Best Voltron Fanart

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
• 4 min read

Princess Allure’s advisor Corn knows the only place to get it: a dangerous trading outpost, home to a wretched hive of scum in a corner of the galaxy where baddies do business. Dressed in apocalyptic disguises to assimilate among the shady pirates, the heroes arrive at the outpost… and it’s a mall.

voltron actor scenes behind lotor cute klance lance keith amzn fanart
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Batman introduced a generation to film noir, Samurai Jack was boldly experimental, Avatar taught everyone yoga, and BoJack Horseman is an existential crisis burrito covered in anxiety sauce. Executive produced by Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery (veterans from Avatar: The Last Air bender and The Legend of Korea), Vol tron doesn’t rely on fleeting moments of darkness to appeal older viewers.

The good guys are with Vol tron, a warrior robot that becomes a symbol of hope and rebellion in the galaxy. Walter White was full-blown Heisenberg by Season 4 of Breaking Bad, but in Vol tron, the only changing elements have been the roster.

(Keith, the Red Lion pilot, exits in the most recent season, replaced by Allure in pink armor. Perhaps it’s just chemistry: the sharp writing, the actors who demonstrate the full spectrum of emotion through sound; Vol tron works in concert.

But in the waning years of the newest golden age of animation, which began with Avatar, peaked at Korea, and is winding down with Rick & Morty, Vol tron Legendary Defender is a show that continually champions actually decent old-fashioned values like progress, teamwork, and diversity, in a sandbox universe where its characters let fans play however they wish. Usually glowing on it’s chest when forming into Vol tron, this classic black 9FORTY showcases the iconic letter V embroidery on the front of the cap and legendary defender text scripted on arch above the strap.

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