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Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
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During its run of more than 30 years and counting, the iconic toy line has seen countless iterations, some of which hold substantial value and can fetch a hefty price. The 84 Classic Legendary Defender line is typically sold as the individual Lions; however, Walmart released an “all-in-one” set, which is particularly rare.

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Another similarity with the Walmart exclusive, the Metal Defender Set typically sells for less than it would cost to buy all five lions individually. Considering the Vol tron franchise has spanned more than 30 years, it's no surprise that countless toy companies have thrown their hats in the ring.

In addition to the Jumbo Lion Edition, Tsunami also released a 30th Anniversary collector Set to honor the franchise. The Voltronfigure is primarily die cast, standing at 11" tall when combined with all five Lions, and features LED light-up eyes.

With the included iconic Vol tron badge, the figure can also activate its lights and recognizable sound clips. Not only is the 20th Anniversary Lion Force figure impressive, but it also comes in a unique “book-style” package, making it a highly sought after collector's item.

The Anniversary Edition is 11" tall and includes a detailed sword and shield, making the figure stand out in any collection. Banzai's Soul of Choosing line of figures are notoriously expensive, but understandably so given the attention to detail and features available.

The “fleet” includes the fifteen individual vehicles that combine into three different modes: Air, land, and sea. The Vol tron Ultimate EX is another Tsunami release that puts a heavy focus on the articulation of the individual Lions.

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The plastic construction allows for more movement so that the Lions can pose in multiple ways, ideal for collectors. Another entry in the Soul of Choosing line, the GX-71 is fully articulated and includes interchangeable parts allowing collectors to customize different poses.

Something unique about this figure is that details are based on the anime; however, it also includes decals from the original Choosing toy, so fans can choose which version they want. The package includes a weapon stand modeled after the castles on Planet Arms, which also serves as storage for all the extra pieces.

Tsunami uses a book style box concept similar to their Robotic Masterpiece line. A nice photo of the toy in robot mode or perhaps an anime style drawing straight from the cartoon would have been a better choice.

Both the front and back box covers open up to reveal all five lions. Some highlights include: the certificate of authenticity and the Vol tron story provided on the inside covers of both sides of the box.

Sadly to say, I think if Banzai had made this toy today (perhaps, as part of their popular SOC Soul of Choosing series) it would have been an overall better product. I also think additional minor paint applications could have been used to help accentuate some details.

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Tsunami found some nice ways to add joints on this robot combiner. However, compared to the stuff the Japanese toy companies are doing these days, Tsunami is still a little inferior.

R-12 Rémy's Trend masters Vol tron III toy review: Although the Trend masters version isn't as great as the Matchbox in terms of quality, it is the second bestVoltron to ever make when compared to some other plastic and cheap Vol trons.

On the positive side, Trend masters came with abundance of weapons 17 in all. Please note that both the Vehicle and Lion Vol tron Matchbox Gift set does NOT come with any accessory.

These extra weapons for the Matchbox was sold separately. Hidden under the cardboard and inside a taped bag:"5" weapons, and “1” instruction sheet.

Toy Stamp/ Fine Print: ©84 WED, ©97 MCD, CHINA. Toy Stamp/ Fine Print Location: Can be found on the underside of each lion lower chin/neck.

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Unfortunately though, only 2 of these series materialized, i.e. the Lion and Vehicle Vol trons. Vehicle Vol tron was based on the Japanese animated series called Armored Fleet Debugger XV.

The name Debugger, or specifically the term Rugger is based on the word rugby, hence the concept of 15 pilot of the super robot. Back when I was a kid, I have to admit, I was fonder of the Lion Vol tron, and I reckoned that I wasn’t the only one.

Inside, each figure is individually packed in plastic bags and kept in designated slots within the polystyrene case. Maybe they shouldn’t have gone to such an extent in packing the figures, just like how they normally do with Super Sendai words, but I do appreciate the effort.

The odd thing about this is that there are 3 different versions of the Blazing Swords provided. The chrome and yellow Blazing Swords are both stored inside the plastic container, while the blue one is packed separately.

