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Dr. Phillips maintained a private practice closely affiliated with the medical training program at The George Washington University. “ TAR ® Inspection Report: JONATHAN HWANG, MD 110 Irving Street Northwest, Room 3B-19, Washington, DC 20010 Directions Here’s The Deal:” Dr. Jonathan Hwang has earned his medical degree with an AOA honors distinction from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and also completed residencies in Surgery and Urology at Boston University School of Medicine.

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See all Urologists in Washington The Nation's Capital scores very well across a variety of measures for healthcare. Residents of Washington D.C. report having good health habits.

Washington has high quality hospitals, but only an average number of primary care physicians. Each spring, we ask nearly 13,000 doctors in DC, Maryland, and Virginia to tell us which colleague they would recommend in a variety of specialties.

To ensure the data’s accuracy, each physician was sent an online survey and obliged to log in with a current medical-license number registered in either the District, Maryland, or Virginia. In this online list, winning physicians are identified with a Best Doctors” logo.

Our digital listings of physicians’ contact information also includes sponsors, but only top doctors designees carry the award logo. Some doctors who practice in large hospital departments aren’t part of normal referral networks and may often go unnamed.

One difference here: It’s a good bet 13,000 doctors means a broader circle of professional associates. While physicians may vote for the colleagues they respect, their experience interacting with them might be limited, so we recommend that you use good judgment.

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More than 10 Million Verified Reviews Nationwide Coverage Trusted Ratings Our hospital was founded in 1975 by leading physicians who were committed to ensuring that county residents had convenient access to a wide range of medical and surgical services.

She always makes me feel comfortable and cared for during my visit and is super professional!! NPS is located at 7601 Lewisville Road, Suite 400 in McLean, VA 22102 and the phone number is (703) 287-8277.

The “Immediate DIED Flap Breast Reconstruction” surgery performed at Virginia Hospital Center by Dr. Mesabi on February 12, 2019, was poorly done! It left me with bilateral bulges of tissue that extended from my armpits to the bottom of my breasts, which I did not have prior to the procedure.

It felt uncomfortably abnormal as if I were carrying “one little pillow” under each armpit at all times. Additionally, it left me with “Frankenstein” stitches on my abdomen sitting too high (3 inches below my navel) and two small “dog ears” on each side of the suture line.

When I mentioned the problems to Dr. Mesabi, all I got was a “blank stare.” Neither sympathy nor an apology was extended. As a result, on March 21, 2019, I had to go back to the office to get 6 more stitches put under my left breast because clearly the suturing was not done correctly during the DIED Flap Reconstruction surgery on February 12, 2019.

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On March 28th, Louisa (Dr. Mesabi’s Physician Assistant) removed 3 stitches from under my left breast, and on April 1st the last 3 stitches were removed by Gretchen (Dr. Mesabi’s Physician Assistant). I was “free” to start my radiation program after April 1st as opposed to February 21st (when my last 3 drains were removed).

The difference between April 1st and February 21st is a 40-day delay in the start of my radiation program. The “look and feel” problems I experienced with my breasts occurred PRIOR to the radiation treatments.

I was extremely disappointed with THE FINAL RESULTS of my “Immediate DIED Flap Breast Reconstruction” done by Dr. Mesabi. Our urologists deliver the most innovative and compassionate urology care available.

Do not go to this place, they will take large amounts of money out of your bank account without notifying you. They sent us a bill without giving me a chance to address it and within 24 hours they used the debit card I gave them because they told me I had to have one on file in order to get an appointment but did not tell me they would take money out of my bank account with no notice anytime they wanted, especially since the year before they asked me if it was ok to use the card for a copay of $30.

Not only that but the care is SUBPAR bordering on negligent as they gave my son who in his early 20s a Rx for an enlarged prostate, a drug that has potentially serious side effects, when he didn't need the drug because he does NOT have an enlarged prostate. I had to put out more money to take him to a different doctor with Johns Hopkins, who told me Chesapeake urology was one of the worst.

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Also, I am out the cost of the Rx because I got the Rx filled but after taking him to a different doctor, was told he shouldn't take that pill because he DIDNT NEED IT, but the pharmacy wouldn't accept a return on it Then I called to complain and NO ONE ever called me back. I am very UPSET by what this company did, and they should REFUND the money they took out of my bank account because I was NEVER notified they would be underhanded and take money out of my account and the CARE was really bad, and it isn't right they did what they did, and I would recommend anyone looking for a urologist to go elsewhere unless you like an incorrect diagnosis, wrong medication prescribed, and money taken out of your bank account with no notice or authorization for the bad care you received.

I was passed from doctor-to-doctor and my treatment involved a second emergency surgery to remove and replace a tube. An infectious disease doctor not attached to this practice came to my rescue.

Any and all services needed medical and otherwise are arranged by team leader to the extent the client requires assistance. Our services allow individuals to remain connected in their family dynamics and not a job for lived ones to take on when medical issues, aging or other life obstacles arise.

1 COMPANY, 1 CONTACT TO CARE FOR CLIENT, HOME, PROPERTY, ANIMALS, EVERYDAY LIFE, BUSINESS OPERATING. Dr. Winger is super professional and has great bedside manner.

It is an older facility, but it was updated, well-kept, well ran, well engineered and laid out for traffic. Join Angie's List Now To see all 1 highly rated companies in Washington Go to the article:.

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Service varies based the on Dr. Dr Rogue is excellent, good bedside manner and an effective communicator. They believe that cancer patients of all kinds need encouragement, and it was a pleasant experience with them.

My urologist and the staff worked closely together, and he recommended what kind of treatment I needed. Dr. Muffin is highly experienced, having worked in the urology departments of several major hospitals (including New York and Baltimore/Johns Hopkins).

I trusted his judgement from the very start and have had no reason to change that opinion. I see him now about once a month, and will shortly begin seeing one of his peers at Johns Hopkins as well, referred by Dr. Muffin.

He keeps in consistent contact with my 'regular' doctor; the two of them exchange information on my case when needed. Dr. Muffin's demeanor is warm and caring; he takes whatever time is necessary to solicit and answer my questions and address my concerns.

While serious, he maintains an upbeat outlook with flashes of a very dry, low-key sense of humor. On those occasions when I've had reason to contact him by phone either during or after hours, his response has always been timely.

Wherever my treatment ultimately leads, I will always be highly appreciative of the care Dr. Mufarrij continues to give. Dr. Aron gave me a series of lab and office tests and determined that I was one of those folks who had blood in my urine for no apparent reason and that no sign of disease was evident.

He gave me meds to shrink my prostate to enable me to empty my bladder more completely so that I wouldn't need to urinate so frequently. The technology in his office allows him to dispense and send out prescriptions, as well as to relay office visit information to the front desk, with the push of a couple buttons.

Dr. Frazier confirmed the diagnosis of early stage prostate cancer and spent about an hour with us, providing an extensive and clear overview of our options. After much research and consultations with other surgeons, we decided to go with Dr. Frazier using a minimally invasive surgical technique with a very long name: The da Vinci robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy.

My husband was home recuperating the next day from that surgery and continues to be cancer free 9 months later. Dr. Frazier handled all of it with incredible skill and care and continues to follow my husband's progress every three months.

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