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• Sunday, 24 January, 2021
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He must be accepted, his character arch from a loner BOI to the greatest leader of all time is so dramatic, I especially noticed how much he could connect to Zukor from ATLAS, not OK. Keith is tortured mentally and physically, and I can't stand watching my baby hurt.

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Rightful leader of Vol tron. Hate that they made him a dropout and then never gave him his real ranker of Commander or Captain as he had in Defender of the Universe. To fearfully voiced, easy to love and root for.

Whenever I watch a new show, I immediately find who my favorite character is, and I was not at all disappointed with choosing Keith! He is such a fantastic character with great development, struggles that are relatable (Lance has some really relatable ones too by the way), family issues that he tries to deal with, and really well fleshed out relationships with his team members.

He is awkward around others, has trouble working with people rather than fighting them, has a temper, and deep at his core is a lonely little boy trying his best to find a place in this world without either of his parents guiding him. I feel that while no one will ever be as great and dynamic a character as Zukor is, I know that Keith is close behind him.

Keith is such a great character in plenty of ways, and I am so happy to see that he is at the top of this list! But as the show continued, you saw a more sensitive, considerate side to him that we can all reais are to.

He grew as a person and I believe he could really make a great leader if he wanted to. Dis dude has a shell made of overconfidence and flirts covering the insecurities, doubts, and fears he has within.

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), yet he pushes all his insecurities and doubts of ever returning home aside for the sake of the team. I enjoyed watching her grow throughout the series, and the scenes with her family really showed how much she's changed since then.

It was so interesting watching her struggle through it all, from deciding between trying to find her brother or staying with Vol tron, to what she did when she thought Matt was dead. Great backstory, I love how her goal is to save her dad and brother, and even when she accomplishes it, she continues work as a paladin.

Like I could stand here all day, and still not be able to list all the things she's done to help the team, pull them out of a pinch, or upgrade Vol tron. Throughout the entire series, I was always saying Ridge got the most character development out of anybody.

It can definitely be expected that he's the last one to move on from the war, since it impacted him so much, physically and mentally. The brother connection Shirt shares with Keith are so strong.

Forget the employees at 'the home', replace them with Shirt, and all is well. Shirt has been through so much, and now he's a space father with the best children in the universe.

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I love Shirt so much, he's my second favorite character in OLD, right behind Keith. Shirt is the one character in the hole she that everyone lived so much that even they didn't know what to do at first, even though I am on the 3rd season as I type this and watched some other episodes I still believe that Shirt is the best one, he was fighting for his boyfriend / fiancé the hole time, of grouse redid leave him because he wanted to go down in history, but he still made a huge impression on are characters, they all even said (the main lions, Keith, lance, Ridge, and Hunk that Shirt made them who they are today, he was like a hero.

Also, Ship is the dad of the family of lions AWU He's cute with that puff of white hair. He's also a great and responsible leader unlike Keith although Keith's leadership and team effort changed throughout the series so bravo for him.

Hunk is probably the best character (in my opinion) because he is just so friendly and sweet plus he can make some great food. 6 Prince Motor He is a misunderstood guy. Lotor was abused and neglected by his parents and Allure just says You are more like your father than I thought.

He just got melted by quintessence exposure. He went through a lifetime of trauma and child abuse. And it was so much less epic than the way Carbon died, which isn’t cool.

He's a very tragic character, and his deceptive nature keeps one on one's toes. Having both Gal ran and Altman blood makes him quite an interesting character, as having traits from each seem to be both a benefit and a hindrance, depending on the situation.

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7 Princess Allure deserves to be higher on this list. Also, I don't blame that she was mad at Keith for some time it's not every day you find out that one of the saviors of the universe actually has the blood of the people who put it in distress.

I feel like I should say more, but I can't or else I'll go on forever, so I'll say this: BRING HER FATHER AND MOTHER BACK SHE DOESN'T DESERVE THIS SUFFERING She completely shunned Keith in season 2 just because he turned out to be half gala.

9 Corn He is a funny and overall great character that brings light to every situation. That moment made me uncomfortable for two months after season 4 came out because Allure belongs with Lanka Lance (no offense to Lance shippers I have nothing against you and some of my best friends are Lance shippers and this is just my opinion) but now it makes me crack up every time.

12 Kaolin She is Keith's (I won't swear) mom, and I love her so much, but it just makes me laugh when I see one of the in-between scenes when she was just shot at when she first met Keith for the first time in 20 YEARS! She deserves every good thing that comes her way, and I support the theory that Bolivian sent Keith to get Kaolin on purpose, and I think I ship Sullivan.

21 Martí 22 Kaltenecker A great allusion to earth's alien lore. But I did also really like that scene when we got to look at her more vulnerable side after Motor killed Martí.

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Keith needs ACA because he needs a real love (Not Lance because canonically that's not correct. Fan theory: she’s kaolin’s child with one of the blades.

The new series, developed by DreamWorks Animation, follows the same beat and shows five unlikely heroes become the Paladins in a galaxy that is struck by war. The series brought in a ton of fans, as the show was widely loved after the release of the first two seasons.

Netflix started releasing much shorter seasons and the direction just got incredibly derailed. For starters, it is one of the shortest seasons in the series, with only six episodes that run for a little over 20 minutes each.

Keith is absent for the majority of the time as he begins his training with the Blade of Marmara, leaving the team and naming Shirt (whose return in this season is super funky) the leader of Vol tron once again. Fans were incredibly disappointed as season seven managed to bring back hope for the show to return to its former glory.

The show could've ended after season seven and thus leave many fans a lot happier. This season had its perks, it introduced Motor, a fan-favorite character, but it also was the first to be totally lacking Shirt.

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The team struggled for a while to figure out how to form Vol tron, which feels overplayed since fans had already seen this before when the original five were still learning. Shirt is still weird, the Lions are still all out of funk, and Motor is suddenly an ally.

Aryan is finally defeated in the middle of this season, and Motor and Allure also start this interesting yet bizarre romantic relationship, while Hangar spies on the Paladins through Shirt. It consisted of thirteen episodes and reminded fans why they originally fell in love with the series.

It wasn't perfect, but its return to form was definitely appreciated and brought back hope that the series might end on a high note. Fans also learned about the galaxy's lore as we met all of these amazing new characters and see how this series adapted from the original.

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