Best Use Of Zen Neverwinter

Christina Perez
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 14 min read

Divinity now recharges at a rate of about 41-44 every 3 seconds (on the clock). When you use Healing Word, you basically have 40ish divinity to play with every 18 seconds.

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So, you use powers to max out the output of Healing Word, and you sit and do nothing, 99% of the time. We had half a second to heal everyone up to full, or they could die in an instant.

We had to manage divinity : we couldn't just spam powers, or we would run out, but if we channelled well enough, we could use powers like Daunting Light (with the Distant set) to help the DPs a bit. And we were still nothing compared to Paladins who could give another health bar to everyone.

I feel extremely weak, because there's no power that lets me react to anything. Everything has a very long cast time, or too low magnitude, and spamming the only powers that have a short cast time means killing your divinity, and doing nothing for 1 minute (it actually takes more than 1 minute to replenish divinity entirely).

But the Battle Prayer feat is the only thing that makes Light of Divinity somewhat reactive. That's because you can hold the heal for as long as you want when Battle Prayer is active.

It also makes Light of Divinity cheaper, which helps when divinity regenerates this slowly... and most importantly it makes Light of Divinity cast time last “only” 1s, which is already long enough but a huge improvement on 2.5s. It's on a button that didn't always work properly in mod 18 (channelling divinity would not start, or stop on its sometimes own... which makes it very unreliable, especially when the mark and heal are on the same button).

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The 15' range of Gathering Light is way too small to be effective (it's barely bigger than Astral Shield), especially when people move around (and you can't hold it at all because Battler Prayer only works on Light of Divinity and not Gathering Light)... I was worried about the nerf of OH/IH/CRT Severity... and it's true that it has halved my healing capabilities.

So, that's not too bad in the end, because people won't get one shot that easily. The problem is the magnitude split on BOH actually killed the spell.

Using BOH is a waste of divinity compared to Healing Word, and it's a waste of a spell slot compared to almost anything else. Playing Devout Cleric in mod 19 is extremely boring and not fun.

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I don't really know how to use it, lol, but I can tell my character is stronger already. I bought the max slots for active companions and one slot for idle companions just in case. I'm a dwarves greater weapon fighter, so I was also thinking of running a Cleric of Sure companion for the healing.

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You can only gain the stats from one stone at a time, last I knew, so multiples will do you no good. Use four other companions you feel benefit you. You don't have to buy any additional bags; I (and I suspect most) people have just the three you get through regular play, and I have never had a problem.

You will spend a lot of time traveling, and they can be claimed by all of your characters with the one purchase. Again, one of the proud founders of the Guardians of the Whispering Eye.

I don't get a lot of time to play games, so I went ahead and bought some zen. I find myself running out of space constantly, so I'll probably buy 2 of those runic bags of holding, just to be safe.

I constantly run out of identification scrolls, so it might be nice to invest in. I know that those enchanted keys tend to be a gigantic waste, and I'm way too into gambling, LOL.

As a guild leader I went ahead and went straight to rank 6; gives the group a bonus, allows travel and mail from anywhere, and free scrolls/keys. I felt it may be somewhat expected of me, and I get to open a lockbox every day for my daily dose of disappointment.

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You are welcome to join the guilds' lockbox addicts group, but until you are spending a thousand dollars or more on the weekend and picking which mount to ride that day, you aren't in the same league. Again, one of the proud founders of the Guardians of the Whispering Eye.

In regard to storage space, it's best to make a choice for each character:Depending on how much you play will determine your overall needs, bank slots are cheaper, but you get less, while Bags give you more for a higher cost. A regular Bag of Holding is a terrible investment, Greater or Runic only.

Maverick raven posted... How do you feel about the Cleric of Sure? I've been running the Priestess of Sure since the update on my Rogue, and she is having been very helpful in keeping me alive.

Besides the healing she also tends to draw a lot of aggro away and makes a decent tank. With a couple of bonding rune stones you will also get a decent buff to your defense while using her as well.

Best use would be the VIP sure, with a 15% coupon it is only 850 zen, and you get 30 keys over time. I'm a little dubious about the healer because I read that at level 60, every thing pretty much kills the companions in one hit.

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The stuff in the pack would be great I think, but I don't know how unique the gear is. Zen is an in-game currency used in Perfect World games, including Never winter.

Zen can be purchased using real-world money through the Perfect World official site on this page. Typically, items purchased from the Zen Market can be claimed at any time, regardless of a character's current location.

Unlike other in-game currencies, Zen can also be used to purchase certain features and services for a player's account. The small inline version of the icon () can be used in other wiki pages via the syntax {{zen}}.

Never winter Newbie: Top 5 Best Items To Purchase with Zen. | NeverwinterThis site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.

It is always accessible to a player for long as they are logged in on a character through the fifth button from the left at the bar typically at the top center of the heads-up display or, by default, pressing the “Y” key. WE will use Twitter, Facebook and their News page to announce when the next Zen Sale is.

