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• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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Last time I asked which Cartoon Hangover show you liked best, and Bee and Puppy cat won! Lance and Keith are rivals sort of, but throughout season 1 of the show they've become a really great team and definitely care for one another.

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Another popular ship in the fandom, these two seem to have some kind of history that hasn't been touched on yet. Since the moment both of them appeared on screen, they've had each other's backs and a close bond.

They're also the most mature out of everyone in the group, so they would have a nice, sweet kind of romance. Hunk dedicated a good three or so episodes to try and save Shay's home planet, so it's obvious that he cares for her.

Shay helped Hunk escape the planet the first time and is grateful for what he did to free her people. They're a rather cute couple and Lance even calls Shay Hunk's “rock girlfriend”.

Beyond that, a lot of this ship centers around tragedy, from Shirt taking Matt's place to save his life and the two of them having only each other for comfort while they were kidnapped by aliens. Personally I more BROTH, or friendship, this, but Hunk and Ridge get along famously, I don't see why they won't make a decent couple.

SPOILERS So if you haven’t already watched all seasons and don’t want to be spoiled, do not continue reading on. Lance being one of the most popular ships of Vol tron has been destroyed as of Season 6, where Lance truly discovered his feelings for Allure (or so we thought).

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Image via Google Maps via Google One of the most realistic ships as the show actually went canon with their relationship. However, many fans do like this ship, even though Allure may have died in the end, making Lance all alone again.

Image via Google Both Shirt and Keith have met since the Galaxy Garrison days and ever since have acted like family. Image via Google After killing off Carbon in season 5, Motor joins the Vol tron Team where he and Allure gain feelings for each other.

Image via Google Third and For were part of Motor’s general gang in season 5-6 when they first made their appearance. Image via Google Both of these characters grew up in the Galaxy Garrison together and had some rivalries in the beginning.

Image via GoogleHowever, some fans found the opportunity for another gay Keith ship for the show. Image via Google NMA and Matt are both from the rebels pilots group in the final battle with the Gala, so they would be a cute couple together.

I don’t hate any ships these are just some I just think are cute, others are Otis! Anyways, I got curious how popular all the ships were in the Vol tron Legendary Defender fandom, so I decided to figure out how many times each ship was included in a fanfic.

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(All my data came from Ao3 cause Fanfic.net can’t filter out ships correctly evidently.) There’s a lot to unpack from Season 8 of Vol tron : Legendary Defender, which was released on Netflix last week.

It wrapped up the show’s storylines and saw a couple of relationships blossom, particularly those between Lance and Allure, and Shirt and his eventual husband, Curtis. So kick back, relax, and revel in these ships that may not have gotten an official seal of confirmation.

They had an iconic bonding moment during a battle in Season 1, got in some playful teasing, and shared plenty of soft smiles. Third and For, two of Motor’s former generals, actually are canonically confirmed to be a couple, but they’re on this list because they could’ve been shown as more affectionate.

When we first see them as a couple in The Way Forward, ” they’re the strong, successful leaders of a group of pirates that have commandeered a Gala cruiser. Yet when For voices concerns about the possibility of Motor coming back during a moment alone with just the two of them, Third kneels down in a protective way and ensures her she’ll always take care of her.

Then, after being reassured, For gleefully suggests they go torture their prisoners, to which Third says, “That’s my girl.” In The Grudge, ” we find out during an intense hostage situation from Third that For left her because she couldn’t keep holding on to the anger they felt.

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This drives Third to hunt down Keith seeking revenge, as she blames him for taking For away from her. Taking place before the start of the series, before the war, the relationship between King Alford and his advisor, Corn, is the perfect blend of pure fun and delicious angst.

Throughout the series, we get bits and pieces of their history from Corn’s perspective, and it’s clear they were inseparable. Corn even has a portrait of Alford and a picture of the two of them together in their younger days up on the walls of his quarters.

Through tears, Corn accepts what will be his greatest honor, and our hearts absolutely break. Corn’s love for Alford shines through as he’s forced to part ways with his king to protect Allure.

His sister, Veronica, forms quite a close bond with ACA, another one of Motor’s ex-generals, over the course of Season 8. When not watching Danny Phantom, Vol tron, Ducktails, or Star Trek, she's usually neck-deep in another fandom, listening to Michael Jackson, writing, or stargazing.

For 10,000 years, the evil Gala Empire led by Emperor Carbon has plagued the universe by destroying and enslaving entire civilizations. Unfortunately, the mighty robot was separated long ago by the king of planet Alter, Alford, in order to prevent its power from falling into the hands of Carbon.

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In the present, the Gala Empire's path of conquest and search for Vol tron leads them to Earth's solar system where they take a crew of space explorers captive. Josh Keaton as Takashi “Shirt” Surrogate and Sven Steven Yen as Keith Jeremy Shade as Lance BEX Taylor-Klaus as Katie “Ridge” Holt Tyler Sabine as Hunk Kimberly Brooks as Princess Allure Rays Darby as Corn Hieronymus Wimbledon Smythe Blake Anderson as Matthew Holt A.J.

Voting can be accessed on this blog through the desktop view or on this website Speaking about the blog, I was slightly bored, so I decided to redo the entire theme.

;;;the resolution of the paladins and lions transparent were low, so I’ll fix that up soon, but it’s all good. We’re using Google Forms, and so we listed the categories, along with the nominees.

I had a season two premiere a couple of days ago and a smaller one last night where I just went on rabbi.it and let people watch. I didn’t have any guidelines about it before because it was mostly viewers from my AO3 and my personal Tumblr, but if you guys want, I could do it again.

Like this is a good thing for us (and trust me, the season is great) and I just don’t want people to miss out and get spoilers because they didn’t see it. Voting will take place in two weeks, so during that time, if any of you can promo this blog or anything else, we’d greatly appreciate it.

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