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Daniel Brown
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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Lance: Truth or Darby SevenSidedStories The crew of the Castle of Lions is waiting on a report from the Blade of Marmara. To kill time, they decide to play an Altman version of the game Truth or Dare.

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Lost Girl (Vol tron Fanfic)by Watergirlz02 “Class meet Takashi Surrogate.” I hear the teacher say as they introduce my brother I look at him as all the other students start to make the connection.

The White Paladin by The_Author_Draws *Discontinued* A Vol tron reader insert / KeithXReader Future edit: (literally four years later) Why in the actual hell are you guys still reading this I haven't been... The Silver Paladin by Rubyrose645 I remember nothing of my past, but when I look up at the sky, I felt like I belonged somewhere other than here.

Fourteen Days by Brief"“ weeks, alone, handcuffed sounds like the description of a shitty porno!"” I “drink” animals and mostly live as a normal girl enrolling in the galaxy Garrison.

Most of them will probably be from electors, BIMARU and pretzels bc I love their art :) Graceful (KeithxReader)by ThatRandom A few years after (Y/n)'s brother Takashi Surrogate went missing, the young girl flew into space on add adventure of her own.

Raised by the Gala {Sheath}by Patricia In this story Keith is raised by BOM (blade of Marmara) and Vol tron doesn't have an official red Palladio, Allure pilots red when forming Vol tron is needed, any other ti... Me Or Them (Vol tron Lance)by Angelic Kitty No one trusts Keith after they figure out he's Gala.

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(Y/n) (L/n) is a Commander in the Altman ranks, meeting up with King Alford right before the fall of her kind. She must help lead Princess Allure when the new paladins of Vol tron return with herself and her lion being the secret Emperor Carbon wasn't expecting during the upcoming intergalactic Wei...

You're just sitting in your room chilling, casually stealing memes off of the internet at 2 AM. You would be wrong about that, because somehow you end up on the Blue Lion as soon as it is discovered...

At least, for a long time until someone unexpectedly helps him through the worst kind of loneliness Keith has ever experienced during the pandemic. Keith tells Ridge part of their story, and relives the rest through old texts.

Kudos: 1 Hits: 7 Tags Summary Keith and Shirt forced to say goodbye Language: English Words: 442 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 8 Hits: 80 Tags Summary Ridge and Lance wake to a spring morning seemingly suspended in time.

Series Language: English Words: 473 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 1 Hits: 14 Tags Summary Ridge necessitate UN acompañante para la body DE SU Herman. Las costs SE sale DE control candy UN Libra crumple to-do lo Que promote trained a SU Vida a Keith Kane, UN Chico Que la Aymara a Samir DE SU Soledad.

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It’s been chaos from the start but Shirt found herself safe in the eye of the storm, as long as Keith was there to keep the balance. And ever since she left, Shirt has been caught in a whirlwind she can’t control, and she’s just waiting for it to spit her out and send her flying like a piece of debris.

Language: English Words: 32,415 Chapters: 7 /10 Collections: 1 Kudos: 12 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 334 Tags Summary Shirt takes it upon himself to work towards getting two of his closest-circle-friends together since they don't really seem to be in any rush to make any moves on their own. Language: English Words: 2,442 Chapters: 1/2 Kudos: 2 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 6 Tags Summary Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle.

Series Language: English Words: 14,745 Chapters: 4 /5 Kudos: 3 Hits: 40 Tags Summary Working at an outpost near the Lippi system, you got to meet nearly everyone who stopped to refuel and pick up supply shipments for the Gala Empire. One day you were informed of an upcoming assassination attempt that was meant to take out the Prince and you decided he needed to be warned.

Kudos: 566 Bookmarks: 30 Hits: 13210 Tags Summary Motor and Lance have been together a long time. So when Motor touches on one of Lance's more taboo interests, it leads them into the swinging scene where they meet a lot of not so great couples and one that's just right.

Language: English Words: 22,624 Chapters: 4 /4 Kudos: 99 Bookmarks: 18 Hits: 1287 Tags Summary Keith lives an average life. But when Lance, an alien from outer space, crash lands in his backyard, Keith's life takes a change for the better.

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Language: English Words: 11,036 Chapters: 9 /9 Kudos: 48 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 423 Tags Summary A midlife crisis goes right. Language: English Words: 73,319 Chapters: 10 /13 Kudos: 73 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 1371 Tags Summary “Oh, alright, thanks doc.” Keith paused, one foot out of the door before turning to face Lance again.

