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The animators were clearly aware that this was kind of a big moment, as well as a bit of stock footage that would be rolled out on an almost episodic basis, so they poured a good chunk of effort into showing just how incredible and intricate a combining Mecca can be. This ship is about fifty times the size of the lion, but it doesn’t matter as Lance gains some degree of control, unleashing powerful bursts of laser fire that decimate the enemy vessel.

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Taking advantage of its small size, the lion manages to land on the shop and tear into it as if it were one giant, metal gazelle, once again blowing up a large section as if the ship were made of dynamite. We then get the pleasure of seeing Shirt go into full warrior mode, deflecting laser blasts with his glowy purple hand, slicing through solid metal and punching through robot torsos hard enough that they explode.

Keith is completely unable to land a single hit on his opponent, who uses a combination of teleportation, energy shields and destructive purple lightning to smack the young paladin around like a rag doll. So okay, maybe it’s not completely out of left field, but the scene definitely drives home the sinister power of Gala technology in that it can literally make someone appear to have OP magical abilities.

Just the fact that Shirt was able to kill one of these things with only his wits and a rusty sword was incredible enough, but the enormous and upgraded version was proving to be more than a match even for Vol tron. In this case, it was the first time anyone figured out that their Bayard could be used in conjunction with their giant robot, with Keith using his to give Vol tron a massive energy sword.

Thus armed, the team were able to make quick work of the Gladiator, slicing it right down the middle and ending in a post-battle pose while the thing exploded behind them. For someone who was just about to leave the team, Ridge steps up surprisingly well and pretty much saves the day all by herself; this involves shutting down a reactor with all the instructions in Altman, running a gauntlet of security robots, outsmarting said robots using the Castle’s training programs and taking on a veteran Gala soldier with only the resident cute helper drone as an ally.

She eventually manages to find her way to the main control room, throwing herself into the fight alongside her fellow paladins and destroying Sendai’s weapon, allowing him to finally be defeated and the castle to be liberated. The entire climax of “Rebirth” could qualify as an epic moment, or at least a decent collection: Allure’s speech to the downtrodden Cameras, Hunk using his Bayard to turn Vol tron into a laser Hakka machine and the Balm era itself crystallizing the monster into an interesting art piece to finish off the battle.

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Despite not forming part of Vol tron (not yet, at least), Allure is never shown to be anything other than an invaluable asset to the team, often taking a leadership role and competently piloting their humongous castle ship. As if all this wasn’t enough, this episode has her using her Alter an heritage to connect with the planet-creature Balm era and perform a ritual to heal the planet from all that harmful mining.

Previously only attempted by her father on a small scale, Allure chooses to disregard all of that and heal the entire creature in one fell swoop, despite the chances that it could drain all her Quintessence and kill her. In a slightly sinister episode featuring minimal robot action (and no Vol tron), Allure makes a heart-rending sacrifice that saves the entire ship.

‘Malfunctioning ship on a crash course with a sun’ isn’t exactly the most original plot in all sci-fi, but the root cause of the problem stands out as far more unique: their Gala prisoner has become a ghost in the system, trying his best to suck people out of airlocks and murder them with training robots. Despite the literal image of her dead dad urging her not to do it, Allure still finds the strength to delete the memories, embracing the hologram one last time as he shatters and fades away.

It’s one of the few resolutions not solved by Vol tron punching/stabbing/shooting something to death, and for a show that doesn’t often delve into emotional nuance, it’s really a bittersweet moment that highlights both Allure’s loss and strength of character. All throughout the season, the team had faced either single ships or enemies that were a match for Vol tron, making all this ‘strongest warrior in the universe’ business seem like overblown gossip.

Then we actually see Vol tron pitted against an entire fleet surrounding Jargon’s main ship, and it becomes pretty obvious why all the villains want this thing so badly. Keith may have received a demotion in this series down to red lion, but he proves himself multiple times as one of the team’s best fighters and still capable of being a leader.

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It’s perhaps a bit of a bone toss to the older crowd that the finale has him taking on Carbon himself, the true main bad guy who apparently earned his position by being absolutely, terrifyingly powerful. The lions have shown themselves easily capable of taking down huge warships and are pretty much unmatched except against Vol tron -level giant robots.

Then Carbon just casually strolls out into space, probably royally ticked off that Keith interrupted him in the process of stealing back the black lion but not showing it. Keith takes his chance to end the Gala Empire once and for all, while Carbon shows himself to be all but invincible, transforming his own Bayard into an indestructible shield, an energy-blasting sword and an impractically-large blaster cannon that scythes off a portion of his own warship.

The Paladins of Vol tron defeated Motor and destroyed the Castle of Lions in the process. Saving each other There’s no doubt Shirt and Keith share a strong bond, but it was unclear how the two met until now.