Assorted Fists and Hands The set also comes with a couple of Spinning Laser Blades, a couple of small Solar Combat Spears, a longer Solar Combat Spear and a single-point longer Solar Combat Spear, all of which are coated in chrome. Comparison between both versions of Blazing Swords Then there is also a yellow-color Ray Beam Whip.

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As far as I was concerned back then, they all seemed to look like somebody parts flying all over the place. Being a part of the Air Team, I would assume that whatever this contraption was, it can and should actually fly.

Unfortunately though, the tail fin doesn’t stay in place, and they keep on falling back into their respective slots. To be honest, the Strata Fighter doesn’t look convincing, and it isn’t exactly the best -looking combination among the three, but at least it looks plausible.

Being a mere explorer team, the Strata Fighter isn’t exactly armed with any sort of weapon. While the helicopters are attached to the main torso piece via locking mechanism, the Head and Chest Ships are attached to the main torso piece via magnetic points, which is kind of unique, in a good way.

These two are probably my favorite modes in the Sea Team, despite the fact that they are also somewhat out of place. Although I’d like to call them submarines, officially, they are identified as space probes.

I guess the non-workable tank threads underneath justifies their claims to be space probes. Anyway, it’s kind of neat that the rubber threads underneath the Calf Tanks still work in this mode, and it definitely adds extra dimensions into this configuration.

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One thing that they could’ve improved on is how the Thigh Submarines are attached to the Calf Tanks. When combined, the Thigh Subs seems to be hanging without their threads ever touching the ground.

Besides looking ridiculously awkward, the subs seem to droop, due to their own weight. Officially, it’s known as an Armored Equipment Carrier, but in all honesty, I have absolutely no idea what it is supposed to be.

The yellow one would make a nice SUV, while the black one looks more like a 4WD. The best part about these cars is that both of them have hard rubber wheels, which is quite nice.

It’s basically the Hip Tank mounted on two cars, with Voltron’s fists attached. Due to the two 4WDs rubber wheels, this mode too rolls without much hindrance.

Personally, I am not much of a fan of die-cast in any of my transforming robots, due to them being prone to peeling and paint chips. However, since I have no other PVC options (that’s why I bought the plastic version of Lion Vol tron, folks, so now you know), I had to settle with this guy, and I am willing to make that an exception.

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While the robot may look unmistakably Vehicle Vol tron, if you really look closely, it’s not very animation-accurate, namely with some minor difference in paint jobs. Still, I wish they would’ve been the same size though, because I’ve always thought that both Vol trons were on equal footing with one another, if not the Lions being the slightly superior one, because in the Vol tron -verse itself, the Lions were the original, while the Vehicles were mere duplicates of the Planet Arms’s technology.

Wielding the Yellow and Blue Blazing Swords Anyway, Miracle Productions Vehicle Vol tron has one of the most amazing articulations that I’ve known, especially for a figure his size. The inner shoulders, which are actually part of the chest piece, can actually move inwards, which explains why the wings on the red jet is collapsible.

That particular movement itself allows Vol tron to “FORM BLAZING SWORD” and wields it with both hands. The outer shoulders move outward and all range of motions.

Wielding the Ray Beam WhipWielding the single-point Solar Combat Spear The arms rotate slightly below the shoulders, as well as the elbows. That kind of reminds me of MP-01 Optimum Prime hips, which uses the same concept, to achieve the same results.

For one, maybe this was an isolated QC issue with mine, because I haven’t heard any problems from anyone else. Unfortunately, that has caused me some unnecessary paint chips on my figure, particularly to the right legs, around the feet connectors.

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From what I’ve gathered, the feet on Version 1.0 actually have a panel where you can pull out that make Vol tron stand on it instead on the wheels. Plus, with the wide range of accessories that you get from this set, it’s really fun to pose and fiddle with him.

This figure does not come cheap, and I was kinda lucky to get him on a bargained price. Choosing fans are probably going to love this guy, due to his die-cast content.

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