Best Voltron Commanders

Brent Mccoy
• Friday, 04 December, 2020
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“ Vol tron deck strategies are not uncommon in Magic: The Gathering's Commander format. Costing a single white MANA, Samar will almost always be cast of the very first turn, kicking off your Vol tron strategy from the word go.

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Wuhan also comes alongside a clause stating that he must attack a randomly selected player each turn, but as a more aggressive strategy, this isn't a awful downside. Radio of the Many is one of the commanders of this list that most visibly choreographs what you want to be doing with your Vol tron strategy.

Most importantly however, is the instant speed nature of this ability, which allows for various equipment-centric shenanigans to be pulled on your opponents turns. One would be hard-pressed to find a vol tron commander that fulfills this strength more effectively than SYR Gwyn, Hero of Ash vale.

As if this wasn't enough, SYR Gwyn also accelerates your strategy by drawing you a card each time an equipped creature you control attacks. The most recent commander on this list, the merfolk Lakes, Crater of Wonders is sure to make a big splash in the world of Vol tron decks.

With SRAM, Senior Edifice at the helm of your Vol tron deck, such a fate is never a possibility. SRAM's ability is very simple: whenever you cast an equipment, aura, or vehicle, draw a card.

Possessing both hex proof and a versatile ability that allows for Market's controller to cast noncreature spells from the top of their library for without paying their costs, East is one of the most popular commander choices in the entire format. While she can be utilized in numerous ways, building a Market deck around a Vol tron strategy is a viable option, allowing for massive and impactful auras to be cast for free and placed on your already difficult to remove Market.

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Firstly, he gets +2/+2 for each aura attached to him, creating additional advantages and incentives to build up URL as a threat. URL, the Mist stalker may be a bit MANA intensive for some, as he possesses a converted MANA cost of five, but his flexible NASA color identity and his ability to grow and protect himself makes him the benchmark of what we want to see from Vol tron commanders.

About The Author Paul Salvo (119 Articles Published) Staff Writer, Paul Salvo is a writer, comic creator, animation lover, and game design enthusiast currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. In Magic's EDS commander format, players begin with a higher life total of 40, so it can take a while to deplete all of your rival's hit points.

Thus, you can morph Scion into whatever reptile your situation needs, and considering EDS's massive 100 card deck list, you'll have plenty of options. Thankfully, green's ramp prowess should quickly amass the resources for an early play and once fielded, URL's hex proof prevents your opponent (but not you) from targeting him with spells or abilities.

While her 3/2 stats are low, Market joins with both hex proof and first strike, letting her deal combat damage first in battle (and potentially avoid a counterattack). This can provide anything from auras to planes walkers to extra turns through groceries, making noncreature Market builds a surprisingly effective vol tron option.

Plus, Torpor Orb only hinders entrance effects, so Tresserhorn's ability to regenerate himself with one black MANA stays intact, offering an inexpensive defense against destruction, and many players consider Tresserhorn's colors of red, blue, and black the ideal trio for a vol tron win. With these traits, Thru's simply hard to stop; grant him trample, and some power/toughness boosts to rapidly decimate foes as they struggle to find a removal.

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Random wields an excellent 6/6 stats for his low price, but you only cast him during a turn where an opponent has lost life. Thankfully, Random's black and red leanings provide several excellent ways to land damage (“Lightning Bolt,” “Blood Artist,” etc.

Random also reduces the CMC of your creature spells by one for each life opponents have lost during a turn, so even if he falls, you'll have likely fielded other powerful demons to finish what he began. Use white's best auras like “Ethereal Armor” and “Daybreak Coronet” to boost Brunei to monstrous proportions and score that commander damage win.

He only costs three resources and prevents your green MANA from depleting as phases and turns end, stockpiling your unspent fuel for future use! Banned as of this writing in duel commander (but not in the general EDS format), Our costs just four manas and accesses the useful white, blue, and black factions.

His stats are mediocre at 1/4, but Our wields flying and the abundant human and wizard subtypes, strengthening several clan effects. Additionally, counters remain on Skullbriar even if he moves to the graveyard, command zone, or exile, so you'll recast him with as much strength as he had before dying.

For instance, “Swift foot Boots” bestows haste and hex proof, “Hammer of Nathan” offers two extra power plus indestructible, and the fierce “Sword of” cards grant +2/+2, protection to two colors, and several direct hit abilities. Remember, protection assists vol tron strategies both as a defense and as a method of becoming unlockable to certain colors, letting your commander damage slip through unimpeded.

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But for now, as we eagerly await Wizards of the Coast's next expansion of legendary creatures, vote for your favorite commander, and I'll see you at our next MTG countdown! This includes all cards which directly aim to win though commander damage.

] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] Commander: Trauma of the Dead Tide Price: $25Goal: Self mill, recur strong creatures with encore. Comments: Main win conditions are drain effects like Gary, Austria Healer, Grim Guardian, or even Gulfport cutthroat.

A suggested budget-friendly version will be listed below, but this is customizable for each player based on their wishes and their collection, as long as each card is of colorless identity. If we want to adopt an official r/BudgetBrews one to base our designs off of, I’m absolutely open to it, but people should feel free to manage their own support board as they see fit.

(Because Jump Start Partners is focused on two-color pairs, some cards like Exotic Orchard or Rupture Spire may be less attractive.) Hi Guys, In my playgroup my friends have many combo decks (very long Turns).

Voice of Hunger's strength and abilities resoundingly decimate foes, and he's powerful as a Commander, but some players may prefer him in their deck due to his high MANA cost. Kyle's impressive, but remember that she doesn't count as a creature unless your devotion to green is at least 5 (you have at least 5 forests symbols among permanents you control).

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Her awesome effect lets you play two additional lands each turn for a total of three! Abuse's effect is mighty; make sure your deck lets you draw several cards, as playing that many lands each turn will quickly deplete your hand.

A versatile card, Frey performs well in both mono and mixed green decks. Horde your MANA and watch as Math quickly overpowers your opponents while providing you a huge reservoir to pull from when necessary.

Remember to include some sort of defense against removals, and Math will swiftly guide you to victory. True or False: Besides Colorless, Green has the fewest Flying creatures.

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