they made him a dropout and then never gave him his real ranker of Commander or Captain as he had in Defender of the Universe.

He is such a fantastic character with great development, struggles that are relatable (Lance has some really relatable ones too by the way), family issues that he tries to deal with, and really well fleshed out relationships with his team members. He is awkward around others, has trouble working with people rather than fighting them, has a temper, and deep at his core is a lonely little boy trying his best to find a place in this world without either of his parents guiding him.

But as the show continued, you saw a more sensitive, considerate side to him that we can all reais are to. He grew as a person and I believe he could really make a great leader if he wanted to.

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Dis dude has a shell made of overconfidence and flirts covering the insecurities, doubts, and fears he has within. Most relatable 10/10, also lots of character development from being selfish and childish to mature, I also love alliance. Ever since I first saw him I knew he's be my favorite, and no not just because he's hot lol. He's amazing and a well-designed character.

He acts like the flirty Forester, but we see scenes where he's homesick (and one where he's crying! ), yet he pushes all his insecurities and doubts of ever returning home aside for the sake of the team.

Would you travel across the universe for family members who may not even be still alive? It was so interesting watching her struggle through it all, from deciding between trying to find her brother or staying with Vol tron, to what she did when she thought Matt was dead.

Great backstory, I love how her goal is to save her dad and brother, and even when she accomplishes it, she continues work as a paladin. Like I could stand here all day, and still not be able to list all the things she's done to help the team, pull them out of a pinch, or upgrade Vol tron.

It can definitely be expected that he's the last one to move on from the war, since it impacted him so much, physically and mentally. The brother connection Shirt shares with Keith are so strong.

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Shirt has been through so much, and now he's a space father with the best children in the universe. I love Shirt so much, he's my second favorite character in OLD, right behind Keith.

Hunk is probably the best character(in my opinion) because he is just so friendly and sweet plus he can make some great food. 6 Prince Motor He is a misunderstood guy. Lotor was abused and neglected by his parents and Allure just says You are more like your father than I thought.

He just got melted by quintessence exposure. He went through a lifetime of trauma and child abuse. And it was so much less epic than the way Carbon died, which isn’t cool.

He's a very tragic character, and his deceptive nature keeps one on one's toes. Having both Gal ran and Altman blood makes him quite an interesting character, as having traits from each seem to be both a benefit and a hindrance, depending on the situation.

7 Princess Allure deserves to be higher on this list. Also, I don't blame that she was mad at Keith for some time it's not every day you find out that one of the saviors of the universe actually has the blood of the people who put it in distress.

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9 Corn He is a funny and overall great character that brings light to every situation. 10 Emperor Carbon Who is this guy, God or Devil.

She deserves every good thing that comes her way, and I support the theory that Bolivian sent Keith to get Kaolin on purpose, and I think I ship Sullivan. I want her as my mom (Partially, so I can be part gala ;)) Even though we don't see too much of her like her son, Keith, I still love her so much, she's so cool.

18 Rozelle Altman, fighting for what's right, sympathetic backstory, fun to have around, why not? 21 Martí 22 Kaltenecker A great allusion to earth's alien lore.

But I did also really like that scene when we got to look at her more vulnerable side after Motor killed Martí. Keith needs ACA because he needs a real love (Not Lance because canonically that's not correct.

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