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The following tables are the unofficial Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare tier list of player units. These lists were made and approved by members of the official DA:PW wiki's Discord.

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Bugs and glitches, however, are not a factor when considering moving units up or down their previous tier since they are unintentional. Due to gameplay differences in events, they all require specific units that are chosen without taking these ranks into consideration.

With the ability to go on seemingly endless killing sprees, Mechanic becomes the absolute best unit for single-handedly stopping incoming swarms of enemies and effortless destruction of large zombie hordes. When strengthened with Fury buff, all these tactics can even be applied against enemies with medium to high health.

The combination of all these upsides makes a fully upgraded Mechanic with his special ability unlocked one of the absolute best units in the game. Since all zombies have melee attacks, this allows Policeman, with proper support, to come out alive out of basically every and any encounter.

His shotgun is very efficient for clearing swarms of enemies and dealing lots of damage to a single target at close range. Unfortunately, since Marine's attack speed has been nerfed in a very irrational way, he lost a notable portion of his damage potential.

But even then, while he certainly isn't able to solo S.W.A.T.s anymore, he is still able to cause great damage on average, as a result keeping title of an essential unit. As long as players are ready to deal with his occasional tendencies to freeze like a numb nut, he will be of great help.

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It's important to point out that Grenade is praised so much mostly because of him being able to carry most early and mid-game mission, which makes him an essential unit for campaign progress. Thanks to its extremely high health, it can be used as a strong shield for blocking enemies, with the explosion and subsequent fire pool upon destruction as a bonus.

Unfortunately, these advantages are traded off by Generator's very long preparation time and very high rage cost. Chances are, it might not even see much play during a mission if it can be completed relatively fast, or if other rage abilities are higher in priority of being placed down on the battlefield.

Funnily enough, both of these disadvantages become negated towards the endgame as mission completion starts taking much longer. Even though he suffers from such issues as lack of survivability skills and noticeably long reload time, they don't cripple him too hard.

Thanks to his low courage cost, he proves to be good in both supportive roles and as a primary ranged unit. However, his DPS is slightly higher as he has a noticeably faster firing speed and reload time.

This proves to be a game changer in combination with his special ability, especially in later missions where high DPS is very important. However, Ranger's relatively low health and high courage cost make him harder to use in situations where Policeman would fare better since his dodge is rarely performed and his special ability is quite niche.

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He is rarely useful before end-game, all thanks to his very slow attack speed, which doesn't allows him to provide consistent damage output. Another great issue of his is that he has no perks, meaning all he has to offer is high damage, which is not enough against huge, fast moving swarms of zombies that are so common throughout the game.

Having considerably high DPS when shooting in their akimbo-like style, and special perks designed specifically for Agents to weaken the starting horde of a mission, they prove to be a solid unit as a whole. They are also not able to “prepare” the battleground well enough, because they can't deal with too many enemies fast, and tanks still take Agents some time to kill.

In addition, they can't be efficiently used as a standalone ranged unit, once again adding to their status of pure supports. While it can be helpful in nearly any mission, it's not that useful during ones where units are expected to die easily or where offensive rage abilities prove to be better for support.

His unique double attack provides great DPS while his fast movement speed allows him to charge into fights quickly. Sadly, his low health and speed are very disadvantageous sometimes, making other shotgun users more preferable.

However, ever since the introduction of special abilities, Farmer became a realistic choice for completion of later missions since his crowd controlling double shot is quite efficient, making him a unit worthy of maxing out. Without them or if they die too quickly, he is left to the mercy of enemies with his low health putting him at risk and his damage output only being about average.

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Even though he has solid stats, he isn't all that great during missions with other regular enemies and just behaves like any other basic melee unit, and quite a mediocre one because of his slow attack speed. Her incredibly fast movement speed allows her to be used aggressively, and her uniquely strong knock back perk can aid other units by knocking back certain threats for a longer distance.

Glenn's unique revival perk allows him to be used as a special spam unit since he can take on several big hits and still keep fighting some time after getting knocked down, while dishing out good damage thanks to his fast attack speed. While his potential is fairly promising, Glenn requires proper investment into his upgrades, as he feels inefficient at his lower levels, mostly because of his medium courage cost which could be used for sending out more flammable units that can do double the damage at a shorter period of time.

It gets even worse with three final stages having a large presence of zombies who completely nullify his ability, making him just a more expensive spam unit in the majority of end-game missions. However, he is obviously useless against fire-resistant enemies, which become more common closer to end-game, and his abysmal health and movement speed almost always require having other units to back him up.

Medic is quite a useful unit as she provides both healing support and extra damage, making her a good choice for missions where keeping other units on their feet would be vital for success, especially if said levels take a long time to complete. Sadly, she is too fragile herself, and her AI logic is somewhat quirky, sometimes resulting in her dropping Med kits in anywhere but preferable spots.