Through a series of flashbacks, we discover that Keith had disciplinary issues growing up and most people believed he wouldn’t amount to anything, but not Shirt. Shirt vouched for him and stood by him when no one else would, thus giving him the proper chance to build a better future for himself.

Unexpected team-up When characters go off course and stray away from the goal, that’s when bad things tend to happen. In a Offline moment from Avatar: The Last Air bender, Keith closes his eyes and concentrates on where his enemy will appear next.

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The Holt's spill the beans Should the government keep the existence of alien life a secret from its citizens in order to prevent mass hysteria? Desperate to warn Earth’s citizens of the inevitable attack from hostile aliens, the Holt stake over the communication channels and spill the beans to the rest of the world.

Even more surprising was the overwhelming response from the average citizen wanting to step up to the plate and help with the cause. It’s one of those rare moments where the human race actually comes through as a unified people for once, and you can’t help but feel proud.

There for Hunk Keith isn’t the most talkative in the group, and he’s definitely not the hugging type, but as a growing leader, he’s learning when to step in and be there for his friends. This interaction between them helps reinforce the fact that men should not be ashamed about feeling and expressing their emotions.

It’s a healthy process, so take the toxic masculinity someplace else because these two characters strive to be better than that. She always finds a way to think back on what she learned from her father and her prior experiences, and this time around, she uses that knowledge to create a new arm for Shirt.

He’s pinned down by enemy forces, and the first thing that comes to mind is that this Paladin might actually lose his life against the Gala. She crushes the bad guys and saves Lance in the process, and the rest of us breathe a sigh of relief.

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Lance isn’t some dumb guy who just happened to fall into this mess back in season 1. All 5 of them successfully connected with their Lions and operated them while still being held as prisoners on Sendai’s ship.

It’s a mark of true teamwork and how closely they’ve bonded with their Lions over time. Keith was on a roll this entire season, so it’s no surprise that he’s shown up numerous times throughout this list.

This time it’s because he finally takes out the thorn that’s been on Team Voltron’s side since season 1: Sendai. In what can only be described as an apically awesome Samurai move, Keith arrives in the Black Lion just in time to protect Shirt and ejects himself from it to land one final blow.

It’s a swift and clean strike, and being the cool guy he is, Keith doesn’t even bother to look back to know that he got the job done. The man has been through hell and back, but he continues forward and finds new ways to triumph over the obstacles' life throws at him.

With the Paladins down and the Atlas suffering from major damage inflicted by the mysterious and fearsome robot that essentially came out of nowhere, Shirt does the unthinkable. In a moment of great need, the crystal that came from the Castle of Lions connects with him and the Atlas, allowing it to transform into a giant robot.

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Answers might come later in the next season, but for now, Shirt captaining a giant robot just like the good old days goes down as the best moment in my book. It’s been a few short days since Season 8 of Vol tron : Legendary Defender dropped on Netflix, and in that time, it’s gotten quite the mixed reaction.

One of the most popular ships people were hoping would be endgame was Lance, the relationship between Keith and Lance. You may not have seen Lance get explicit confirmation onscreen, but there is much evidence to the contrary that you have every right to believe that they would have been endgame had the series continued.

In Tears of the Balm era in Season 1, Team Vol tron outmaneuvers Sendai to regain control of the Castle of Lions. However, writer Tim Hendrick has confirmed since then that Lance does indeed remember the moment, he just wasn’t emotionally ready to go there.

There’s a reason Season 3 is known as “The Lance Season.” As the team faces big changes, Keith and Lance strengthen their relationship through many close interactions. While everyone else is concerned with what’s happening, Lance’s thoughts wander to Keith’s much bigger size (the result of two years spent traveling in the quantum abyss).

In Launch Date, ” Lance finds and joins Keith on top of the Black Lion, and they talk while watching the sunset together. Lance voices some concerns about keeping track of Altman customs, so he can date Allure, but Keith reassures him that she likes him, the “annoying, stupid, Earth version” of him.

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Keith then goes on to say that they’re going to win the war with “the Lance who knows exactly who he is and what he’s got to offer.” The entire time they share many soft and grateful smiles. The scene may have been born out of Lance’s insecurities about dating Allure, but if anything, it only reaffirms these boys’ feelings for each other.

Keith all but lays bare his true feelings for the Red Paladin, and his playful teasing is more sentimental than competitive. The whole scene feels more natural and romantic than Lance’s actual date with Allure later in the episode.

Another major Lance moment comes in Season 8’s Uncharted Regions after everyone is dismissed from a meeting in the situation room. They reminisce about what they were like in the early days of the series, with Keith saying, “We’ve come a long way since then.” They then gather hope to finish what they started and finally take each other’s hands in determination.

It instills the hope that, when the time is right, they’ll realize their true feelings for each other and take the next step forward together. When not watching Danny Phantom, Vol tron, Ducktails, or Star Trek, she's usually neck-deep in another fandom, listening to Michael Jackson, writing, or stargazing.

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