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Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
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We enjoyed this trail during the California super bloom. The hills looked as if they were painted with oranges, greens and tan.

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The Ranger stated that because it got hot the beginning of April many of the colors faded and the Super blooms died. The hiking trails were still very crowded and the foliage and hills were yellow, but the vibrant colors were gone.

There are still scattered poppies and wildflowers on the hillsides and up the trails, so you can find a lot of beauty if you look. Hopefully, next season (or next Super Bloom) Lake Elsinore will be better prepared for the crowds.

Scenic, beautiful, stunning canyons full of wild flowers and other foliage which all make for a great cutting. WalkerCanyon is a short hiking trail in Lake Elsinore, California.

The area is most popular for its rolling hills covered in wildflowers each spring. Despite a strong start to the rain year in late fall, January and February were abysmal.

Despite somewhat of a March Miracle in terms of rain, there are not currently of abundance of blooming flowers due to the very dry start to winter. In the rolling hills above Lake Elinor lies WalkerCanyon.

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Directly to the east of Interstate 15, the area has a nine plus mile hike that travels through the rolling hills. At best, WalkerCanyon is a relatively easy place to get outside during the cooler hours and get some fresh air.

During the late winter and early spring after winter rains, the hills in WalkerCanyon turn from a parched summer brown to a vibrant green and orange. What draws so many people in are the thousands of blooming California Poppy flowers that blanket the hills.

In the winter of 2019, WalkerCanyon found itself in the center of a social media firestorm. The City of Lake Elsinore tried its best to handle the influx in tourists of astronomical proportions.

One of the worst tragedies was the death of a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer. The officer was struck and killed by a drunk driver who was illegal bypassing traffic congestion through the area on the right side of the highway.

Meanwhile, on social media, thousands of influencers were posting pictures of sponsored content from WalkerCanyon. Unfortunately, these influencers often wandered off trail and regularly trampled flowers and other vegetation.

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The end result was eroded hillsides and carved out trails that led away from the main path. I personally came to explore WalkerCanyon specifically for the poppy bloom.

To be honest, visiting WalkerCanyon to see the wild poppy blooms has become extremely disheartening. People who call themselves social media “influencers” have come to the area to take pictures specifically for their accounts.

WalkerCanyon Trail Quick Facts: Elevation: 1,745 feet. Some people will park further down along WalkerCanyon Road and opt to hike up Hill Of Abraham which is just a short distance to the south.

For more information on parking in WalkerCanyon, please visit the city’s website. The trail could be considered a little steep for those not used to walking in areas without a lot of elevation gain.

The trail could be a nice nature escape during the year before the crowds come. Dogs are allowed on the trail as long as they are on a leash no longer than six feet.

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There are so many vantage points and ways to experience the vast Grand Canyon National Park that you can easily visit a dozen times before you really begin to absorb its beauty and scope. Just remember, the Grand Canyon is still in a phased reopening, so be sure to check the National Park Service’s website for the latest information if you’re planning to travel soon.

A guide leads mule riders up a steep portion of the Bright Angel Trail known as Heartbreak Hill. (Photo by Michael Quinn/National Park Service) There are trade-offs to choosing the right season for your Grand Canyon adventure.

When this part of the park opens for visitors, temperatures range from the low 30s to highs in the 60s and then warm up through the summer. At the West Rim (about three hours from Las Vegas), where you’ll find the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk, spring is warmer, with lows in the 50s and highs mostly in the 80s.

Many visitors consider winter a special time to visit, as the dramatic snow-dusted red rocks receive only 10% of the tourists that flock to the national park during the summer heat. This special experience can be had in a variety of ways, including independent or guided treks on a mule or by foot.

At the South Rim, you’ll see numerous signs cautioning not to hike to the bottom and back in one day. The trip down to the canyon floor is about 7 or 9 miles, depending on which trail you choose; hiking back up is strenuous, and takes twice as long as the way down, even for experienced hikers.

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The best time to venture to the canyon floor by any method depends on your tolerance for heat or cold and what activities excite you. If you dream of splashing in the Colorado River, choose summer or early fall when the water is a little warmer.

