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Chorizo taco, San Pedro Terra Mexican, Bellman One thing that is not up for dispute: The barbacoa tacos at Picante are the standouts at this under-the-radar restaurant.

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Al pastor taco, Ponchos Mexican Taquería, Atlantic City I love Ponchos, a no-frills taquería next door to fabled White House Subs.

Chorizo taco, Taquería Viva Mexico, Jersey City Head to the smaller, quieter Taquería Viva Mexico, tucked into the city's Paulus Hook neighborhood.

LOGO started as a shipping container-turned food stand on the As bury Park boardwalk. The pork tacos get the slight edge over the others: chicken, beef, shrimp, fish and tofu.

Chicken taco, Chèvre Latin Food Lovers truck, Jackson Benji's provides abundant eye candy (inspirational messages, Lucia Libra wrestling posters) and excellent food.

There are 10 kinds of tacos ; my favorite is the campechanos, a mix of pastor and carnival. Good tacos, especially the steak, pork and mango chicken varieties.

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Also recommended: The torts, the size of Delaware, and tasty besides, jammed with meat, tomatoes, avocados and more. The goat taco and the salsa Rosa here make for a great combo.

One of the new kids on the food truck block, Tacos y Alias (Tacos and Wings) opened in May, on a lot between the CVS and UPS Store on North County Line Road in Jackson. An often-overlooked key to great tacos are the sauces; not all salsa verses are created equal.

It's easy to miss Los Colitis, a small eatery set off Route 22 in Lebanon. The tacos boast a simple, honest flavor, like they were made in the kitchen by somebody's mom.

The kitschy, playful atmosphere and 60s soundtrack at Taquería Downtown will brighten the dreariest of days. If I had to pick two more: subzero (slow cooked beef flank marinated in lime) and listed (steak with onions and cilantro).

Chicken taco, Padilla La Neva Sonata, Berlin Padilla la Neva Sonata (new wood-fired grill) has some of the coolest chairs of any Mexican restaurant in New Jersey (bright suns peeking over the roofs of churches, villager scenes) and an unassuming, friendly atmosphere.

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Half of the 10 tacos at Fat Fish Taco are seafood-related, from the Baa (battered cod, cabbage, lime cilantro sauce, pic ode Gallo) and the Grilled Mali to the Spicy Shrimp and Buffalo Tempura Shrimp. The cookie-cutter storefront at Tacos El To doesn't prepare you for the riot of colors inside, with murals setting the atmospheric stage.

Recommended: The Cameron tacos, with grilled shrimp, pickled habanero and red onion. Save room for the homemade desserts, including flan and tree leches, made with three kinds of milk, plus coconut rum.

The menu is a heady combination of Mexican tacos, burritos and nachos; Caribbean rice, beans and tostones; and South American soups, empanadas and coffee. The Baa fish tacos are a mouthwatering meld of crispy beer-battered cod, cabbage salad, creamy chipotle and sliced Mexican avocado.

Al pastor taco, Taquería Los Guests, various locations I give the all pastor tacos a slight edge over the steak or chicken.

The mahi-mahi tacos, though, are the standout, enlivened with zesty slaw and avocado lime sauce. You've got to love a place that promises “no frozen crap'' and divides its tacos into “authentic'' (corn tortilla with onion, cilantro, lime) and “gringo'' kinds (flour tortilla, sour cream and cheese).

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Los Primes is a subterranean taco joint with a steer head and photos of Pancho Villa on the wall. Celina is salted beef; the salsa Verde, distinctive and spicy, is one of my two or three favorite in the state.

The tacos at Santeria Taquería aren't your grandma's tacos ; the ones in the photo, counterclockwise from bottom left, are the care Masada, band mi (cola braised pork belly, pickled watermelon rind, radish, cilantro), The Leftover (fried avocado, black beans, Lolita, chili cream, cilantro) and all pastor. The taquería is on the side of the Seaside Heights boardwalk, just south of Lucky Leo's.

Al pastor taco, Taquería El Mariachi, Trenton Taquería El Mariachi is squeezed into an unremarkable if not dreary stretch of South Olden Avenue in Trenton, but inside it's homey and friendly, with good food and first-rate salsas.

Three hefty, tasty all pastor tacos are $7, and there are five kinds of popular (thick corn tortillas stuffed with meat, cheese and other fillings). The popular fast food chain does have an interesting selection and some pretty delicious drinks, but sometimes you want… more.

If you’re looking to switch things up and try something new, check out one of these great taco spots in the Garden State. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date.

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Featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, there are a variety of options to choose from, including a vegetarian-friendly tofu taco. Enjoy chicken, steak, pork, veggie and beef tacos.

A burger joint with some spectacular breakfast platters, tacos are an almost unexpected addition to the menu. Popular among locals and nearby college kids, this is a great spot to get your taco fix.

You'll find soy-ginger marinated chicken tacos and Korean BBQ beef along with the option to add kimchi to anything. This Mexican canting serves up spectacular homemade tacos, 2 for $6 (or $7, with shrimp).

All entrées at this budget friendly BYOB spot are priced under $15, and you can easily eat like a king or queen for under $10. Enjoy flavorful Mexican favorites in a fun, festive location.

They've got a great selection of margaritas and the famous 5 pound Kitchen Sink burrito. Visit on Tuesdays for all-you-can-eat tacos, just $10.52 or enjoy live music on Saturdays.

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This casual off the boardwalk eatery serves up top-rated tacos stuffed with all your favorite toppings. Choose from a unique selection that includes smoked sword fish.

With both brick and mortar buildings and a mobile location, this hip eatery is all about the tacos. While they do offer burritos, torts and several other options, the tacos reign supreme.

This funky eatery has dozens of rave reviews, and for good reason... Try mouthwatering flavors like Bacon Chipotle Ranch and Honey Ginger Sriracha.

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