In spite of all the fear and awe his name inspires, though, it isn’t long before a certain navy captain picks up Keith’s trail and refuses to let him go. After she got captured by the Gala just under ten thousand years ago, she's ready to get out.

Till later years past by my 18th Birthday, father never came back home that night. I know that’s literally my job on here, but between school, work and role playing, it's hard for me to find my own fins with how many have been added to the fandom so far.

Anonymous asked: Please spread the word that the only reason we didn't get real LGBT rep and Lance is because DreamWorks wouldn't give them a green light. EDIT: So, I won't be totally upset if Lance isn’t a thing.

Yes, the fandom has fallen in love with a specific couple, but if it wasn’t what they planned to do than I'm not going to hold it against them if it doesn’t happen. I love Lance, don’t get me wrong its how I found this show, but if it does happen I won't riot.

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So I’m really new to this fandom and ship, and I was wondering if you’d mind recommending me some classic/ must read fins? “Two whole months of free laundry in exchange for two weeks of being my fake boyfriend.

“Alright, it’s a deal.” Or: Lance makes the mistake of telling his Mom he has a boyfriend coming home with him for Christmas. Keith makes the mistake of agreeing to be Lance’s ‘fake boyfriend’.

Lance McClain constantly dreams of the day he’ll finally meet his mysterious soulmate. They don’t say much, if anything at all, but they leave him with gorgeous paintings temporarily tattooing his skin.

Keith Kane dreads the day he’ll finally meet his obnoxious soulmate. He has other things to focus on: like being a new student at a big university where his childhood friend and step-brother go.

Once you read this definitely check out everything else Lance they’ve written and you won't regret it. The compromised wormhole was ripping apart at the seams, sending everyone spiraling away in completely different directions.

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Stitching the team back together after everyone is separated is difficult, and for one Paladin rescue wouldn’t be coming for a very long time. So, this takes place after episode 11 of season 1 when everyone is kinda thrown around and let me tell you.

‘Lance wasn’t sure if he’d imagined the brief tremble at the corner of Keith’s lips or not, that slight stutter that promised a smile. He reached out to him, “I’m done here, and I’ve still got some daisies to sell you.”“Yeah,” Lance agreed, looking down at the extended palm, noting the little Saturn tattoo on the inside of Keith’s wrist where the sleeve hiked.

He took the hand, “better not overprice those too, you asshole.”’(in which lance is a broke university student trying to impress a pretty girl with flowers, but ends up falling for the florist that sells them instead.) Shirt has been a Gala prisoner for over a year; with his flight feathers clipped and unable to fly.

Desperate to escape, he jumps overboard while being transported to the capitol on a Gal ran ship. (AU where Avian (winged folk), Gala, humans and merfolk cohabit earth.

Shirt and Keith are avian soldiers, Lance is the youngest son of a Queen, Hunk is also a merman and Ridge is still looking for her family. Becoming “hook-up buddies” with Lance Sanchez was just supposed to be a small, insignificant fraction of Keith’s life.

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Aka a Friends w/ Benefits AU that nobody asked for where Lance wears sleeveless hoodies, plays basketball in abandoned parking lots, and follows his dreams, and Keith comes from a high class, reputable family who never let him have any dreams of his own. Also, I know that I usually recommend three fins per request, but I didn’t do that here because I really only like these two from the vampire Au.

Forming a relationship with Keith throws him into the gray reality that exists beneath the world’s black and white exterior. I think this is a rather cute version of I guess a vampire romance type story.

For some reason thought it kinda reminds me of Vampire Knight even though it's not even close to being the same thing. Its cute long and I think its just enjoyable if you’re looking for something to read that isn’t too intense.

Lance is an overlooked and bullied high school student who can’t wait to graduate, so he can start over again in a new town. Eventually, Lance finds out Keith’s macabre secret, unraveling the mystery behind the string of bloody local murders.

Anonymous asked: what about a FIC for the Au that has gala!Keith and Althea!lance? Not just with each other- Keith loved the Altman soldiers like his own Gal ran unit, admired Lance’s father and red paladin King Alford, and Lance loved his family and blue paladin Blatz.

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But just because they’re stubborn idiots does not mean that the Gala turning on Alter was something they deserved, nor did Lance think himself deserving of Keith’s decision to side with Alter in the battle. Even now, ten thousand years past, Lance and Keith feel undeserving of the fight they have to fight in the shoes of the blue and red paladins they admired so dearly in the past. Lance has been destined to take the Altman throne from the day he was born.