His only upsides are low courage cost, and his attack pattern being able to provide consistent damage output. Additionally, its very long preparation time, the fact that it affects friendly units, and a dangerous way of reactivating its ability make it rarely useful.

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Her grenade launcher can fire many more grenades and her special ability allows her to create fire pools with them, but Queen's relatively low stats for a melee unit with slow attack speed make her inferior when it comes to close combat. Because of it, Queen's ability shows to be a win more in practice, since by the time you get to play her, the majority of enemies are already dealt with.

There's also a problem of realistically never wanting to use Queen over other expensive rage abilities, like Generator, and her dying way too fast for such high price. In the end, the sole reason to use Queen is in case player wants to mess around with her grenades in some missions.

While her ability is promising, it's hard to find any specific use for it since by the time she becomes available, most enemies just have too much health for her to deal with them. Additionally, the fact that she has a chance to miss her shots makes her less efficient, and her very long attack range barely compensates her slow speed.

While that's technically true, Welder has too many disadvantages that seriously hinder his potential: very low base health, an insanely long preparation time of a full minute and a half, and the highest rage cost in the entire game are the main reasons he is just not worthy of being used. Saw Despite implying to have higher damage output than that of Berserker, in practice Saw's special ability to deal 5 cries in a row is his very death.

Due to him taking some time to start the massacre, and then cries themselves having a delay between blows, Saw fails to deal consistent damage, especially against swarms and enemies with knock back ability. Saw also suffers from having the worst of all existing on-death transformations: him rolling backwards and instantly turning into a Monk can cost players 3-star completions of just about any mission.

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In general, he is a awful shooter, as he has slow firing speed for a high rate of fire unit, low health, and extremely high rage cost; combination of these disadvantages makes him a virtually unplayable unit anywhere outside of missions where his coin generation can be abused. He becomes available only at the very end of the game when every other unit in the player's possession is far ahead of him in terms of power, and there are no missions left to complete where damages are useful.

Due to a plethora of issues related to the fact that he doesn't even function properly as a heavyweight unit, he is near useless. The sole reason he has a higher rank than both the other bad heavyweights is that he has notably faster preparation time, and the way his knock back works can be used for some gimmicky serious plays.

While he has impressively high health and slightly higher attack range than other melee units, he has too many disadvantages: his preparation time is terribly long for a melee unit, his manual ability barely helps him, his basic and critical attacks are very slow, and he turns into a tank Ram zombie on death. Unlike Chopper, he doesn't turn into any zombie, has much bigger DPS, and Soldier's health is slightly higher than his.

In addition, Soldier's passive perks fall into that category too, mostly because there are better units with them available for the player. Simply put, he is strictly a downgrade of Spec ops, lacking any survivability skills that made him more or less playable, having even worse accuracy, and possessing a largely irrelevant ability that has a minuscule impact.

Her special ability, which grants her 50% bullet resistance penetration, makes Sniper outright unfair, allowing her to deal with absolutely any enemy from the opposing team while keeping her distance. Carol's ability to charge into enemies from virtually any distance makes her a powerful unit for use in Skirmish because it means she can aid her team by dealing with opponents' ranged units, or “ping-pong” from one enemy to another, doing a team wipe.

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Additionally, Grenade falls backward and explodes on death, putting teammates behind him at great risk. This only gets better with his special ability, which grants him an unmatched 45 HP shield, making it harder for all kinds of enemies to kill him.

However, because Skirmish matchmaking and Mechanic's hit registration are both inconsistent factors, it becomes important to occasionally reposition him to achieve the best results. If he happens to die early, his on-death pistol shots can make up for it by damaging or even taking out a vulnerable unit.

It's still important to note his high courage cost for a ranged unit since it can hinder team composition. The last issue gets traded off by incendiary bullets, but since they are tied to RNG, it's not guaranteed that any shots that happen to land will burn Swat's target.

Their low courage cost for a ranged unit is also very helpful, opening opportunities for various team compositions. Unfortunately, like in the main game, they are a bit of a glass cannon, so they won't be the most reliable source of ranged damage.

This ability is indeed strong in proper setups, but that fact alone already shows Flamethrower's lack of versatility. His bullet resistance allows him to negate a lot of damage caused by ranged units, but his extremely low health and speed lower his success rate.

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However, there's not much reason to use him instead of his easier accessible alternative, since LS moves and lands critical hits slower than Guard, and he still currently lacks any special abilities. Considering which category of units is more common in meta setups, it's easy to tell why Soldier is underwhelming nowadays.

His lack of resistance is disappointing, but his slightly higher health and perk to stun units with critical hits allow him to cause a much greater impact on the flow of the fight. In general, she is pretty bad overall, as her weapon of choice is weak, and she has a very high courage cost that affects team compositions.

It doesn't help that he has no passive perks or resistances, his special ability is inefficient in Skirmish, and knock back is disabled in this mode, so Chopper can't cause any impact at all. Additionally, the moment he uses his healing ability, he is left vulnerable to attacks that may ultimately end up killing him.

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