(Photo by Michael Quinn/National Park Service) You probably didn’t need me to tell you this, but the Grand Canyon gets busier when school is out of session. With more than 6 million annual visitors, there can be long lines to get in, crowds at the most popular viewpoints and waits for virtually everything else.

The National Park Service even has tips for surviving crowding at the South Rim. (Photo by B&M Minkowski/Getty Images) During a normal year, Grand Canyon National Park typically hosts annual events such as an Independence Day parade in July, stargazing nights in June and a two-day Native American Heritage Celebration in November to honor National Native American Heritage Month.

In addition to the California condor, several other birds of prey can be seen, including peregrine falcons, red-tailed and zone-tail hawks, and Mexican spotted owls. Searching for flights on Sky scanner, you’ll find that the least expensive time of year to fly from major cities to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX) or Las Vegas McCarthy International Airport (LAS) varies by origin.

If you’re flying from New York City to Phoenix, for example, November is typically an affordable time to travel, though prices spike for the Thanksgiving holiday. If, however, you’re planning to trek to the canyon floor, you’ll want to book that experience first (15 months ahead); that will give you plenty of time to find an affordable flight.

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Staying inside the park gives you a more immersive experience and more time to enjoy the natural surroundings of the canyon. Stay outside, and you’ll have access to more varied services and the opportunity to book your lodging with rewards points.

To stay inside the canyon at Phantom Ranch, enter the National Park Service’s lottery 15 months before your travel dates. Grand Canyon Railway (Photo by Buddy Smith /The Points Guy)The Holiday Inn Express Williams, a half-mile from the train depot, has rooms with two queen beds, 42-inch televisions, a microwave and a fridge available from 25,000 IMG Rewards Club points per night, with breakfast included.

If your biggest priority is simply to see the sights and snap some photos, you’ll have a little more flexibility over your timeline, but some activities, such as camping, hiking, and rafting, are easier (and cheaper) to book during certain months. Whatever your preference is, our guide can help you choose the perfect time of year to visit the Grand Canyon.

Spring and fall (the “shoulder seasons”) are often considered the best times of year to visit the Canyon because daytime temperatures are typically lower and crowds are generally thinner. Bloom intensity varies according to how much precipitation falls in the winter, but it’s always a sight to behold.

School is out, making summer the most popular time of year to visit the Grand Canyon. Summer holidays make it easier to plan and schedule a family vacation without taking time off school.

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Long, sunny days are perfect for exploring the Canyon Tourism services are in full swing, so there will be lots of activities to participate in while you visit. North Rim temperatures are much cooler, averaging around the low 60s to high 70s during the day.

It’s the busiest time of year, so crowds are thick, and you might have trouble booking lodging. The sun can quickly cause sunburns if you don’t apply sunscreen or wear appropriate clothing, especially on breezy days when you won’t feel the warning signs.

Comfortable socks and shoes Water-friendly sandals Sunscreen and sunglasses A hat Reusable water bottle Similar to spring, autumn ushers in smaller crowds and more comfortable temperatures.

Shorter days make it easier to catch a Grand Canyon sunset. Same as springtime, the weather can change unpredictably, with the potential for rain or early snowfall, as well as warmer-than-usual temperatures, which can make it difficult to pack accordingly.

T-shirt Shorts Pants Light sweater or flannel button-down shirt Mid-weight waterproof outdoor layer Crowds are much thinner, which makes it easier to snap that perfect Grand Canyon photo, as well as book accommodations if you want to stay overnight.

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Thermal underwear Long-sleeved t-shirt and/or flannel button-down Sweater Warm pants Down vest or parka Gloves or mittens Hat Scarf Waterproof boots and wool socks Sunscreen and sunglasses (days are often sunny, and thanks to the high elevation, it’s easy to burn in the winter too).

Of the over five million people who visit the Grand Canyon every year, ¾ arrive during the peak summer season. From April to October, the South Rim and Grand Canyon West are abuzz with activity as PEO...

When you’re planning your trip to the Grand Canyon, thinking about what you want to see and do while you’re there can help you decide what season is best for your adventure. Spring and Fall: Moderate temperatures and fewer crowds make the shoulder seasons an ideal time to visit, especially if you’re hoping to get in some hiking.

Whatever time of year you decide to visit, you can look forward to spectacular sites, unparalleled photo ops, and memories to last you a lifetime.

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