Things get a little more complicated when his best friend Keith returns from The Academy, and is assigned to be his main bodyguard. Each boy will have to fight their true feelings, but neither could imagine what happens when one finally snaps.

With the destruction of their home planet, the remaining Gala are forced to take refuge with the kind Aliens. Much darker plans begin to take shape and a young Gala solider is made the bodyguard of the Altman Prince, with orders to kill him when the time is right.

First of all, thanks for all the good recommendations you've given, I've read almost all of them and I think I can't love Lance more. He didn’t have an epiphany or a vision during his dreams that told him that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Lance. Honestly, it only took a soft bright smile from Lance during one lazy afternoon after his boyfriend had come home from work and started dancing around their living room with a grumpy Brunette on his arms from being woken up from her cat nap. That’s when he knew.

Its pretty much just pure fluff, like you wanted, with their domestic life and there’s honestly nothing better than this. All the fins in the series will take place in the same universe (possibly jumping back and forth in time).

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Ridge uses female pronouns, Hunk is dating Shay, Allure and Lance are workout buddies, and Keith is a long-distance runner. This mainly will focus on Keith and Lance’s relationship, but the other characters will be included here and there.

I don’t have a set number of fins for this series, and feel free to comment with ideas if you like my writing and would like to see specific scenarios? (The only thing won’t do is write explicit content–anything of that nature is implied with context).

This whole series was just a fun thing for me because I like writing and fluff is my preferred method of torture. Obviously I don’t own OLD; I wish I did but alas I am not a producer nor do I have heaps of money.

Watch doing’ all the way out here in space, huh?” Lance asked the baby as he carefully walked away from the rubble. Keith cleared his path to the door, occasionally getting very distracted by the adorable baby in his husband’s arms.

Now was not the right time to find his husband more attractive than ever, but damn it if Lance holding that baby didn’t make Keith’s heart swell with a truckload of feelings. Basically, Keith and Lance unexpectedly find a baby on a mission and have to channel their inner parent nature while they figure out what to do next. It’s just super cute and fluffy (I’m a huge sucker for fluff) and just adorable and I love it.

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So, I think I found the perfect author for you if you really love protective Lance. These two fins are by the same author, and I was looking at her works and they're all pretty much protective Lance.

Keith Kane may seem like your average brooding neighborhood pizza guy, but he knew he was special: he could see creatures regular people couldn’t see and had the ability to control fire. After being saved by a mysterious man named Shirt, he learned he was now being targeted by some powerful force.

However, Keith did not know that he was meant for a greater purpose that could mean the salvation or destruction of the angelic realm of Alter. He also did not expect to fall in love with his cocky but lethal blue-eyed angel, Lance.

Other fins that I’ve recommended before that would fit into the category of protective Lance: Let Me Catch My Breath, Deep Sea Sinning (I think this kinda fits into the category, its still a good read), Lion’s Chain (It has some aspects of Protective Lance) Keith is returning from deployment overseas, officially released from duty in the military.

It's a story that tackles difficult issues with Military veterans and losing someone close. So, Lance has to fight five champions of an alien race to save Keith- wouldn’t sound too hard if he wasn’t blind from an injury at that very moment.

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Left to fend for themselves, blinded and injured, two unlikely Paladins must work together to survive. Tensions get high with horrid creatures, a determined assassination, and their growing attraction to the other.

Becoming “hook-up buddies” with Lance Sanchez was just supposed to be a small, insignificant fraction of Keith’s life. Aka a Friends w/ Benefits AU that nobody asked for where Lance wears sleeveless hoodies, plays basketball in abandoned parking lots, and follows his dreams, and Keith comes from a high class, reputable family who never let him have any dreams of his own.

Its one of those smut with plot stories that pull of that dynamic really well, which is a very hard thing to do. A/B/O Has to be my favorite dynamic besides Prince Lance and Guard Keith AU’s.

Keith hated dancing, it was never his forte, so why Shirt was forcing him to attend the usual mating ball, he didn’t know. He would never find a mate with his moves, and he didn’t mind keeping it that way.

Keith’s heat is approaching, which means he definitely needs to tell his alpha, Lance. Here’s a small domestic piece and one of the two Omega Keith stories I think I put on this list.

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Cocopbblez asked: Hey, I was wondering if you could rec my story 'Where the Dream Takes You'? He’s read every book ever published about it, researched every artifact tied into it, even learned the damn language.

Little did he know, that opportunity was coming a lot sooner than he thought. Loosely based of the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. I love the way its written and how the story flows and the art work is so cute.

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