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CategorySubcategoryItemCost VIP (1 Month)1,000VIP VIP (3 Months)2,700VIP VIP (6 Months)5,100StrongholdConsumables5x 500StrongholdPacks300StrongholdPacks3,500StrongholdStrongbox Keys20x 1,000StrongholdStrongbox Keys5x 300KeysDragon Keys5x 300KeysLockbox Keys2,250KeysLockbox Keys10x 1,125KeysLockbox Keys125RefinementRefining Stones2,000RefinementRefining Stones800RefinementWards1,000RefinementWards10x 100Packs1,400Packs1,500Packs3,000Packs3,500Packs3,500Packs7,500Packs3,500Packs2,000Packs 6,000Packs 20,000Packs 6,000Packs3,500Packs3,500Packs3,500Packs2,000Packs5,000ItemsConsumables5x 300ItemsConsumables1,500ItemsConsumables500ItemsConsumables5x 500ItemsProfessions1,600ItemsProfessions300ItemsProfessions1,500ItemsProfessions1,000Bags1,600Bags600Bags1,000CompanionsAugments1,200CompanionsAugments1,200CompanionsAugments3,000CompanionsAugments3,000CompanionsBundlesControllers1,700CompanionsControllers1,200CompanionsControllers1,200CompanionsControllers2,500CompanionsControllers1,500CompanionsControllers1,200CompanionsControllers2,500CompanionsDefenders/Leaders800CompanionsDefenders/Leaders800CompanionsDefenders/Leaders1,200CompanionsDefenders/Leaders1,200CompanionsDefenders/Leaders1,200CompanionsDefenders/Leaders1,200CompanionsDefenders/Leaders2,500CompanionsDefenders/Leaders1,200CompanionsStrikers800CompanionsStrikers800CompanionsStrikers2,500CompanionsStrikers1,200CompanionsStrikers800CompanionsStrikers2,500CompanionsStrikers1,200CompanionsStrikers1,200CompanionsStrikers2,500CompanionsStrikers1,200MountsBeasts2,000MountsBeastsSwift3,500MountsBeastsSwift3,500MountsBeasts2,000MountsBeasts2,000MountsBeasts3,500MountsBeasts2,000MountsBeasts3,500MountsHorses500MountsHorses500MountsHorses500MountsHorsesSwift3,500MountsHorses500MountsHorses2,000MountsHorses2,000MountsHorses500MountsHorses2,000MountsHorsesSpecial2,000MountsHorsesSpecial2,000MountsSpecialSwift3,500MountsSpecial2,000MountsSpecial3,500MountsSpecialSwift3,500MountsSpecialSwift3,500MountsSpecial2,000MountsSpecial2,000MountsSpecial2,000MountsSpecialSwift3,500MountsSpecialSwift3,500ServicesBoosts300ServicesBoosts1,000ServicesBoosts2,000ServicesBoosts2,000ServicesBoosts2,000ServicesBoosts2,000ServicesBoosts2,000ServicesBoosts2,000ServicesBoosts2,000ServicesBoosts2,000ServicesBoosts3,000ServicesBoosts10,000ServicesBoosts1,500ServicesBoosts900ServicesBoosts5,000ServicesCharacter Retraining Token 100ServicesCharacter Rename Token 400ServicesCharacter Change Appearance Token 200ServicesCharacter Race Re roll Token 1,500ServicesSlotsManycoins Bank Slots (16)600ServicesSlotsShared Bank Slots (8)700ServicesSlots2x Character Slots (up to 50)240ServicesSlots Companion Active Slot 350ServicesSlots8x Idle Companion Slots 100 Zen Market Coupons are available in-game from a few sources. Remember to not share ac- count information as the site you are attempting to reach is not affiliated with Arc Games.

The Xbox Thanksgiving Sale ends on Thursday, December 3 If you own a Zen you must first register it and then post your question to the correct section.

All feedback for Zen device itself to be posted in here only. To use this forum, your Cronus Zen must be registered and linked to your forum account in Zen Studio.

To use this forum, your Cronus Zen must be registered and linked to your forum account in Zen Studio. Last Post: COLD WAR GUNS VIA CARBONE PRO...

All feedback for Controllers, Headsets and other input devices to be posted in here only. Last Post: Unable to talk to teammates...

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This forum is used for testing and feedback for the Cronus Zen Beta firmware. Support includes PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Last Post: This forum has been set up to give comprehensive and detailed instructions for the new Cronus PLUS. Last Post: Use this section if you have any issues with your Cronus device.

Last Post: This section is for all members to host support topics for their own GPC Library scripts. Last Post: Post you scripts and requests here for games such as Mortal Kombat X, Street Fighter V, Injustice 2 and Taken 7.

Excalibur is the creator of the S.G.I tool (Script Generator Interface). These awesome tools give you the ability to build your own custom game packs.

Also, unlike official Gamecocks, these are compatible with mouse and keyboard. Last Post: Regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced in script programming this tool is an essential tool for anyone who is interested in writing their own scripts.

If so, please share the details with us here, and it may aid someone else who is in a similar position and looking for a solution Topics: 29 / Posts: 103 Last Post: This section is dedicated to our customers with disability's.

If you require a custom script or would like a button layout added to a game pack, request it here, and we will create what you need. Daises Forum is fur deutschsprachige Nutter.

Last Post: Cronus BS El adaptor DE control DE judges MAS potent Del Munro. Utilize ESTA area SI Taine presents generals.

Ester for ESTA dedicate an usurious DE tabla Hispano. Last Post: Cronus est l'accessories plug and play pour controllers DE EU LE plus puissant Au mode.

Last Post: Cronus è l'adattatore DI Rico plug & play più potent all mono. Quest Seine é dedicate Agni tenth Italian, Estela per LE vote demand generic he.

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